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“Had to get a new AC compressor and new system put in after I was able to get all the parts it only took them a day to have it up and running and blowing cold air very fast service and very nice+ plus they explained what they had to do I'm very satisfied with it I will be coming back if I need anything else done to my car thank youService: A/C installation & repair”

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“Love. Love. Love HEBthe meat quality is great, and I love the sushi. Large selection and fresh made daily. They will also make it for you while you wait. Fresh produce, competitive prices with most stores. The associates and management are super friendly.”

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“This HEB gas station is fairly new and clean. There more than enough pumps and the prices are generally lower than the surrounding gas stations. There is an attendant if you need to pay in cash or help with the pump. You can also buy a car wash with your gas purchase. The car wash is just across the parking lot.”

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“Bought gas here coming from the Woodlands .Traffic was a pain in the butt at the intersection as there is constant construction in progress..Went inside to purchase lotto ticket.”

4.4Superb32 Reviews

“One thing for sure, the store is always clean, all the staff are friendly and helpful always! I love walking through and browsing and I feel comfortable shopping in the store.”

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“Gas station is well lit and safe BUT the best part is...the CHURRO and ROASTED CORN trucks in the parking lot! A must try! The salsa at the roasted corn truck is homemade and the bomb! The churros are made to order and are delicious.”

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“Nice stop. There is a Shell across the road. The employees here are a lot friendlier in my opinion. Nice little gem in Willis Texas. Tacos! Tacos are hit or miss but the one I got were good. Fresh coffee and ice tea. The bathrooms were clean and fuel prices were on par for the area.”

4.2Good51 Reviews

“Usually the best priced diesel in town. Good selection of hot and cold foods. Good coffee selection. Pretty clean inside. Very large parking lot with access to the feeder and multiple side roads. One of the better gas stations/truck stops in the Conroe area.”

4.2Good49 Reviews

“Great associates across all stores. Very pleased to have these stores local to us and the friendly workers. Thank you!(Shell station, Pizza Hut, Liquor store) ??? excellent combination as far as I'm concerned.. ???”

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“Pretty good store with some good variety of snacks and drinks. And the service is pretty friendly and nice. it kinda dose looks like the shell on 3083 but there are not related in any way.”

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“I love this store, you can get fresh big tacos potato egg and cheese for .99 and a dunkin donuts inside, only issue my car takes 89 octane and their 89 octane is 2.99, and heb and kroger is 2.20”

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“Clean, friendly staff, great place. One of the best Exxon's around here and that's saying something because most others aren't worth even walking in.”

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“It's the only Kroger Fuel Island within a 20 mi radius that actually stays consistent with their hours. All of the others shut down extremely early or don't open until very late. Definitely worth the inconvenience to stop here because it is out of my route. The employees are always friendly. I wish the other Kroger Fuel stations will get the rack together like this one has!”

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“Edited from 1 star because the rude girl is gone. Everyone there now is great. Stop by daily on the way to work and also stop there a couple of times a week for diesel for the semi. Would be better if they had bulk def... I'm sure it's coming soon.”

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“I love this gas station always clean ready to serve owner and crew are the best excellent customer service and many other products been a customer for more than 10 years open early and close late he is getting an addition to his store ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

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“A REVIEW OF STRIPES TACOSBY DOUG CARR:This morning I had the pleasure of consuming three tacos from the Stripes branded eatery, "Laredo Tacos," and I must say the experience was overall pleasant.I spent approximately $4 for 2 chorizo, egg and cheese tacos along with the highly recommended bean and cheese variety.Starting with the overall makeup of the tacos, the tortillas were on the same level as much of the gas station level offerings available in the area. They seem to be a wheat tortilla, which sends me off on a tangent so bear with me here. Who is this for? I ordered chorizo tacos! These are the greasiest things in the world! I am obviously not caring for the miniscule calories I am saving by eating Wheat! Rant over. They are fine, nothing to write home about unless you have something against wheat tortillas. 6/10 why wheat?The chorizo taco took me back to a simpler time. They took me back to waking up and getting ready for school, running into the kitchen where my mom had made a huge pan of chorizo and cheese. I would wait to eat mine until she left so I could sneak into the fridge take out a handful of shredded cheese and stuff it in my burrito before she caught me. I don't know if I would get in trouble for taking the cheese, but I also never found out because I was super sneaky. Much like the burritos of olde, the cheese on the tacos could have melted more. Though my nostalgia wants me to rank it higher, I could have gone for more melty cheese. 8/10 melt dat cheeseFinally I rate the highly reviewed bean and cheese taco. I have simply four words to explain my feelings about this taco, *THEM*SOME*GOOD*BEANS*. If not for the previous complaints also pulling this delicious breakfast dish down, it would have been a perfect taco. 9/10 near perfection, the bragging is just.Overall I quite enjoyed my experience with Laredo Tacos by Stripes, a subsidiary of 7/11 trademark usa. I would absolutely go there again and am excited to try the other offerings they have. My main critique is the tortillas, but I must again interject that they were not bad tortillas, but based on the quality of the other foods, I know they can do better. I would rate my overall experience as 8/10 or four out of five stars. Great, but there is room for improvement.-dc”

4.2Good32 Reviews

“Staff is friendly, service is good. Coffee is great and they have a wide variety of selections to choose from. Not to mention the taco station. Pretty good stuff”

4.1Good48 Reviews

“Melbos I remember it being a little old-school brick building of a store .I met the guy that built it one brick at a time.himselfe.but now it's a big nice place where u can enjoy a authentic home made meal made buy one of my neighbors she's a great cook and very nice lady and the guys that work it all the time are really nice polite guys who work hard to make sure the place is you should come see melbos it's great.”

4.2Good30 Reviews

“Exxon is one of the two fuels I've used in my vehicle for years, I've never had a problem. I have stupidly used cheap gas before and have paid for it, Exxon's cleaning additives work and have kept my injection system spotless.”

4.1Good43 Reviews

“Best quick gas station around this part before you hit the 99 toll bridge, or get into 242 and have a distance before the next one, also friendly service that is professional.”

4.1Good38 Reviews

“I like the prices The thing that I didn't like was it's been 3 days now and I haven't seen the charges for the fuel on my credit card statement yet but I'm hopeful. It was very clean and seamless to use.Kenny Chicago”

4Good62 Reviews

“Fast and friendly service with great drink selection. I wish I wasn't in a hurry because I would have stayed around a little longer to wait for some tacos. They smelled great!”

4.2Good24 Reviews

“I never do reviews, but this guy and the food . I Hands-down, the best customer service gas station I ever been to. Best pizza Montgomery county!!! Go check out Mr.Alex”

4.1Good33 Reviews

“So glad to see they are renovating this store, it really needs it! I LOVE MY HEB and only shop them. Prefer the HEB brand on a lot of goods (try the Mootopia Vanilla milk, it ROCKS!), it is not only much cheaper but also same or better quality than name brand. When they put Curbside in this store, was soo happy, I live in Cut and Shoot so driving over to the lakeside of town was quite a drive, when this store is relatively close. Hope they put another store on 336 East since this area is growing tons and 105 is getting widened. Changed my meds from CVS y mas over here finally and so much better (and faster!). They treat me well at both Conroe locations, but this one is much closer to home for me (and not as busy). They carry more Hispanic items at this location so I can count on that when I need it but some things they only carry at the 336W location (it is larger and newer). Gas is usually among the lowest priced in town. I am definitely an HEB girl through and through.”

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“I've never had an issue with their gas. I only put the highest octane, premium gas in my truck and it has always run well! I take care of it and it takes care of me!”

4.1Good31 Reviews

“You must be a Costco member to buy gasoline at this facility. Good quality of gasoline at a reasonable price that is usually below the market price. There is an attendant on duty most of the time. It is a self-service facility, so you really don't need an attendant, but they are helpful if you have a problem with a pump or a card reader. The facility is clean. It is usually crowded because of the low gasoline price. I get gasoline when I do my grocery shopping at Costco. I also seek out Costco when I drive long distances. They are in most major cities.”

3.9Good137 Reviews

“Always a pleasure to get what I need here. The staff is always on point and more than willing to help find something if its not out on the floor. Clean, covid safety taken seriously, professional, courteous and never have I been treated unfairly.”

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“This is how you roll the joint! I mean run! Wait, no! I didn't mean run, as in what you do when you see her with makeup off in the morning.Ugh, ok. Here, just go and see fir yourself. It's one of the best gas stations I have had the pleasure of spending my money on. Keep it up+”

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“Note that this store is now a circle k convince store and not corner store anymore but otherwise this gas station is a little below avrage than others in conroe because it needs a little cleaning and improvement. Other than that it is not really bad”

3.9Good93 Reviews

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