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“I love this HEB. It is conveniently located, always stocked, and you have the option to enjoy a smoothie bar or barbecue. I like that they are great at adding requested items to the shelves. The customer service is also great.”

4.5Superb84 Reviews

“This place has the most variety of items you could find at any convenience store with the restaurant attached to it. The food at the restaurant is delicious and the portion sizes are Grand compared to competition close by.. this place is awesome! Check it out!”

4.5Superb62 Reviews

“Good place to shop at unbeatable prices. I buy popcorn, chocolates, cookies for gifting from this store. Their mini naan and hummus are a match made in heaven. Their no meat soya nuggets used to be my favorite. But since the last 2 months I haven’t been able to find them. Popcorn, spices and self raising flour prices are the lowest that can get in the market. The chia, flax seeds are of good quality.”

4.2Good172 Reviews

“Wanted to give a shout out to Angela. Best customer service I have ever had there. Very polite great with my kids very helpful. Great attitude. Definitely brought a positive vibe there and definitely made my day better than what it started I rated her 5 stars.. definitely needs a raise”

4.4Superb55 Reviews

“Family owned business offers in house specialty cuts of fresh quality meats (bacon, boudin, beef, pork & venison sausages, and steaks). Take your deer or hogs there to be dressed out and processed. Looking for a special blend of beer, bourbon, tequila, or wine look no further liquor store on premises.”

4.6Superb33 Reviews

“I go here almost daily.Try there little food spot,inside if you get the chance.Friendly staff and you can call ahead and they'll have your order ready for you to pick up.”

4.4Superb45 Reviews

“Visiting from the great lakes. Shopped at heb. Excellent store for grocery. So much stuff in produce and seafood. I love papaya and they have it at 98 cents/pound!!!”

4Good214 Reviews

“One thing for sure, the store is always clean, all the staff are friendly and helpful always! I love walking through and browsing and I feel comfortable shopping in the store.”

4.2Good64 Reviews

“The employees are friendly and helpful. It's usually easy in and out. The only drawback is it is small and does not have the selection if larger HEB's. The parking lot can get a little full at times as well”

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“This place is great as long as you look at the "best buy" dates. That's super important. If you freeze your bread and toast it before using, you can have expensive breads for more than 1/2 the price.”

4.1Good85 Reviews

“Nice people and management allowed me to park in the parking lot bc the boxing gym next door parking was full where I coached at Pequeno's Boxing Gym ?!I've shopped with my wife and bought a few things since that day I needed bc the employees and management were polite and granted my request.....Thank you Ahorro SupermarketMonte and Ashley”

4.1Good66 Reviews

“Staff is friendly, service is good. Coffee is great and they have a wide variety of selections to choose from. Not to mention the taco station. Pretty good stuff”

4.1Good48 Reviews

“best store around. they all have issues from time to time but this store owner don't wait to find out. I think a female owns this one which makes perfect sense to me. thanks for being our good graces during the pandemic. you came through for our community and I will continue to protect your store as i always have.”

4Good67 Reviews

“Very busy store ... But doesn't stop anyone from going there because the FABULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE...LOVE ❤️ THIS STORE IM IN A BETTER MOOD EVERYTIME I LEAVE THERE....”

4.2Good28 Reviews

“Well organized, so many good finds.Dollar general doesn’t sit at the top of my list, but I love this location. Well organized, great selection of products. I go here especially for kitchen items and holiday decor.”

3.9Good79 Reviews

“Found school supplies for so much cheaper but not done with the list and this is the only place to get toilet paper and house cleaning supplies and even toys and movies for less money the school supplies I had gotten paid 25$ but not all of it was for school but it was so much cheaper then Walmart just got 12ideas on the listed 200$ at Walmart but at the dollar store didn't even pay half the money it was so cheap also they have ever holiday stuff love it can't was to start decorating”

3.9Good76 Reviews

“It is the grocery store which doesn't carry gas. It is more famous to cash you check for low charge. It also have cold beer with reasonable prices. They have good customer service. This store is clean and not that crowded because they don't sell gas. It is also a good community around the store. You can order what you want and they will get it very soon for you so they have good customer service. They have limited parking for their own store. They also take food stamp and got some good frozen food as well. Believe me it is the best in the town.”

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“I go to DG store purtneart everyday.I don't want to make no one be singled out or embarraced so I won't say names.But one of the ladies that helped me in that store like no other ever has is a very beautiful and special lady.and ide like to thank her from the bottom of my heart .”

3.9Good60 Reviews

“This store is much more clean and orderly than most Dollar Generals in the area. Employees are absolutely some of the best! They are helpful and courteous every time I go in here. I drive past others to come to this location! There is ample parking. They have propane bottle service in addition to general shopping needs. This location does extremely well with holiday needs such as cards, decorations, holiday specific novelties and confections. If your driving west, be aware that the entrance is somewhat obstructed; so you come up on it pretty quick! The exit back onto FM 2854 requires patience since the speed limit is 60 mph at this time. Give yourself plenty of distance from the next car before pulling onto the highway and accelerate to the speed limit.”

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“I mean it's ok , vuse alto aio are almost 4 bucks with a number just make sure ur number isn't used cuz the cashier won't help u out at all (like say a void and reeing) if ur phone numbers been used for some reason it'll just b almost 10”

3.8Good73 Reviews

“Nice people. My only complaint is sometimes hard to find the employees. I know they are working but it feels a little weird to walk into a store and wonder if someone is there.”

3.8Good64 Reviews

“Absolutely love how beautifully they've organized the store! The small deli inside is a delightful bonus. The cleanliness and friendly staff make every visit a joy! ?”

3.9Good30 Reviews

“I had given this place 5 stars when it opened up a couple years back. Today,This place is ghetto. The employees were arguing right in front of the customer. They've hired too many people and are always in the way. Bring the class back! You can still find all your needs but expect some messy situations Everytime.”

3.7Good120 Reviews

“Has a lot more than your average convenience store. I have bought my entire dinner here on multiple occasions because of the meat market in the back and they also carry a nice little selection of basic vegetsbles like potatoes, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and jalapenos. They make good sandwhiches too!”

4Good20 Reviews

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