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“Good products. Good prices. I ordered the roastbeef sandwich from the food court. I didn't like the bread or the sauces that were put on it. It was really fast service. The restrooms we clean.”

4.6Superb404 Reviews

“I could walk in T.J. Maxx for hours searching for the nice deals. I always spend at least one day a month here. Good variety selection of clothes for the whole family.And this is one of the best places to buy holiday decor in Spokane.”

4.5Superb179 Reviews

“The store, items and staff have always been great. They have lots of stock and great prices. It's hard to stack items in your cart because the choices and prices are good!”

4.4Superb189 Reviews

“This place has everything from shoes clothing pet supplies fun learning toys hardware etc... I was so amazed I will be going back and will recommend this to all people”

4.4Superb175 Reviews

“Love the general store, it's has a great centralized location and helpful employees and staff.I love to come here when I just need some quick random stuff. They've got a crazy mix of most things you could ever need without having to head to a dedicated hardware store.It's also got the benefit of having way more stuff than just hardware supplies. I have come here for fishing supplies, quick home repairs/fixes, auto supplies, and a few pieces of clothing. They actually have a fantastic carharrt selection.”

4.4Superb150 Reviews

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4.6Superb81 Reviews

“The two ladies in the baby equipment department were so kind and helpful - they spent a lot of time showing me all the different stroller/car seat options, and even FaceTimed my sister with me to help her pick out a stroller. They were the epitome of good customer service. Thank you!”

4.2Good231 Reviews

“T.J.Maxx has great prices on name brand merchandise. I google retail prices on items I'm interested in . T.J.Maxx beats all competitors' prices by a lot of money. I've been shopping there nearly 20 years.”

4.3Superb124 Reviews

“I loved the vast amount of options this location offers. They have a wonderful selection of clothing for everyone, toys, household goods, shoes, perfume and makeup and so much more! The prices weren’t horrible either. The only person I interacted with at this store was the cashier and even though she was friendly, she was very, very pushy about getting a rewards card. After saying “No, thank you” multiple times she was still pushing it. Outside of that, the store was perfect to shop at!”

4.3Superb117 Reviews

“I have never been into Hone Goods until I went this last time. Ok, so if you've never been, picture your very WORST experience at Macy's (probably not too bad, right?), now picture all the quality goods you find at Macy's, and picture your very BEST experience at ROSS/TJ MAXX/etc, great prices, but slim pickin's and totally lacking in customer service. Now, picture a combination of the two........great selection of QUALITY products, AND, low discount prices......there you have, Home Goods. I found high quality items, like I would expect from Macy's or the like, and at prices that I expect from ROSS or TJ MAXX. Well played, Home Goods, well played. We WILL be back, and frequently.”

4.3Superb114 Reviews

“Really quite expensive. Even though it's in n the discount store for items that have some defect or other such details.. I it was a bummer to not be able to afford really Anything I needed but the four stars is for the very friendly respectful employee. It's nice to be treated like I am a valued customer instead of what happens at Walmart where you will be followed.. harassed.. lied too abused discriminated. I love delivery Walmart but customer service is most important because it's a humanity thing.. it's the principal .. it's so important to be kind and especially when that customer is your job security.. they are the whole reason you go to work to do such job. So it's a big deal and so thank you big lots. Sad I probably can't make it back to shop but it was still a great variety of potential super scores for many who can afford it.. enjoy it's worth the trip for sure. Ps I did get a huge tool box for a excellent discount so actually I did get my super score.:)”

4.2Good116 Reviews

“I’m always happy when I see affordable fuel, Costco might just do it best. Clean Pumps (wiped down often), clean staff, had Auto-Diesel, lot was immaculate, pumps always give receipts but if they ever mess up the staff will come and give you one from their office and fix the pump on the spot.”

4.2Good113 Reviews

“It's a big brand new store with a good selection of items they offer. I was disappointed they didn't offer any camo clothing, and their bullet selection was okay. It should have mostly everything you need, and I would check here first for other hunting items as they did offer a plethora of these. Parking was good, and service was okay.”

4.6Superb46 Reviews

“Love this place! I love kitchen gadgets! I needed 8 coffee mugs that are the same, and they had them in stock! Just wish they had the marble rolling pin in stock that I was also looking for that day.”

4.1Good116 Reviews

“Always greeted when entering. Sales associate, Mary, was extremely helpful at checkout when using my Kohl’s cash. I actually enjoy going to the mall now thanks to the friendly atmosphere at Kohls!”

4Good160 Reviews

“My 5 year old daughter had a sudden cough come on and I wanted to run and get her some meds so she could sleep. I checked hours and it said you close at 10pm. False!! when I got there it was 9:55 and the person at the door turned me away cause you were closed at 9:55. It would have taken me 1 minute to get the med and be gone. So I had to drive way further to get her medicine even though I made it ON TIME!!! DON'T SAY YOU CLOST AT 10 WHEN YOU DON'T CLOSE AT 10!!! I wasted valuable time at your store cause you lied online and said you close at 10 when you CLOSE AT 9:55!!!!”

4Good95 Reviews

“I'd like to give a shout-out to Becky, an associate in Women's Apparel/Customer Service. Becky was very helpful to my wife in locating clothing she needed and even found ways to lower her cost today. JCP is very fortunate to have her on their staff.”

3.8Good149 Reviews

“Clean store, friendly helpful people working there. This is a very small target so selection is not the best. They did not have much in the camping section...they used to have a lot more.”

3.6Good125 Reviews

“I have to say we absolutely could find no one to check us out. On the bottom floor, but twenty five years later, still enjoy getting clothes for the kids like my mom did with me.”

3.6Good143 Reviews

“Target is such a nice place to shop compared to Walmart or Fred meyers. It's worth the tiny price increase to shop somewhere that treats you like a customer. They keep their store and parking lot nice also.”

3.6Good143 Reviews

“We went to Target in North Spokane at the y, it was myself my youngest daughter and my granddaughter, and it was such a great experience we all three had to use the restroom at once in the bathroom was very very clean and well stopped, my teenager found the pants that she wanted to try on and buy and she also found a top to go with, and it was so easy to find a toy that wasn't so expensive to buy for my granddaughter so she could be a little bit distracted while my teenager tried on clothes, all in all a very good visit.”

3.6Good166 Reviews

“Have always thought Costco is great; although, it can get extremely busy with very long lines. Can find good deals on food and not so good prices. Just be aware of prices per lb or oz at other stores. The clothing prices are always wonderful! My fave is the DKNY shorts for around $12 (around $80 anywhere else).”

2.4Poor9 Reviews

“The place is awesome. Reminds me of my aunt's house. She was a hoarder and had everything packed in so close. The only thing missing is the stack of newspapers from the last 50 years. I wish they left a little room that you could see what was hanging. You have to pull the shirts out to see them. I gave up half way down the rack but the prices are amazing.”

3.5Good147 Reviews

“This target is very nice. Christina was super friendly and helpful! She was the nicest employee I've ever met. She was so patient and made sure we were taken care of. Definitely recommend this target.”

3Average22 Reviews

“I've been going to this Costco pharmacy almost since they opened and it's always been great. They're kind. The pharmacists are great. They help out when insurance is being difficult, when prescriptions run out, and they get creative when meds are hard to fill because of shortages. I haven't dealt with a single person there that wasn't kind and helpful in the years I've been going. There's been a couple times when things were charged wrong and quickly corrected. I fill a 10-15 prescriptions per month or so for my household. We transferred here from CVS in target on Newport and I'm so glad we did.”

3.3Good57 Reviews

“You simply can't beat Costco's prices, but when you match that up with their incredible service in the tire department, you just can't go wrong when buying that new set of tires. Nobody budgets for tires, but Costco makes that hit a lot less painful with their discount options.”

3.4Good98 Reviews

“I drove up to Spokane from Sacramento so I could visit some of my friends who moved up here. When I arrived, I heard talk of a Fred Meyer and how it's nothing like what we had in California. So obviously I had to to go check it out and see why it was so noteworthy.My takeaways, It's pretty similar to the bigger Walmart's. Lots of sections for light bulbs, rugs, candles, toys, games, etc. The rest of the first floor is filled with a lot more food items than a Walmart, much like a real grocery store. But then the second floor is filled with tons of generic clothing. It's such a chaotic store, yet amazing to someone who is not from Washington.I was surprised to see tons of products I grew up on, yet haven't seen in over a decade were here. As well as a bunch of products that I've never even seen before. So obviously I bought a ton of stuff to try. The building as also super clean which is a huge plus of course.Now for the negatives. The second story full of clothing seems so out of place. All of the clothing is so generic, yet more expensive than a lot of other places around here I've noticed. To be fair, ever person from Washington I've talked to says they never go to the clothing section. But that makes me wonder whose buying their clothes then. All of the clothing looks like the generic clothes that NPC's wear in video games. The other drawback is that they seem to be super understaffed. Only 1 person at self check out, as well as a single checker/bagger were there. Of course they had a couple other staff members who were probably doing things such as inventory, stock, etc. But there definitely wasn't a lot of people for checking out.Overall, It's a cool place to visit and I'll enjoy it while I'm up here.”

2.4Poor13 Reviews

“Costco is a great, high quality place. Very clean and good deals. I love the food court, personally. The only thing I don't like about Costco is sometimes their produce (strawberries, fruits, veggies, etc.) get bad before their expiration date or very quickly. Otherwise, Costco is great!”

3.2Average74 Reviews

“Awesome place. I've been in a few times here. I've purchased jewelry and had my watch fixed recently. They've got some nice stuff and the employees are very helpful!!”

3.2Average77 Reviews

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