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“Best place ever to shop!!! All kinds of home repair items, home decor, and items to be repurposed!!! Fabulous time looking around and great cause for sales proceeds!”

4.3 Superb44 Reviews

“This is a great place to find odds and ends for people who are on a limited budget. Most items are donated, but still serviceable. Parking lot is spacious. Prices are very reasonable.”

4.4 Superb33 Reviews

“This place is hard to rate. They have a couple of outlets - one on S Probandt, and one on Walzam Rd. Probandt is an old warehouse and the goods are presented in a commensurate fashion, making it kind of a dump to go to. BUT it is very large and they have a lot of items. The Walzam Rd location is smaller, more store-like and a lot cleaner. Selection is similar but my impression is of smaller quantities and more limited selection. They both carry a wide range of construction and household materials, whether reclaimed from remodels or demolitions, or closeouts, seconds and scratch-and-dent. They also have a lot of paints, much of which is "evolve", a brand that keeps excess project or returned paint from being senselessly dumped in landfills. Prices are better than the building materials stores, but you still need to know what a good price is, as some of the smaller household goods can be found for less elsewhere (mainly online). But bargains are to be found if you don't mind spending time browsing. I suggest coming prepared with a complete list of what you might need, so you come away with what you really want at a price that suits you. All of that said, remember that this is a thrift store for Habitat for Humanity, a very good organization that makes affordable housing available for low income people. So anything you buy supports a great cause. I would have rated this 3-stars, but the nature of what their main focus is caused me to make it 4-stars since the dollars you spend here contributes to helping people in need.”

4.5 Superb27 Reviews

“Frank F is "the man" to look for in the tools section! He is your go to guy when you need to look for an item, or have a problem to tackle. He recommended Grab It Speed Out Pro, with flying colors, and it did the job like he said. He is an honest person. He didn't steer me wrong, or recommended an exaggerated price tool to do the job. Thank you Frank for being at the right place at the right time. Ahem, Lowe's, someone needs a raise,....definitely did a job well done.Frank F represents Lowe's with professionalism, sincerity, knowledge, helpfulness, approachability and a friendly customer service smile.Way to go Frank F! I told you I would do a review for all your help! Thank you! Good luck on that raise. ? I'll see you again. GOD bless.***THANK YOU, for acknowledging my review!***”

3.8 Good68 Reviews

“We can find everything we need for home repair. We usually go to the once a month kids event or we shop after date night. You know sometimes you want to walk around without your kids and shop. Back to the kids workshop there is a fun event for the kids if they complete 6 projects from August 2023-Decenber 2024 you can get a jr builder badge and if you complete 12 you get a coupon for your kids to get a tool bag. I hope to complete all 12 to get that for my kids. No purchase necessary.Also who doesn't love a military discount. Just register online and you show I'd and use your phone number to check out. Boom discount.”

3.6 Good120 Reviews

“We go to this Lowes on Bandera all the time. So far I have always found what we needed. They had some great Halloween decorations. There Christmas stuff is halfway up. Friendly employees but not enough. I don't like walking all over the place for a employee. So that's why I give 4 stars”

3.6 Good65 Reviews

“Always fun to go there and compare prices. They seem to be compatible to other places, all sales clerks are nice and very helpful. They ask if they can help you find something...”

3.6 Good62 Reviews

“Still love this store, always clean, organized and helpful staff willing to help. Had to pickup a dishwasher installation kit for our new dishwasher Thanks Lowe's”

3.5 Good95 Reviews

“Let me start out by saying this was a surprise because I’ve received very poor service in this area in most places. We were politely and cheerfully asked if we needed a hand with anything by literally everyone we came across, everyone said good morning, and if you can believe it…they actually knew they’re store very well and helped us locate everything we needed in a snap. One employee even carefully loaded my fence pickets while I was picking them out without being asked at all, and our cashier went out of her way to get us extra discounts on our large order. All this cheerful service by the way? Was 10 minutes after they opened at 6am, probably my and most people’s least cheerful time of day. Will be returning every time! (Unless I need Milwaukee batteries, sorry Big Blue you should carry them ?)”

3.5 Good81 Reviews

“They were bad for me with the purchase I made of a Maytag washer and dryer, they canceled them and it took 12 days to return the money, I paid with debit. The attention of the people in the 410 and 151 stores is excellent.”

3.5 Good69 Reviews

“I’m not sure if I’m in the correct store but I’ve been to 2…. Brittany at one store Rebecca Amanda at another. Customer service at your locations are top notch!!! These girls go above and beyond. Very professional very knowledgeable and just awesome personalities. We bought a home and we will be back to get everything we need from y’all . Just want you to know as a business owner please keep these girls they make your store the best!!!”

3.5 Good64 Reviews

“Erik and Mark delivered my new Washer and Dryer and they were very professional and courteous and I definitely have them deliver again in the future. They both need a raise! Thanks so much guys and Happy New Year ☃️??❄️?✝️?”

3.4 Good92 Reviews

“Had a great experience with TONY at this Home Depot. Looking for a peg that has been missing in a cabinet for some time. He assisted me find the aisle (I get overwelmed in this store) and troubleshoot when I could not find the exact one I THOUGHT I needed but indeed did not. Went home worked perfectly. Loved that he took the time to help me figure out what I needed.”

3.5 Good38 Reviews

“Friendly and helpful associates, clean facilities, well stocked shelves, plus I got everything I needed to finish my Sunday DIY project. They even give military discounts”

4.1 Good9 Reviews

“Excellent customer service! Went with my boss to buy a new 10' ladder. Fast response time, due to the quickness of being in and out with what we needed to complete the construction job a few miles up the road at JP Morgan's headquarters.”

3.4 Good72 Reviews

“Just finished buying a new Ego mower and trimmer. Jacob who works in cabinets and appliances volunteered to help us. He was amazing! From finding us a cart, telling us about his Ego, loading us up, completing the purchase and even helping my husband load it into our car! Can’t say enough great things about Jacob!!”

3.4 Good62 Reviews

“Rico, the night manager, provided excellent customer service. went above and above to guarantee that the product we needed for our plumbing job was available. This man is an expert in the goods he offers and recognizes that providing his clients with service goes beyond a simple transaction and receipt—it's what keeps a house running.”

3.3 Good204 Reviews

“My lowes always has what I need. And now they are offering a FREE LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM! so I get points for every dollar I spend and than get free stuff, sometimes even free money! Perfect! Let's go shopping!2thumbs high! Thank you”

3.3 Good87 Reviews

“Chris in appliances was especially helpful in the purchasing of a fridge and oven range. This particular store on O'Connor and IH 35 is really helpful when we buy from them.”

3.3 Good69 Reviews

“I never leave reviews but after today’s experience, I felt it completely warranted. My husband and I had the honor of meeting David in the flooring dept, who helped us purchase the carpet for our master bedroom. David was knowledgeable, friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. He left a lasting impression on us and we cannot thank him enough for making our experience so postitive.”

3.3 Good57 Reviews

“I've always been a Lowe's girl, I usually only venture into Home Depot when they have something that I can't find at Lowe's. That's what brought me to the Bitters Home Depot on Tuesday May 24th, they had something I couldn't get anywhere else. I needed Rust-oleum Home Floor Coating and I needed it tinted to Seattle Mist. I couldn't find it anywhere on the shelf of the paint dept. and just when I was about to go looking for help, help arrived by the name of Sam. I told him what I wanted and he began the hunt. Turns out they were up on a high shelf with the extra stock, so Sam went to get a ladder and got a light base and a deep base down since we didn't know which one was needed.Then the real fun began. Poor Sam. I told him the color choice and he went to the computer and nope-wrong base, but it wasn't the wrong base. Tried again with the deep base and nope-wrong base again. Sam tried everything, all while never once losing his patience with me and all my questions. He was exceedingly kind, knowledgeable and understanding, and he never gave up. In the end, he got me my Seattle Mist floor paint and he thanked ME for my patience. I am so grateful to have had Sam to work with on this because truly, HE was the patient one, no lie I asked about 142 questions. I think from now on all my future paint needs are going to be met here at the Bitters location just so I can work with Sam again!Also, I can't forget about Ron who also helped me with mixing a trim color while I was waiting for Sam to work his magic. Ron was helpful, kind, funny and he had my paint mixed and done so fast I couldn't believe it!”

3.5 Good11 Reviews

“This Home Depot is great! I want to give a thank you to Bob who helped me find parts to fix my bathroom shower handle. He saved me $500 bucks from hiring a plumber. I'm a veteran and have no experience in plumbing at all. My shower is working like brand new because of him. All the workers i encountered helped me out and were friendly. I will forever be a Home Depot shopper because the customer service is awesome!”

3.2 Average68 Reviews

“The plants selection at this Home Depot is amazing! My husband has been working on a few things around the house, so obviously we had to go to The Home Depot. While he was searching for what he needed, I decided to check out their garden area in search for a new plant. I was pleasantly surprised by their huge selection of plants; they had everything from trees, bushes, indoor plants, outdoor plants, etc etc. They also had a very wide selection of pots and planters for the home. If you are military, don't forget they offer a 10% discount on your purchase. You just need to bring an official ID and should be ready to go. I will definitely be coming back to this location for all my gardening needs!”

3.1 Average47 Reviews

“This is a great store. Has all the parts and tools I need. Order online and pick it up at the vending machine just outside the store. Have a love affair with the power tools from Ryobi. Have a number of them in my tools box. And adding to them each month. They are coming out with new ones all the time.”

3.1 Average49 Reviews

“Great clean store, friendly staff, and all the tools and accessories you could want. We found some great brick pavers for a good price, bulk items we needed, and they offer military discount. I recommend this place.”

3.1 Average86 Reviews

“I like going to Home Depot to find all of my home improvement supplies. This locations was well kept and I was able to find everything I needed. Prices are good compared to other home improvement stores.”

2.7 Average12 Reviews

“Home Depot is great. From getting tools you need, paints, wood, plants, soil, lawnmowersk, to Christmas trees, They seem to have everything you need. Very friendly and wheelchair accessible.”

3 Average72 Reviews

“We were doing a PVC pipe diy project for our baby. Went to Lowe's and they said they wouldn't help cut the pipe. So we gave this Home Depot a call to see if they would help us cut the pipes to fit in our car. Joel came to the rescue! No fancy saw, he just whipped out some PVC pipe scissors, measured and cut us over 10 cuts. We really appreciated his help!”

2 Poor11 Reviews

“I and the wife come here often. I will say that there's times when the store is lacking in inventory however, usually has what we need. Today Kaitlin and Kyle were very helpful (Which is why I'm giving 5 stars and not 4). There answered our questions and helped with picking the right tool for our project. If the customer service stays as good as it was with them today. This location is in great hands.”

2.8 Average78 Reviews

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