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“So many items at low prices! There is always a good selection of towels, sheets, and kitchen wares. Plus, there is an ever changing selection of snacks and cereals.This is a great place to buy large planters pots. Many seasonal items are discounted off the already marked down price. Lots of toys, but I find sometimes that the selection is hit-or-miss.”

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“Great place to browse. They have lots of items for health and beauty, electronics, books, snacks, clothing items and shoes. Everything is 5 and below. Be careful though some items are marked higher here than what you would pay elsewhere.”

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“I went here during CMA Fest this June. Super friendly staff and beautiful boots. Reasonably priced and great quality. I love my two new pairs of boots!!!! Staff also gave my daughters some cute pink sunglasses. Highly recommend going here for boots.”

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“Use to love this place could find any and everything I needed, they clothes have changed, now they seem old fashioned, they don't really have as many shoes as the once did, but I still like this place”

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“This Gabe's location is Awesome! They always have what I am looking for and more! The store is always clean, and the staff are very friendly! I buy all of my clothes and shoes here! You can buy more for less! I have already recommended this store to 4 other people and now they too are hooked on Gabe's! I give 10 out of 10 stars on this one!”

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“Honestly I had only been to Big Lots on one other occasion. I was in a rush and I was overwhelmed by to my perception, a bunch of junk crowding the shelves. It was too much to be bothered with so I left.The other day on my visit I was blown away. Totally shocked at how the entire store looked like a showplace. Shelves were stocked. Merchandise was current and fashionable. Prices were clearly marked. They were having a crazy with signs plastered everywhere.The only suggestion I would have is that some of the aisles were a bit too tight.Definitely will add this store to my ? HOT LIST ?”

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“One of the largest and best Five Below retail stores I've ever seen. It is conveniently located inside the oprey mills mall so you can walk around and shop at other retailers. Most check outs are self checkout.”

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“Re: Antioch Dollar General MarketNo complaints about the cashiers and other store workers. They are always courteous and helpful. The store is always clean. Another thing i appreciate is the public restrooms, which other Dollar General stores I've visited don't have. I also like the recent addition of self checkouts.Since the store added pOpshelf, many things they used to stock are no longer available. pOpshelf is mostly stuff I never buy anyway. I have to use my money for food and other household needs.Many of the food/household products I've always bought at DGM are still available, mostly at a good price, but they are usually out of stock of quite a few products (maybe because of the shortage of employees).I still shop there occasionally but not as often as in the past. Lately I have to go to a regular Dollar General, or other stores, to find certain items.”

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“Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of Bargain Hunt, but this location isn't half as good as the one in Hermitage. I don't know if it's the area of town that has this location feeling picked over or what. They just don't seem to have as much as other locations. Way less food, for sure. The place even has a light flickering creepy feel... Hey it's whatever, I've definitely made some great scores at several locations. Perhaps they are going through a restructuring or renovations. It seems different than the last time I had been there. The register had well as the food section ect. So maybe they are in between setups, like they are over going a make-over. I've had great luck finding shoes at Bargain Hunt in Hermitage. They have cool holiday stuff at both. I've had good luck with cat food and litter at the Hermitage location as well as rugs and furniture. Furniture that hasn't been assembled so its still in the box. The box is dented so furniture for 75% off. Also at the Hermitage location we've picked some recording nick knacks with name dirt cheap deals on name brands; AKG condenser mic. And Sennheiser recording headphones. It's been a great place to pick up a portable speaker for a great deal... I loose those bad boys like crazy... so Yada Yada Yada! I'm not giving up on this location maybe they are just going through changes, but the Hermitage location takes the cake...”

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“I called and asked if. they had a certain product. The gentleman went to check. Said they did I asked if he could put them up front that I'll be by and pick them up When I got there they were up front That's customer service Always like shopping there friendly staff”

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“The two cashiers working on Sunday 7/30 were both so nice! I believe one of them was named stephen, and didn’t catch the young woman’s name but I was extra impressed considering it’s tax free weekend and I know how hectic it was. Good job yall people like you are appreciated ❤️”

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“(Translated by Google) Very good service, very friendly and there I find everything from my country Mexico(Original)Muy buen servicio muy amables y ahí encuentro de todo de mi país Mexico”

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“Big lots sure has gotten an upgrade the last couple years. The store has a nice selection of kitchen, house, and bathroom stuff. Have a good bit of furniture. Plus some basic groceries, and some interesting snacks that are nice to pick up for holidays. So a little bit of everything, and they're convenient so I often check there before I check other places.”

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“Item availability continues to be a problem, but that's not the fault of Dollar General at the moment.Staff at this location are always friendly and helpful.”

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“Management is awesome and associates as well! Great place to shop and shelves are always full. Team at Dollar general is on point and they all work well with one another! Great job! I'd refer anyone to this location!”

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“Brand spanking new store open for about a week and a half. Great folks and great selection of merchandise. Hours are 8am-10pm. It took 7 years for this area to market sweet tea and Patti's pies. Now there's finally a DGS here. What's next a Waffle House? Lol”

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“The only thing that I see wrong is that the shelf of some pruducts have the signs of a price and when you get to cashier to pay for the price is different, (and is always hier)”

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“Kali, Kim, and Kenn were all genuinely helpful and kind. They went above and beyond to find me what I needed. They definitely made my shopping experience better!!! I'm grateful for a store close enough to me where everybody actually knows and cares about the people who shop there and want to make it feel like home.”

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“I really love the staff and think that they have a extra since of what it means to what it takes to have people's lives and interest at the Hands of Jesus who heals all if you really take your prayer to the Lordand leave it there.”

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“Great prices! The cashier was wonderful, she told us about some of the store brand pizzas and other products. That's how a cashier should be, and she was friendly with a smile. So glad to see the store up and running again. Welcome back!”

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“This used to be a pretty good store. Now, all I get is rude employees. Never enough crew members, which might explain the rude employees.Customer service is at best, bad.”

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“So I ran into a little issue! I'm going to make this short or at least try. I was broke til my pay day and walked in dollar general 2days before and told the lady by the nickname of JoJo that I was going to stand outside and pan handle a few dollars. She laughed and kinda brushed it off as if it was a joke, I spoke up and said "No I'm serious, I'm tryna get a couple dollars for some noodles and a buck soda". So she then replied with go ahead and grab them, I say "are you serious" she say "yes". I walked out the store a happy man with something to eat for my family. Two days later I came in buying product in the store to receive change that came up to 10$ and some change. I asked the cashier Mrs Melissa if she could give me two 5$ dollar bills back so I then gave Mrs JoJo a 5$ dollar bill for appreciation. Iwaled out a happy man once again knowing that there are still God blessed people out here that care about others. Thank you JoJo for your act of kindness and I will be more than glad to give you a helping hand wheneve, and I mean WHENEVER you need it. Thanks a million and one times #DG_JoJo@StewartsFerry”

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“Great place ... Went in for keys and wound up with buyers remorse and returned a 600 $guitar only because it was an impulse buy. But in my defense I was looking at a 2500.00$ Taylor.”

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“Staff has been friendly since I moved to the area 5 years ago. Prices are great as you’d expect with any DG, but this one has always been particularly well run in terms of minimal rolltainers/totes in the aisles and helpful service. Also, it just reopened in the past week from a total remodel, and the inside of the store looks great! I could be wrong, but I think the remodel also increased the refrigerated/frozen goods capacity, not just the layout.”

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“I live in Gallatin and work a block from this location. Although there are several DG stores between home and work i prefer this one to shop at. These reason is due to the awesome customer service i receive from the manager. She is not only fast and very efficient..she is also so kind and has a smile for everyone. Thank you for the great customer service”

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“I was pleasantly surprised!! Usually, I try to avoid this location due to poor management of the store. Usually its very unorganized with boxes of merchandise all over the place. And it typically is understaffed. But not today!!! There is new management. Clean and organized store. Friendly and helpful staff. Good job DG...”

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“So thankful for this DG to be in our community. I have a little one and have needed to grab milk and eggs on occasion that saved me a long trip to the store, the staff is always friendly and sociable!”

3.8Good72 Reviews

“On Monday Oct 3 2022 around 5pm. The cashier/Manager had on a bonnet. Yes a bonnet! Something designed to wear to bed. I give 4 stars for neatness and the big improvement of how the store is more organized. They’ve added fresh produce as well. The bonnet kept them from getting 5 stars lol”

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“It can be cluttered during the holidays but the Staff they do have is very polite. I think their corporate office came down to help straighten up the store and add some staff members. The old manager was very rude. Just because I'm disabled doesn't mean you can treat me like I'm a floor mat. I'm still giving five stars because of the cashier John I believe is his name special ordered a rolling laundry basket for me, to help get my diabetic supplies up the stairs. As usual everything is cheaper at Dollar general but the staff at this one is particularly good to all the customers!”

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