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“Had the best experience with Sir Speedy! I had a last minute request and they went above and beyond for me! And their pricing was a lot more affordable than other places. Alissa even helped recommend some things for me to change in the files before printing so it would look as good as possible. Very impressed, she was really detail oriented and helpful. Highly recommend them.”

4.9 Superb46 Reviews

“I just left there and the people here are too nice. Printed off a couple resumes and they were just so nice and helpful. Would highly recommend Postnet, especially this location!!”

5 Superb36 Reviews

“Helpful, knowledgeable and talented staff. Diana was patient and thoughtful guiding us and lending some samples to use toward a choice of style that fit an old, sentimental picture I was very proud to have taken. Now, I will be even more proud to display it in my home! Thank you!”

4.9 Superb39 Reviews

“Signarama blew my mind with how good they were from the beginning to end. They were great with making my proof exactly the way I wanted it and were fast with the installation. I'll be using them again in the future for sure!”

4.7 Superb29 Reviews

“Dave was exceptional is helping me with the Directories for my organization. The Directories are beautiful. This was my first experience with Print Smart and I am working on my second order. We are extremely satisfied with their work and friendly atmosphere.”

5 Superb18 Reviews

“Jason and his team made my entire process for ordering business cards and pens so easy. The finished product was exactly what I wanted, they were done quickly, and personally delivered to me. I will definitely be using them for all of my business printing needs. I highly recommend using this location and look forward to a great business relationship.”

4.8 Superb20 Reviews

“Kind, courteous, and quick! Nice clean store providing Postal/Internet/& Fax Services. Tim even hooked me up with a discount! First-time visit, and I will be back! Wayyyy better than those big-name corporate places.”

5 Superb14 Reviews

“The customer service was excellent I walked in while the owner was busy yet he dropped everything to help me out. First time shipping anything he made it simple, fast, & delightful. I really appreciate your business. I look forward to doing more shipments here!”

4.6 Superb18 Reviews

“I was SO impressed with the professionalism of Jill and Tim when they were preparing some quotes for my organization. Detailed, thoughtful and prompt!! Grateful there's still people who value Customer Service out there!! Thank you both!”

5 Superb5 Reviews

“This store one of the best one that i like ... i would like to thanks Matt who is helped me with printing out my workshop for schools .. he is a professional and very smart and kind ,, many thanks for him and everyone in this store”

3.7 Good95 Reviews

“Kaylee was extremely helpful in getting my mail box back up and running after it was closed by mistake without my knowledge. She is a true example of what any company would want in an “Above and Beyond” employee! She was professional and very customer satisfaction oriented. Thank you again Kaylee for all your help, because of you, the owners will continue to retain a long term customer.Lisa R.”

3.4 Good33 Reviews

“Michelle (spelling?) was sooo helpful. I had some work stuff I needed to print and laminate and it wasn’t working right. She was so kind and patient and quickly helped me. She also was very nice when I was there until closing. Great employee, and I hope she gets some recognition :)”

3.4 Good36 Reviews

“We just needed to ship gifts for Christmas and all the us postal offices closed hours early the last day of one price shipping. So I end up at this place because it was recommended- very rightly so: this one guy was handling two streams of customers -one with a massive TEMO return and she’d never done one before-he was so fast and courteous to everyone, yes everyone, and managed to fit my boxes into a very efficient one I bought and boom- I was done! It’s not really that much more expensive at all and I left inspired by this guy.”

3.4 Good36 Reviews

“After weeks of trying to gain access to a FedEx label to return a product that was sent in error, I was finally able to use my common sense on how to print this label that gave me such a hard time! Emailing, texting nor did screen shots work! It helped going here first and when it was my turn up in line, as I was talking to an awesome employee.. a light went off in my brain, which triggered an easier way to print this label. Sheesh!!! I can actually be smart as heck at times. TOOT TOOTImma need FEDEX to become like their competitors, as the competition make it extremely easy to return equipment and packages by a simple scan of a QR. This way of doing things makes things customer friendly. Technology has upgraded guys...meaning FEDEX ENGINEERING AND MARKETING DEPT. I came up with my own solution which was, to go to Walgreens and use their print station, and print off the FedEx photo from there, onto their shiny paper and then to return it, to this facility in which, they accepted this and taped it to my package for send off. ‍ ‍ Come on FedEx Corporation...2024 we humans need better!!! The Employees here are AWESOME as usual, and all deserve raises!!! They welcome me with open arms each time I step in. Thanks guys”

3.3 Good12 Reviews

“I go here mainly for their printing and copying services. Their fax prices are outrageous at over $2 per page. Staff can be helpful at times depending on who is working there. They usually have a good supply of cleaning products like Lysol wipes. And they have a new layout it seemed the last time I was there. More office furniture being shown when customers walk in.”

3.4 Good64 Reviews

“Always amazing!I'm not "graphically inclined" but I have a lot of ideas. These folks do absolutely fantastic work. If I can articulate what my idea is they can somehow figure out how to bring it to life.”

2 Poor4 Reviews

“As a temporary employee who only just started, I can say the owner and employees are a group of dedicated individuals who strive to provide only the best customer experience.”

2 Poor4 Reviews

“I had to return 2 large boxes, jimmy and another gal came out and helped me,as I'm disabled and was trying to finagle them myself.Scanned The boxes, and I was done.thanks for the help. chandler/dobson rd”

3.2 Average52 Reviews

“From the min I walked in. The service was on point. I had my package pre-labeled. The attendant was quick to explain the process. He was courteous and kind. Smiled. I was in and out probably less than 5min.”

3 Average21 Reviews

“My very first time doing an Amazon return. I needed a little help. The desk clerk, named Limaris, was super sweet and totally helpful.I would be more than happy to return if she was available again! Five Star Employee! .*****”

2.6 Average17 Reviews

“Best Ups Store hands down! Amazing service, friendly people, and great prices. Since the new owner this place has taken a great turn and every experience is as good as the last.”

2.8 Average52 Reviews

“Had to return some Amazon orders to this location, and Dixie and Knoelle were extremely professional, friendly, and made our visit very enjoyable! Thanks Dixie and Knoelle!”

2.5 Average25 Reviews

“I come in and out of the Chandler facility almost regularly now.I've often had to reach out to line-haul and Eileen has been very helpful with situations that I've asked about.So thank you to all!....there in the office.”

1.6 Poor31 Reviews

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