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“These guys are so friendly and dedicated and personal. I moved across the state but I still use them as they mail my scripts. I just don’t want to say goodbye! Ha! It’s like the old fashioned drug store feeling which I love. Dan is the best ?”

4.9 Superb34 Reviews

“I had an appointment for 2 fillings last week, and the office was very busy. During the appointment I mentioned I had a bone spur sticking out on the top opposite of the fillings(I'm in the process of getting dentures). The fillings were done quick, they look great, and the lady who did them was kind, has great taste in music, and is a connoisseur of SpongeBob. After the fillings Ms. Haley and Dr. Carr found the time to come back and take care of my bone spur, despite it being a whole other procedure I didn't have an appointment for and they were super busy. 10/10 thank you!”

4.3 Superb81 Reviews

“I am so grateful for the staff at 6th Avenue Pharmacy. My loved one is now residing in her third a local long-term care (LTC) facility due to changing care needs. The LTC facilities require medications to be packaged into bubble-packs for safety and 6th Ave provides this service for free. 6th Ave also delivers meds to many local facilities.In the past, I have taken issue with long-term care staff requesting prescriptions from her primary care physician without first speaking with me. (Trust me, this happens more than you might imagine, as they feel inappropriately "entitled" to do so.) I tightly monitor her care to minimize errors and am poorly tolerant of being 'bypassed'. My work around was to ask 6th Ave not to fill any scripts without first seeking my permission and they have done so without fail.Pharmacies are not notified when prescriptions are discontinued, so I always call and let them know.Erik Nelson, the owner, and his staff (special kudos to Ann) have always been accessible and great communicators. Our relationship is a PARTNERSHIP. And, they have been WONDERFUL to us!”

4.4 Superb59 Reviews

“While in Spokane today I stopped into Safeway/Albertsons. I came in for fresh produce and sushi. The produce department was great, the sushi also.The store was clean and the flower arrangements beautiful. Also both the salad and sushi purchases were more than 1/2 priced less than Yokes. Only 1 cashier for non self service in the middle of the afternoon they could have added another to the schedule as I never do self service.”

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“Justin and his team did an amazing job with assisting me. Last minute Chrstmas Eve dinner items and the meat and seafood dept were closed. Instead of telling me they're closed, he asked me what I needed and was able to go back there and grab it. Thank you soo much! Great customer service.”

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“I was only in Spokane to pick up some items for a logistics company going to SD. After stoping at 4 different places including a grocery store this was the ONLY place that allowed me to use their restroom!I don’t know how a city could be so unaccommodating but I’m really glad these guys were more considerate then the rest of Spokane. Thanks!”

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“Pricey but have a wide selection of quality products not available elsewhere. Great service, always employs cashiers and knowledgeable staff in every department, all the time, everywhere at once. And with a USA Post Office!”

3.9 Good71 Reviews

“This pharmacy is the best and the staff members are beyond helpful! I don't go any where else to get my medications:) thanks owl pharmacy for how hard you work for your patients.”

4.4 Superb26 Reviews

“The staff here are just like family to me… I appreciate each and everyone of them… i have had some major life altering experiences in my life and the staff has IMMEDIATELY helped me through soooo much of them. We all know how hard it is at times to reach our primary doctors… with our questions concerning a new medication or just basic questions in regards to increased meds etc.. I have gotten SO many of my concerns answered through the BEST PHARMACIST here at Rosauers Pharmacy in Division.. i highly recommend them.. they are just GREAT PEOPLE and very kind, patient and professional!! i would rate them HIGHER THEN A 5 star ..if i could!! Thank YOU Ian and the Rosauers crew… for taking care of me!!!! Melanie Hargrove!!!”

4.3 Superb26 Reviews

“Great customer service and really committed to helping the customer. They were able to fill an order last minute on Friday and it was a relief to not go the weekend without!”

4.2 Good23 Reviews

“I have no complaints about Chas, the couple times I've been there the employees have been professional, polite and went out if their way to help me with my situation. I appreciate this place and the people that work there.”

4 Good31 Reviews

“Brad and Johnathon always go above and beyond to make sure I am taking care of. Even if it means going to another location to get what I need for me. They are always so respectful, and so patient with me. Idk if they will ever see this… but hopefully someone who does will let them know. They are absolutely amazing and treat their clients like friends. -Jessica Bradley”

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“Thanks to Julie the bookkeeper for taking her lunch break to deliver donuts to my mom's nursing home on Mother's Day after I'd made unsuccessful attempts to find a place who could deliver! I commend her for going above and beyond! Yoke's is lucky to have an employee like Julie! Janet Gallegos Burbank, CA”

4.5 Superb12 Reviews

“I love this store and their staff. The lunch special with the burger and fries is a great secret in Spokane. It's not the fastest lunch special but I think it's one of the best $10 or so lunches in town. The ladies at the deli are always so kind to me, and treat my little one year old baby girl like a celebrity each time they see her. The people behind the meat counter are knowledgeable but also seem like they are happy to be working as a butcher or clerk that can really make an experience. Even workers who stock the shelves are ready for conversion and amazing service. The products here are sufficient in variety, you'll find organic options and sales throughout the store. All in all, I'd encourage you to shop local and support our great local grocery store!”

3.9 Good19 Reviews

“I did not think this Yoke's had the excellent sandwich/burger lunch options offered at other stores in the area. Random stop a week ago showed that they, too, had started doing that. Cool, because they're a lot closer to the abode than the ones downtown. The sandwiches here were as good as our other experience on Montgomery, so no issues there. Some things to mention... They were pretty slow, and it was not a busy deli in mid-PM. Second, the small dining area in front of the store is blocked off by lots of....stuff, and you're not in their line of sight. After 25 mins, I stood up to check things out, and the gal who took my order said in a flustered manner, 'Okay, there you are!' She probably took a few laps around the store with our food. Regardless, for a $6.49 daily sammie special, with an included side, I'll take the very minor inconveniences. I'm frugal... ;)”

4.2 Good12 Reviews

“They are so thoughtful, kind,helpful , I did not talk about shot because I was sick and my doctor advised against it for now. Not cashiers fault. They always have shown complete respect even when I'm a blithering idiot. I only wish they took over the counter card. I do all my shopping groceries, clothes some pet supplies toys for my great grandkids. I can't say enough good. I will say I do like Walgreens they take my over the counter card from United health that's my only complaint . Oh they also saved me from being ripped off of 5000. Thousand bucks. Thank you CVS and Target. The women's underwear is a mess sometimes but that's all. Thank you Again Target for CVS. Mary Wilborn sincerely use what you want here. I don't mind part or all.Have a happy 2024.”

3.9 Good16 Reviews

“22FEB23 received a phone message Rx ready. Rx filled and out the door less t5 minutes. Very kind professional. First visit due to preferred pharmacy change Medicare Part D. What more could I ask?”

3.6 Good28 Reviews

“This store meets most of our needs. I have been pleased with the pharmacy and considering it is not a super store it has most everything we need. Thank you for your service.”

3.7 Good19 Reviews

“Always had a good experience but i wish they would re-open the drivethru. Its been closed for 2 years now and oftentimes its really inconvenient to have to come into the store to get prescriptions especially because they have the door nearest the pharmacy permenantly closed as well.”

3.4 Good38 Reviews

“"24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case, coincidence? I think not" absolutely love this yokes better than liberty lake and eagle ridge lovely asthetic and lots of natural lighting. did not get accused of stealing sushi at this yokes, lovely sushi selection btw, shoppers look normal and freindly. bathroom is nice. many tall people made be uncomfortable but that is a uncontrolled variable so review stays at 5 starts. also found some baddies at this yokes so 5 stars. W donught section.”

3.3 Good54 Reviews

“This is the BEST pharmacy in Spokane. Friendly and caring employees!! They always have the patience and take the time to help with every need. Love 5 mile Rosauers!!”

4.3 Superb6 Reviews

“Great and fast service. No judgements made towards me and my schedule. Very inexpensive and the huge staff are the cool and beautiful people I expect in a high end neighborhood. ??”

3.9 Good9 Reviews

“Got two vaccines with little to no pain - the pharmacist was amazing! Best experience I've had and she was superb, speedy, and attentive. (All while being noticeably pregnant!) fantastic service”

3.7 Good12 Reviews

“I had an amazing experience with the pharmacy tech, Joel. I had to wait on hold for quite a long time and was unable to get ahold of someone to find out about my prescription refill. When I got to the store and explained this to him he prepared my refill in just a few minutes instead of making me wait 45mins-1 hour, which I assume is the standard wait time. I appreciated him working with me and showing me some kindness today!”

3.4 Good24 Reviews

“Awesome place. I've been in a few times here. I've purchased jewelry and had my watch fixed recently. They've got some nice stuff and the employees are very helpful!!”

3.2 Average77 Reviews

“An absolute lifesaver for animal lovers! I am a life long animal lover who has had more than a few fussy pets, now with older pets that require meds to be compounded I was referred to the medicine shoppe in the middle of the pandemic.Unlike other compounding services I have used, they are always kind and patient with my questions. They always check with me regarding prices, they know what meds don't mix with flavors. When I need something faster they always attempt to have it done fast.While my pets are the world to me, it's always appreciated when the staff also asks after them and makes things easier.If I had one complaint it's that the parking lot is a little difficult to access at times so I recommend to anyone to come in on the street behind the block and enter on the side.”

3.5 Good17 Reviews

“I made an online appointment to get a couple of vaccines but when I got there, I realized I'd forgotten my insurance cards. I offered to just reschedule my appointment but they said I didn't need to. The pharmasists were amazing and were able to find my insurance info even though it had changed since the last time I was in.”

3.5 Good15 Reviews

“I was so happy to find a Walgreens with willing people to help my picture printing experience. I don't know his name, but the young man that helped me was very pleasant and willing to make my visit successful and good.”

3.4 Good19 Reviews

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