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“I highly recommend. The customer service is absolutely exceptional! They treat you like family. The halal meat and produce were fresh, and they had plenty of variety.”

4.8 Superb40 Reviews

“I have had my oil changed, both headlights replaced (on separate occasions), and a tire repaired here. I have consistently experienced professional, respectful, and knowledgeable service that has been fairly priced and efficient. Thank you!!”

4.4 Superb34 Reviews

“The owner wonderful person she is very handling lovely friendly and a reasonable price I love her very much it's convenient she had everything so good so far”

4 Good20 Reviews

“Took my car to get new tires installed. EXCELLENT SERVICE! Usman (hope I’m spelling that properly) and the crew did a phenomenal job with the install. Easily the friendliest and most professional mechanic I have ever been to. 100% recommend.”

4 Good20 Reviews

“Great and affordable South American bakery. They also have a delicious tres leches cake. I usually grab a few pastries when I'm picking up burritos from their next door neighbor, Taqueria Cancun.”

3.6 Good30 Reviews

“Our family and employees buy groceries at this place for many many years, they have fair prices great hours of operation family atmosphere we cash our checks here if needed. we can send money to our families when needed as they offer western union services. I am a customer for over 15 years this is a family owned and run store all 3 brothers are great.”

4.7 Superb3 Reviews

“This CVS was great— friendly and knowledgeable team, efficient, and communicated expectations very well. This is a complete 180 from my experience at the Quaker Ln location, where there is an issue every single time I need a prescription filled— medication not in stock. being told different reasons why my recurring prescription isn’t filled in a reasonable amount of time (days and sometimes weeks!), very poor communication, etc. I will be switching my prescriptions to the Arlington Blvd location, even though it’s much less convenient.”

3.3 Good29 Reviews

“9/7/21 Made a quick stop here to see if one of ky lottery tickets I found while cleaning the house was still good. It turns out the year has gone by and the $600 dollars I won can't be claimed. I am just kidding. I won 3 dollars and couldn't claim it. I am bad with lottery tickets. I buy them on rare occasions and then forget about them. I am very lucky the amount of money I could have had was less five dollars. Other was I might as well kick myself on get my point. I bought a large Açai-Berry Vitaminwater XXX before leaving the store. Might as well get something cold to drink. While waiting for my turn to pay at the cashier stand, I saw a kid paying for his candy with his cellphone. I thought to myself, cash, credit or cellphone. Next it will be by smartwatch if this hasn't happened already. In some places you can pay with your handprint or is it finger print? Technology at its finest. I saw something I could write my next review about and I have the kid who ahead of me to thank for that. I might be the first to write about on Yelp. Stay tuned,”

3.3 Good20 Reviews

“Pharmacist Christian was very helpful getting a prescription transferred to another pharmacy. He spent 15 minutes calling other stores to find my medicine.Thank you, Christian!”

3.4 Good13 Reviews

“They should add a phone number so I can call and ask for orders to pick them up without having to wait, sometimes they go quickly, the food is very exquisite, the girls have a wooden face, but it's only superficial, the rest is super good?”

3.3 Good9 Reviews

“An amazingly wonderful CVS store and pharmacy stocked with fantastic items! I love the ExtraBucks Rewards I get just for shopping there! CVS is a generous company that takes great care of its customers. I would like to thank Pharmacy Technician Anita for her wonderful customer service on 8/18/23 when I came to pick up medicine. She's so kind and sweet I was helped by Pharmacy Technician Sujit on 8/23/23 at the pharmacy and Sujit is absolutely wonderful as well! He is kind, welcoming, responsive, and makes the pharmacy experience one to remember fondly. I look forward to coming back and seeing Anita, Sujit, and Kofi, who is a very kind, friendly, intelligent, and competent professional. The pharmacists are also very pleasant at CVS, very professional, polite, super kind and sweet, and great at what they do! They show outstanding leadership and knowledge, keeping the pharmacy running smoothly I am forever grateful for the care they've provided. Lifesaving healthcare heroes work here at this CVS pharmacy who have given me and countless other clients the medicines and vaccines they need to treat and prevent debilitating disease. CVS is more than just a store and a pharmacy, it can be classified as a modern healthcare clinic with an array of top-notch services. From over the counter medicines to prompt filling of your prescriptions, as well as all the latest cutting-edge vaccines modern medicine has to offer, as well as the MinuteClinic which offers a variety of healthcare services provided by board certified healthcare providers. I credit CVS Pharmacy for helping me stay healthy. The best service with intelligent and caring professionals ready to help you take charge of your health and well-being. *They are excellent at filling prescriptions and work hard to efficiently tend to lines of customers as fast as humanly possible while respecting the need for accuracy in their tasks. This is a popular CVS location with a lot of loyal customers coming to the pharmacy to get meds, and the pharmacy staff do a wonderful job working under pressure and they happen to be very kind as well. I've had such a great experience here and I know many others have too, I've seen other happy customers receiving excellent service in the pharmacy. Not to mention that the store itself has pretty much anything you need from laundry detergent to vitamins, nice cosmetics and nail polish, snacks, stationary, greeting cards, delicious chocolates, cute plush animals and toys, the coolest sunglasses, really pretty jewelry, luxury perfume, household goods, many awesome products that I can't even begin to list here. There is so much convenience to shopping here and their customer service has been outstanding!”

3.1 Average28 Reviews

“This was an excellent Seven Eleven. The store was clean. The coffee was excellent. Everything was properly organized. The people here are very nice. I am glad to see people working here were properly wearing their masks. It makes me proud when people do things right. I was not bothered or harrassed in the parking lot. Job well done ?”

3.1 Average19 Reviews

“The Exxon station is conveniently located in the entrance of Burke Center and accessible to many of the retail stores in the vicinity. In addition the staff is proactive at emptying the trash cans and filling the windshield wiper fluid. At least that is what I observed on this visit. They also have a Carwash conveniently located next to the pumps, which helps keep cars re-entering onto oncoming traffic at the shopping center. But I really noticed and appreciate the most is the cleanliness at the pumps. The pumps apparently are wiped down periodically because they weren't filthy or grimy from use of the patrons and in sure some will agree that can be aggravating at times, but not here. I would definitely recommend this location for gas, mini-mart shopping and the carwash as well.”

3 Average46 Reviews

“I must say that Taylor (Pharmacy) is exceptional. You guys are lucky to have her. Her attitude is contagious, she has a pre-disposition to help and serve the customers. I will love to go back to this CVS pharmacy if you guys keep hiring this great health care professionals as her! Thanks”

3 Average35 Reviews

“The staff here were super. It's open 24 hours so we came here for some late night cold medicine. The staff were super quick. Efficient. And helpful. Self checkout was a breeze.”

3 Average34 Reviews

“This Walgreens is the best pharmacy I have found near Falls Church. Well staffed with competent people. It’s nice and big and bright inside. Has a drive through, and lots of parking.”

3 Average14 Reviews

“Early morning on cold November Sunday. On my way to the Xsport Gym in Merrifield before church. (“Body before Soul?!”) Gotta get me some caffeine quick, eh?! This here 7-11 is where it’s at, y’all!!! ?S. Washington Street 7-11 is clean, easy in and out, and verily all the cashiers are helpful 24/7/365. “Gentleman Garret” here at night, and any of the others during the day, it’s always always always your best bet for fast, safe, and reliable convenience store purchases!Namaste ??Salaam Alaikum ?? ??Howdy! ???”

3 Average9 Reviews

“One of the cleaner 7-11 ice come across. I stop by here before work and its always stocked with some good snacks. The hot dog i got was dry and stale and not very hot BUT I'll have to try some of the other items i work right down the street.”

2.9 Average20 Reviews

“Best 7 eleven I have ever been to. Hot fresh food. The most selection of items of any 7 eleven. The staff were excellent and the customer service was also. The best 7 eleven pizza I e ever had, or else I'm just really really hungry. Either way I will go past another 7 eleven just to go to this one.”

2.9 Average32 Reviews

“This location is excellent!! They have such a good variety of everything and my go to spot when I need something fast. I’ve had many interactions with the employees here and they are so friendly. Not typical that you get that type of service at a gas station. They keep it really clean too and well stocked.”

2.6 Average5 Reviews

“Keira wa Super helpful she would not have a way to get my prescription for me in a timely manner. I highly recommend being patient and be sure to go and get your prescriptions there even though it may take a little longer. Customer service is very pleasant vertically with Keira and give her five stars.”

2.7 Average9 Reviews

“Went here yesterday and got my car washed. Pretty good car wash. I vacuumed my car afterwards and the vac actually left my car looking clean. Customer service was great, I will def be coming to get my car washed and when I need to vacuum my car, worth the drive.”

2.3 Poor7 Reviews

“I recently had the pleasure of visiting the 7-Eleven store located in 7451 PATTERSON RDFALLS CHURCH VAI wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and share my wonderful experience with the exceptional employee, Israel.Israel’s dedication to customer service was evident from the moment I entered the store. With a warm and welcoming smile, he greeted me and offered assistance in finding the items I needed. His knowledge of the store’s layout and product selection was impressive, ensuring I could quickly locate everything I required.Throughout my visit, Israel went above and beyond to make sure I had a pleasant experience. He patiently answered my questions, provided recommendations, and offered helpful suggestions for new products to try. It was evident that Israel genuinely cared about meeting the customers’ needs and ensuring their satisfaction.Moreover, his friendliness and positive attitude created a welcoming atmosphere within the store. His professional demeanor and willingness to engage in friendly conversation made my visit even more enjoyable. It’s refreshing to encounter someone who genuinely takes pride in their work and treats customers with utmost respect.Additionally, Israel’s exceptional attention to detail and commitment to cleanliness were commendable. The store was well-organized, shelves were fully stocked, and everything was spotless. It is evident that Israel takes great pride in maintaining a clean and inviting shopping environment.In conclusion, my experience at 7-Eleven was truly exceptional, and that was largely due to the outstanding service provided by Israel. His dedication, friendliness, and professionalism exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend visiting this store and having the pleasure of interacting with Israel. His commitment to customer satisfaction sets a high standard for service in the industry. Thank you, Israel, for making my shopping experience memorable.”

2.4 Poor14 Reviews

“11/14/22On 11/12/22 I needed to but some personal products at CVS Pharmacy. Upon arriving at this store, I saw one aisle closed off because a tiny dog shit and track the stuff all over the area. Mary and a few other associates were cleaning up the mess. I overheard Mary say she had spent an hour clean up the dog poop of one animal. The spray bottles were used up too.Finding the products I was looking for did not come easy. I think i was very tired a d distracted by all the dog shit tracked around a section of the store. I finally found the Fleet Enema Mineral Oil, but choosing the right Metamucil took some time. The cost was much higher then expected for something that bulks up and harder to drink if you don't drink the stuff in a sufficient amount of time. On the other hand, it should produce good results.I did not find the experience all that great and I did not think my wife would enjoy orange flavor very much. After talking my wife on the phone, we went with a product called Benefiber. A product that is non thicking, has no taste and devolves clear.When checking out, my discounts did not go through. I ended up going back in line and I ran into a woman named Mary. Mary was the primary woman cleaning up the dog poop. She was able to fix the error and do so in a professional manner. Her attitude was pleasant to be around and I thank her for the quick service. Thank Mary for your help with the discounts and overall attitude towards the Retail Experience. I have seldom had to clean up dog poop, but dealing with human waste is another thing all together.Jolly good show Mary.”

2.1 Poor9 Reviews

“The CVS at Birch & Broad has been my neighborhood pharmacy for the past 2 years, and the whole pharmacy team is fantastic. Each team member I have interacted with has been kind, understanding, professional, and caring. When filling prescriptions, they have gone out of their way to understand my options, have expressed empathy when the co-pay is higher than expected, and tried to research alternatives. I have observed their interactions with other customers, and the team is consistently kind and empathetic, which is quite remarkable given their constantly full workloads. Many thanks.”

2.1 Poor9 Reviews

“A wonderful CVS store stocked with fantastic items! I love the ExtraBucks Rewards I get just for shopping there! CVS is a generous company that takes great care of its customers. I also recently had my bivalent booster and flu shot at another CVS and feel super grateful.”

2.5 Average30 Reviews

“Needed this year's flu shot. Had made two apptmts previously at a competing pharmacy chain. Both attempts were dismal and I finally just left both times in both places. But this Walgreen's did everything right. Received a form to fill out. Showed ID, insurance cards, etc. Zero waiting, zero crowds. Friendly person at desk. Turned form in. Shortly afterward was called in for flu shot. Went well. Was going to leave for home. Checked paperwork first. Had received a $5 certificate. Decided to use it right away. Well-organized set up, sufficient staff at this pharmacy. Almost zero waiting, no crowds. Apptmt could not have been better.”

2.3 Poor18 Reviews

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