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“Jeff Franklin with Tom James Company is the man. Takes great care of me. Always follows up. Has immediately fixed the one and only problem I have ever had. Quality and class. Thank you, Jeff.”

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“I got my wedding suit custom from here. The team was helpful every step of the way. Very professional and attentive to details. I barely had to lift a finger other than choose exactly what i wanted. It was the best customer service you could ask for in a clothier”

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“Went to the Maj Boutique looking for a Mother's Day gift and had one of the best shopping experiences ever. The employees were so helpful in making sure I found exactly what I was looking for and all of the merchandise was so cute! Highly recommend!”

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“They took the time to listen and let me try on several pairs and pointed out where the ones I usually wear (numbers). I have a bunion, they even did offered to do a spot stretch where the bunion is.I love this place. Most of the employees are awesome.”

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“One of my favorite places to shop for eclectic things for my home or gifts. Been shopping here since I was a younger girl and I won't stop! Good vibes, Great staff , and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere!!! I never leave without a purchase!!!”

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“I’m traveling right now with two great purchases from Duluth…a “Purple” cushion that helps my back and a cool pair of red plaid Keen tennis shoes I found on shoe clearance rack in the back left corner. (Last pair they had though, so don’t rush over for that!)”

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“I must confess that surely she is a skilled professional trader and the best among all, as her clients all said, I saw so many positive reviews about Mrs Lulu Levine and she managed my account after I Invested $1000 and got a successful withdrawal of $10,200 within few days of my investment, "It always seems impossible until it’s done"., with Mrs Lulu Levine your hard-earned money is 100% secured/Safe You can contact her via Email: [email protected] WhatsApp :+1925 494-3275”

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“Got the chance to drop by and was greeted and helped by awesome employees. I usually get assistance from a manager who’s always been very nice and friendly, but I haven’t seen her in a while. Overall a great store and I look forward to coming back.”

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“Oh my goodness !Must experience for yourself ladies !Carrying Magnolia Pearl clothing ????.Exquisite work & you must see for yourself .Lovely owner & so sweet to work with !Thank you Always Melrose for a 5 star shopping experience !”

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“So I walked into The Buckle and was just wandering around while the band kids wander the mall. The guy who always waits on me calls me by name and has laid out the newest styles of the brand I like, in my size and says, "I know you like the Havoc style and wear a 28x30 slim. They've updated the black, but I know you already have a couple of pair. These styles are also new and while I don't have them in the store I can order them for you. Just let me know if you decide on any of these or if you find something else that catches your eye."How do you NOT buy something?His name is Luciano and I'm just going to suggest that he could wind up ruling the world.”

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“I had not shopped Eddie Bauer in a long time. I forgot how much I enjoy their clothes and the quality is unbeatable. I've been back twice since and the customer service is impeccable.”

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“For the first time in years, I found a spell that works. Thank you Dr Emily, I came across her page and ever since then, my partner who left me with our 2 year old boy contacted me wanting to come back home. I urge you to to contact her today to fix your broken relationship”

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“After running around Lubbock all day last Friday, River Rose was my Hail Mary for finding a gameday outfit and they exceeded expectations. Not only were they nice, after not being acknowledged or even helped at every other boutique I tried on Broadway and at the mall, Emily immediately greeted me and set out to help me find something that would fit my preferences. Emily was a rockstar and so patient with me while I was trying to find what I liked. Their prices are also extremely affordable, and everyone that works here is a star. Thank you again to Emily and Macenzie who were so so sweet and helped me feel comfortable in the store!”

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“I love Dorothy Gene’s. The majority of the shirts in my closet are from there since I discovered the store a year or two ago. I make it a habit to stop in there and see what’s new every time I’m in Lubbock.”

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“Trip was wonderful help as I shopped for my husband. He was inquisitive, respectful, and interesting to talk to. The entire staff was engaging and friendly as well. Of course the merchandise is beautiful and real. You will not find plastic clothes here. When it comes to clothes, you really do get what you pay for.”

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“There's something to be said about great customer service! This store is always nice, helpful and welcoming. They have super cute clothes for all sizes. They are happy to order something if they don't have it in stock. I've gone into a store that sells similar things 3 times and they've never even said hello! Definitely a fan of Loolahs”

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“Can't go to the mall without going to Hot Topic. My wife can't go without buying something. (Lol) Love this place. Great place for funkos and other things you can't live without.”

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“Being someone of larger stature, Its always hard finding the right sizes. I was very glad Derrick was there to help me find what I needed, and with good prices too. I will definitely be spending more money at this establishment.”

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“The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the item I was looking for was available at a very decent price,,,and the store was very clean and well stocked with everything Texas Tech fans could want,,,,Thank you for a very enjoyable experience”

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“The minute you walk into The Matador you are greeted with kindness from the employees and owners. There are so many choices of amazing Texas Tech gear! They will work with you to choose the right fit. They have many other Texas Tech accessories besides clothes. Be sure and join the Rewards Program to get discounts and perks for shopping there.”

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“I was visiting home and was needing a pair of exquisite earrings. After visiting 2 or 3 other boutiques, I found Tucker Brown on Yelp. I am so glad that I stopped by because not only did they have earrings that I was looking for, they were very reasonably priced for a boutique! Because of this, I was able to purchase multiple pairs without blowing my travel budget. They have such an excellent selection in clothing items as well! I was completely delighted by this store and will most definitely be visiting again when I'm home visiting!”

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“I met the new owner Peggy who is such a doll. She explained to me the sale signs and how to navigate the store. Went home with 3 items that fit me perfectly for less than $40! And the fitting rooms are open so you don't have to bug someone to open it for you. 10/10 great shopping experience!!! We love sustainable shopping!”

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“OMG Red Raider Outfitter made a shirt for me! I asked for a back design to be put on the front, and the tshirt just arrived today!Absolutely LOVE that a multi-location and very successful college merch shop would make a custom tshirt for a very loyal—but long graduated—alum. Thank you so much!!”

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“Found some pants that I liked only one young guy asked if I needed a dressing room and everyone else was just standing behind the counter talking and when I went to pay had to wait about 10 minutes just to pay when all of them were just standing behind the counter talking still then this other boy took another customer before me that wasn't in line he got to pay before me which at that point I almost walked out but I really needed my pants so I just waited to pay. I really like your clothes but your customer service needs help.”

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“I love shopping here. The staff is not extremely helpful unless you seek them out for help, but I like the clothes and prices. The fitting rooms are always very dusty and seem like they're never swept. The clerks at the checkout counter are always friendly. I love that H&M now offers a loyalty program because I shop here a lot! My only complaint about the clothes is that I can never find jeans in my length, only in my waist size but they're always too long and have to be hemmed.”

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“I always enjoy shopping at Ross. But this particular store, the shelves are always a mess. You never know what you will find, or if you will find. We were looking for another pet bed, we found one but it wasn't in the pet area. You have to walk through all the aisles with shelves to look for things! It's a small store, but is either under staffed, or they don't try to keep the shelves neat and organized. You are better off going to the one on 50th St”

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“Old navy was a very well organized extremely is extremely professional and polite employees And very polite is very polite with a disabled child, some of the clearance were marked down $1 which I do not consider Clearance, but others were extremely good buys”

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“Have had 2 wonderful experiences here. The staff is super friendly, so far as remembering me and details about our previous conversations. They made me feel welcome and valued. Their selection and customer service is the best.”

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