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“Nice little place, Easily navigated, nice self checkout.Staff was very helpful with inflating helping balloons for a birthday party.Balloons themselves didn't hold the helium very well and were mostly deflated by next day.”

4.8 Superb43 Reviews

“I originally came to Aldi's next door to go grocery shopping but I didn't have a quarter for theur carts.So I came to Five Below to get some snacks/candy & hopefully make use of a cash-back option at the register. The option wasn't available, but Ms. Kelly was working the register & let me borrow her quarter. I finished my shopping & returned it to her but I appreciate her helping me out. ?”

4.6 Superb32 Reviews

“5 stars solely for your new hire Derek. quick, very nice, 100000/10, don't screw it up with him.

otherwise like 3/5 it's a dollar tree it's not Disney land lol”

4 Good8 Reviews

“Lived here forever, come here all the time. Mostly only leaving a review because I needed to use the restroom in the store and you have the bigger bathrooms as employee only (which is fine) but then one of your employees went into the customer bathrooms by the doors. It's fine to have employee bathrooms but when there is only one stall in the guest bathroom, please don't use it since y'all have more options. Thanks.”

4 Good12 Reviews

“There were lots of items to look at, but there was no rhyme or reason to it being on the shelf. And to be honest it wasn't that clean but the service was amazing.”

4 Good34 Reviews

“Superb customer service. Kody was friendly, attentive, kind, and very patient with the elders. We definitely need more people in this world like Kody!!! Thanks young man (your parents did a great job)!!”

3.6 Good15 Reviews