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“Every time I come here, I find a treasure trove of items! As a plus size lady, it's difficult to find second-hand luxury clothes in my size, but this place never misses!”

4.6 Superb107 Reviews

“This place has 4.8 stars as I write this and it makes sense. Super fun, wacky retro store, like the best parts of a thrift store and game store all mashed together. Stickers, Pokémon stuff, lots of kids stuff? So random and fun. Great place for gifts!”

4.8 Superb50 Reviews

“Friendly staff, interesting selections, clean store/layout and frequently I see new items being put out. Overall a great thrift store and proceeds go to a good cause of helping children in need. Highly recommend.”

5 Superb33 Reviews

“A really beautiful reside center that you don't know what treasure you'll find. So many beautiful things to find and learn to reuse, you just have to take your time.”

5 Superb23 Reviews

“Nice atmosphere and great selection with a fair turnover. Much more than expected in a smaller thrift shop. A few items are pricey, but most prices are reasonable or exceptional.We will return.”

4.8 Superb24 Reviews

“Special curated thrift store with lots of treasure to find. Especially furniture. Cool spot, but I'm not willing to pay triple or quadruple what the other thrift stores in SA are pricing. I saw an american eagle button down for $25. I saw a dupe labeled as authentic- a LL Bean Boat Tote fake for $30. Disappointing- I've walked away with hidden treasures here before.”

4.3 Superb67 Reviews

“This place is hard to rate. They have a couple of outlets - one on S Probandt, and one on Walzam Rd. Probandt is an old warehouse and the goods are presented in a commensurate fashion, making it kind of a dump to go to. BUT it is very large and they have a lot of items. The Walzam Rd location is smaller, more store-like and a lot cleaner. Selection is similar but my impression is of smaller quantities and more limited selection. They both carry a wide range of construction and household materials, whether reclaimed from remodels or demolitions, or closeouts, seconds and scratch-and-dent. They also have a lot of paints, much of which is "evolve", a brand that keeps excess project or returned paint from being senselessly dumped in landfills. Prices are better than the building materials stores, but you still need to know what a good price is, as some of the smaller household goods can be found for less elsewhere (mainly online). But bargains are to be found if you don't mind spending time browsing. I suggest coming prepared with a complete list of what you might need, so you come away with what you really want at a price that suits you. All of that said, remember that this is a thrift store for Habitat for Humanity, a very good organization that makes affordable housing available for low income people. So anything you buy supports a great cause. I would have rated this 3-stars, but the nature of what their main focus is caused me to make it 4-stars since the dollars you spend here contributes to helping people in need.”

4.5 Superb27 Reviews

“Best place ever to shop!!! All kinds of home repair items, home decor, and items to be repurposed!!! Fabulous time looking around and great cause for sales proceeds!”

4.3 Superb44 Reviews

“I would recommend this thrift ! Prices are reasonable & you can find very neat things. They even sometimes gave free items by the cash register or parking by the exit”

4.6 Superb17 Reviews

“First time buying from them and I couldn’t come in person. I had to do everything through pictures and just take his word for it. When I say am very very impressed I am!!! He took his time while dealing with me guaranteeing that everything is what it says! The price I paid was incredible especially for the product he gave me! I ordered a king size bed which OMG I LOVE SO MUCH, my sons got an XL TWIN which fit these two teens perfectly, and the queen size was also a perfect fit. I asked if they could help me put them together and they said no due to other appointments. However, when they delivered they were so determined to make sure everything fit together! The frames and all! I rate them a 5 and refer ANYONE TO THEM!!!! Very reasonable prices for GREAT QUALITY!!!! You are getting the best deal around! Trust me I shop around and compare prices THEY HAVE BEAT EVERYONES PRICES with GREAT QUALITY! I am very very pleased! Thank you and I will definitely be back”

4.7 Superb14 Reviews

“One of my favorite thrift stores. Always has great selections and very good prices. Even get to find several name brands in really great condition. This place never disappoints. They also have a rewards program which is great because I always get 5.00 off every time I go.”

4.2 Good41 Reviews

“I came here to donate some clothes accidentally threw my soccer coach shirt in there came back an hour later and told Seth about it he went through all the bins of clothes until we found it. THATS GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!”

4.7 Superb11 Reviews

“I found some really nice items there! Great prices. Money is tight, so This place is great if you want something different, but can not afford the exaggerated prices.”

4.1 Good73 Reviews

“The store was spotless, everything was clean and organized. Lots of cool stuff here, and the clothes were in really great condition. Enrique and Beth provided excellent customer service and both were very professional. Found some great books here before and I came back a second time and I enjoyed my shopling experience here again. My favorite Goodwill in San Antonio!”

4.3 Superb24 Reviews

“While I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for this store to open I started reading reviews. I was intrigued by one review that stated when they opened up you needed to run not walk because of the beautiful items that they have in this store. This review was really on point. I had my cart filled to the top. We are here in San Antonio visiting our baby daughter and grandson. We definitely will visit this store again”

4.3 Superb23 Reviews

“Pricing is confusing, inconsistent, and usually 75% higher than the item is actually worth. It’s disappointing to see a community thrift store with such inaccessible, out of touch prices. Miscellaneous, outdated kitchen appliances for $15+, faded framed photos for $30, $200 “as-is” coffee tables, swaths of fabric for $13 per yard, etc. Seriously? This stuff is used and donated! It should be priced accordingly.”

4.5 Superb14 Reviews

“Love that they are very welcoming here! Love how I can walk around the store or leave and comeback and receive my items. I also like why they tell me why some items weren’t accepted and to maybe try again in a different season. :)”

4 Good83 Reviews

“Wonderful place to find great bargains and uncommon treasures. Well organized and very tidy. Collectibles and everyday items and clothing. Proceeds go to supporting valuable local charities - so you can supoort them by donating to and buying from Green Door Thrift Store.”

4.4 Superb12 Reviews

“You never know what you’re going to find. From a resellers perspective, the items are fairly priced. The store is always clean. The employees are knowledgeable and friendly.”

4 Good69 Reviews

“Quiet, clean location, pretty easily accessible. Employee greeted me in the parking lot to take my donation, offered the tax-refundable receipt, and took my things happily.”

4.1 Good27 Reviews

“I am visiting San Antonio for a few months and have been going to all the local junk and antique shops. Joe, the owner, was very friendly, kind, informative, and the shop has a fun eclectic mix of this and that, do check it out!”

4.3 Superb12 Reviews

“My heart is full. I have searched high and low, and have finally found a place where my household donations will go to a good cause. One hundred percent of the proceeds of items sold at this shop funds the Helotes Humane Society located right next door. The old house is the thrift shop. A driveway with a sign for drop off will direct you to the back of the house. A large sign is posted on the fence of items they do not accept. All the items sold at the thrift shop are well organized and labeled nicely. There are so many good finds! Lots of antiques and vintage items too. The ladies that work at the shop are very kind, friendly, and helpful. I bought a vintage knit nativity scene that I absolutely love, Christmas lights, coasters, and a tree skirt. They offer military discount on Thursday and senior discount on Friday. I had a blast at this shop and will be back. Besides the Helotes Humane society next door, there's also a small dog park behind it.”

4.1 Good16 Reviews

“I love this thrift store. It is clean , well organized and the money they make goes back to helping the community. I have been shopping there for years! Very welcoming atmosphere.”

4 Good26 Reviews

“My favorite place to shop in San Antonio! The deals are here. Everything in the store is $8 or less. This is not a traditional Buffalo Exchange. They do not buy at this store. They only sell. You can find some gems here.”

3.9 Good29 Reviews

“Love the Military discount that is offered and being able to round off for a donation.Always greeted and the cashier Sylvia was very helpful.She told me about a sale this weekend and how to fix the item I purchased.Always good finds at this Goodwill.”

3.8 Good91 Reviews

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