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“I like this store not only for the prices, but the staff is so friendly, and the store is well organized! Some selections are fewer than other stores, but you aren't having to dig for the right sizes, everything is where it should be!”

4.6Superb75 Reviews

“I love places like this. Even though some items were great deals, like Crest Whitening Emulsions Teeth Whitening Kit fir $4.99 that's usually near $30 in other stores, other things weren't that big of a price break. Things can be hard to find bc it's scattered but that's what I love most is the hunt for the treasure so to speak. Employees were very helpful and prompt with assistance. I'll definitely keep popping in from time to time to see what's new.”

4.1Good122 Reviews

“I appreciate Randi’s customer service. They didn’t have what I needed and & w/out me having to ask she called around for it, & wrote down the address to where I cld pick it up. 5k stars.”

4.1Good100 Reviews

“Found what I needed. But didn't find what I wanted....if that makes sense. I'm looking for certain products that I see on Utube hauls and my local stores hardly ever have these items. But anyway the store was fine. Somewhat messy but I've come to expect that nowadays with the lack of staff. Which is so sad and strange at the same time.”

3.6Good58 Reviews

“6 months ago I would have ranked this a 3 star. Today it runs so much smoother, is more organized and has some of the best deals around. Not sure if there was a change in leadership or what but I appreciate the change.”

3.2Average114 Reviews