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“Amazing food, I'm so glad to see them on uber eats and their bogo daily deals!Their meat quality is the best, so clean. Best desi store honestly. Always clean and stocked up.Must try: biryani, halwa poori, peshawari karahi, samosas.”

4.5 Superb43 Reviews

“Loved shopping at Divine Essentials African Market! Traditionally cooked Ghanan food with lots of flavor and spice. They even have a pharmacy! Everything so tasty and my husband was so happy to have a special Ghana treat— and I can’t wait to make Fufu from the goods I bought. Staff is also very helpful and can answer cooking questions……Anita Lutz”

4.6 Superb33 Reviews

“It is a very well organized indo pak grocery store with a wide variety of desi products. The prices are very competitive. They have "hand cut" as well as the "regular" halal meat. Unfortunately I failed to understand the difference between the two and always request "hand cut" when placing order for the meat. The staff is very friendly. The only thing that bothers me is the smell around their meat department.”

4.3 Superb52 Reviews

“I give this store 5 stars all cuz of Sam!! He's an awesome person and a joy to talk to!! I am so glad to be able to stop in and grab a cpl cold drinks while ur there Sam!! When home that's my go to store!!”

4.7 Superb24 Reviews

“HEB is my to go store. The staff are ok and cashiers are all mainly students are very young adults. They are just trying to make a life for themselves and generate a financial income. Work with them pls”

4.2 Good55 Reviews

“Delicious bun kabab and bot rolls that are bursting with flavor and perfectly cooked. The service is exceptional, with friendly and attentive staff. Highly recommended for anyone craving tasty Indo-Pak food with great service!”

4.3 Superb34 Reviews

“Some ALDI's are better than others. This one is a GREAT. Prices are far lower than Kroger or HEB. Not the broadest selection nor are many of the big brands stocked. However, poultry, seafood and dairy are fresh and much less expensive than other grocery stores. Staff is always courteous and helpful!”

4.3 Superb29 Reviews

“Heb is truly the best grocery store that there is. All the produce, meats and seafood are exceptionally fresh! Their store brand items are usually better than name brand. And the best thing is that their prices are always extremely reasonable compared to other grocery stores and their quality is exceptional.”

4 Good53 Reviews

“had put it upon myself to celebrate and dance endlessly with profound happiness to appreciate Mrs RAYMOND MALIA for the great job done. I started trading with her and watched my profits grows on a daily basis with her amazing skills And good brokerage, I made a withdrawal without being charged a fee. I'm really indebted and Grateful for your good work and service contact her:+1(818)850-0792”

4.1 Good37 Reviews

“Courtesy from curbside, is the best at what she does. My day was brightened by the help i was given. Every time i see her she is so bubbly and full of energy. I've also noticed she goes out of her way to help others. Keep up the great work curbside!!”

4.8 Superb12 Reviews

“By far my favorite location. The Cleanest, well stocked, fresh produced, largest fresh tortilla area (butter tortillas ?) always have a full staff, nice staff, plenty of open registers, and self checkout. The layout is nice and doesn't feel jumbled. It's the LARGEST location I've been to without it being a "Plus". (I'm also from OR and moved here in 2022) H.E.B is my favorite place besides Bucees. (Can you tell I'm not a true Texan??‍♀️?‍♀️) The birthday cakes are also amazing. I had a couple of custom cakes, and every inch was eaten every time. The blueberry pies are amazing, and we always get sushi to eat on the way home. Their premise meals by the sushi are also amazing for meal prep but can get pricey. Look out for those yellow hanging coupons! The HEB brand cola tastes better than coke and has less sugar. We prefer the HEB brand foods over other brands. They are more cost efficient and even taste BETTER! The ingredients are better, too. Some still have GMO tho.”

3.9 Good50 Reviews

“I haven't been to this particular location in two years, the last time i was there the employee wasn't very nice, but the young who was there this time was very nice and friendly.”

3.8 Good78 Reviews

“I was getting a little too close to E for comfort, so I stopped by this HEB fuel station for some gas.Price seems competitive and, in fact, cheaper than the other stations nearby.There were plenty of stations, so I didn't have to wait. Stations and surrounding areas were clean and organized.I would gas here again.”

3.8 Good75 Reviews

“I love shopping at Kroger and this is the first time visiting in this location. I go some groceries and found that tofu here is slightly cheaper than any other supermarket around here!As a tofu lover that's a great news for me! Will continue come here when I need them!Cheers”

4 Good29 Reviews

“Such a good and organized place! I always buy everything I need here, and employees are always so pleasant. Ryan was such a helpful cashier, he was so pleasant to me and asked me how my day was. Ugh, such a sweetheart!”

3.8 Good69 Reviews

“I had never been to this store before so I had no idea where anything was. The store was clean and the aisles were clearly marked. We found what we needed quickly.”

3.7 Good151 Reviews

“Great inside experience. Cashier & sacked Rodolfo were very pleasant & kind. Unfortunately I seeThat you allow people ( gypsy scam artists) to sit right by your door . This scheme is replicated all over Houston & other cities and states. They all have children in tow & the women and families prey on your customers. Yout store manager should remove them or the police will”

3.7 Good42 Reviews

“Nice Walmart location and note all Walmart locations are closed Thanksgiving day even if Google show it as open. Don't waste your time and head to the store like I did.”

3.6 Good163 Reviews

“Love this heb. When I come in I'm always looking for my cashier JerriLyn P she is the greatest very nice and polite she greets all her customers with a smile. She's also fast and efficient. Give her a raise.”

3.6 Good91 Reviews

“The Heights mini Mart has been around a long time it's a community store it's for your shopping for a little stuff when you can't get to the big store.”

4 Good4 Reviews

“Kroger Deli is a very good market, you can find everything you want. Th food is delicious, the fruits, vegetables are fresh fruits are also very fresh, the people are really nice. I recomended it”

3.5 Good74 Reviews

“Absolutely some of the best tacos! Great salsas. I see the lady cooking back there - it's really made there. A contractor in line for food said he's been to every taco joint around and these are the best. I'm inclined to agree!I don't know anything about buying gas at this gas station, but the tacos we had were amazing!”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“The is very well kept store, it is nice, clean, and bright. They have self‐check out, which is fast. It has many things that you normally wouldn't expect in a grocery store. Such as clothes and shoes.”

3.4 Good42 Reviews

“I love shopping at Kroger and this is the first time visiting in this location. I go some groceries and found that tofu here is slightly cheaper than any other supermarket around here!As a tofu lover that's a great news for me! Will continue come here when I need them!Cheers”

3.3 Good44 Reviews

“Great location usually has plenty of copies in stock along with many titles to buy . I've never had any issues with the kiosk machines not working during transactions at.least at this location . As for maintenance I recall only once or twice in past 5 years the machine was temporarily out of service but only for a few days tops. I've actually been using Redbox off and on for past 10 years .”

3.1 Average13 Reviews

“Broad selection of sodas, beers, wines and hard seltzers. Plus has many snacks to choose from. Staff is friendly and efficient. You can be in and out of the store very quickly.”

3.1 Average18 Reviews

“It had all that I wanted from a gas station. It was easy to get in and out, pump fuel fast, pretty clean, a good price, and nice and quick employees. Which is hard to get these days”

3.2 Average36 Reviews

“Very exotic. They've added a lunch bar, butcher, and hot take-out dishes ?. The fresh hot bread made my stomach growl.I so wish they had a guide to lead my discovery of these foreign flavors.”

3.2 Average40 Reviews

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