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“On 27th of October 2023, my wife and I made an appointment, with Mr. Peter Smith, to talk about leasing a new vehicle. Mr. Smith met us at the door of the dealership and introduced himself. He made the whole experience very enjoyable and easy. He is very knowledgeable about the different vehicles. He answered all our questions and addressed any concerns that we had. He is very easy to talk to and most importantly, he listened to us. If you are interested purchasing or leasing a vehicle, I highly recommend you go see Mr. Peter Smith.”

4.6 Superb48 Reviews

“There is a reason I shop at O'Reilly's. People like David. We were traveling and realized our headlight was not working. He solved the problem, and it didn't mean a sale. But it does mean I will always be an O'Reilly's customer.”

4.6 Superb30 Reviews

“I love this repair shop. No one was able to work on my car until after Christmas, but when I called them within an hr a tow truck was here to pick up my car. And it was ready 3 days earlier then what I was quoted!! They did a great job on my baby!! Will recommend them to anyone who needs their car repaired”

4.6 Superb29 Reviews

“The only auto parts store in Bham that still knows what a car is. Have a hard to fix problem? These are the ONLY guys that give a damn and will fix you up. The best!”

4.5 Superb25 Reviews

“Fantastic Salesperson! Kind, Caring, Understanding and friendly! Helped me every step of the transaction. The Cleanliness and Detail Work of My Delivered Ford Transit was The Best!”

4.3 Superb35 Reviews

“I had a great experience at this location yesterday. I needed a car battery replaced and installed for my 2008 Kia. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. They had me in and out in about 10 minutes, including the installation. I definitely recommend!”

4.1 Good15 Reviews

“I love this branch, O'Reilly is my favorite parts store so it's great to have one on my way to work. Every time I've been here the staff are super friendly and helpful”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“My first time here was actually pretty good. The wait time was short cause there was one customer in front of me at the time, and the place was organized and clean.Friendly staff and great service makes this place a no brainer for your auto needs.My only complaint is that I received the wrong part, as I was picking it up for my dad, and I didn't know which part he needed. He called ahead of time and did all the talking, I just passed by, as I live about 15 min. from here.But nonetheless, the experience is pretty much the same at every Napa store I go to: great prices and great service. Would definitely recommend giving them a try.”

3.8 Good10 Reviews

“I ordered a Ford Lightning in another state and moved to alabama. Either their help, I was able to get the order changed. I ended up earlier buying a truck and then mine came in. The sales team and finance team over at Long Lewis was like night and day vs the other dealer I had used. They had to be the best car dealer ship ever. Super helpful and allowed me to purchase the one I ordered and wanted. I can't say enough positive things about them”

2.9 Average7 Reviews

“Roderick went above and beyond to help us get the service we needed! His work ethic is just as impeccable as his customer service skills! I can't say enough good things about him!! Thank you so much Roderick! Also, thank you to Brady for getting us in to get serviced in a timely manner and finding the tire we needed! Y'all are such an amazing team and valuable asset to the auto care center!”

2.8 Average12 Reviews

“I'd like to thank Jeremy and the rest of the staff in the Auto dept for a very pleasant visit today. Makes such a difference to be accommodated by folk who are happy to be there and meet new customers. Great job on fitting my tires and making me feel welcome.”

2.6 Average14 Reviews