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“They have more than you think if you never been there before and inexpensive. I find all kinds of things here for my home.From food to furniture if you're just starting out this place will save you a lot of money. Or if your on a fixed budget and it's not low quality stuff they carry name brand stuff.”

4.1 Good141 Reviews

“Was very disappointed that there was so little Christmas items left on shelves to make room for Valentine's day???? Usually my favorite store when I come down to Phoenix but not today.”

4.1 Good123 Reviews

“Friendly, nice one of the best Big Lots. 6/2022. Still a nice big lots, nice staff. Like most big lots still facing supply line issues but it has gotten way better 1/10/2023 still there but very empty. 6/30/2023 better but still lots of open shelves and missing items. Clean, organized, just not very full...9/12/2023...still great staff, but the store was literally empty as holiday switch over begins.”

4 Good180 Reviews

“I was there twice today. First time I found stuff but wouldn’t wait in the line to buy. Someone up front was desperate over the intercom for more cashiers. If I knew how to do it I would have helped! Poor thing. Second time had a shorter line. I missed out on one tray but found a replacement. So, all good. I really should give this a 3 due to no staff to help and lack of cashiers. I convinced myself, it’s now a three. Oh wait, then there was Neil who helped me out to the car with my bounty. Ok, back to a 4. Thanks, Neil!!”

4 Good171 Reviews

“I want to t give a Shout out to Kohls Store #0638 at 19 Ave and Bell I took back a Necklace I bought my Wife for Christmas. The chain Broke I took it back to Exchange it. They didn't have the same one, Kathy T in Customer service was Patient and Helpful in trying to get a new chain. She then sent me to the Jewelry Dept where Dinorah the Manager on Duty Helped me find a New chain at No Charge!! Kudos to Kohls Employees Very Friendly and Solved my Problem. Again Thank you Kathy T and Dinorah! Dennis Hortel”

4.2 Good69 Reviews

“Everyone was very friendly and asked if they could help. (Jewlery department) I was so sorry to hear the Jewlery department will be gone with the installation of Sephora? the stores in Denver did this and the quality of clothing being sold there is not worth making the trip out to the stores.So disappointed.”

4 Good132 Reviews

“Mark is the best. I have 4 different friends that use him, and they all love his work. Mark has a nice, clean, inviting shop. Definitely check him out for a slick cut. Tell him Kyle sent you. I get NO COMMISSION for referrals.”

4 Good129 Reviews

“This this location has way too many thieves, shoplifters just grabbing stuff and running out. Seems to be a little bit better though since the holiday season has ended. I think the highlight of this store which I do come into quite often, is I noticed that there is an employee here that is not like all the others. I don't know her name but she's usually in the back of the store and she's the only person I've ever seen wrangling in customers unruly loud, running kids. Some people may not like this, however, annoying is an understatement when it comes to the shopping experience being ruined by some strangers kids running around bumping into you knocking things off putting things where they don't go being so loud that you can't even hear yourself think. Now I get it kids are a handful however if there's no other choice than to bring your child with you to the store and you cannot control them this employee is an angel. Because she doesn't in such a way where it's either funny or it's nice and respectful but it's enough that it's coming from a stranger in the eyes of the child to wear they get that look on their face and then they immediately behave better. This woman needs a raise and should be protected at costs.Thank you Ross employee lady.”

4.2 Good54 Reviews

“This place is amazing. The women’s section is lacking but the men’s section is actually great. So many nice brands at such discounted prices. This place is inside of a mall and the whole area is a little bit run down and scary but worth it for sure.”

3.9 Good128 Reviews

“Leslie S. in the Salon did what another store said couldn't be done with my hair. Her personality and knowledge are above 5 stars and for sure I will be returning for service again.”

4.1 Good61 Reviews

“There are some secret deals about this store… shop periodically and you won’t regret it… also a wonderful place to get furniture that’s friendly for ANYONE WITH A JOB! Love my neighborhood Big Lots!”

4.3 Superb39 Reviews

“Its always a hit or miss going into homegoods and tj maxx. Sometimes i find really cute stuff thats at a really good price or sometimes I walk out of there with nothing. The store was clean and the customer service was great.”

4.2 Good46 Reviews

“This is target usually has exactly what I’m looking for what I need to make a quick stop to stock up on supplies. Mostly those I find that are cheaper from neighboring stores.”

3.9 Good87 Reviews

“It's a clean store but smaller than most. The men's clothing isn't up to standards especially the dress pants. Other than that, seemed the prices were good.”

3.8 Good123 Reviews

“Incredible mess left by shoppers and kids throughout the store. But the staff and managers had it all back in order in record time! I kid you not - there was not so much as a single hanger slanted the wrong way! Amazing!”

3.8 Good110 Reviews

“Who doesn't like Big Lots? What the one on Bell Road & 3rd Street doesn't have, you don't need! Was pleasantly surprised by the helping staff. I really enjoyed their smiles.”

4.3 Superb28 Reviews

“If you wanna take a trip down snack memory lane this is definitely the place!! plus they got so much other cool stuff there you just might spend more than you think.?”

4.2 Good32 Reviews

“If you don't want to over-pay and want to find great quality of clothing and shoes, this is your place. They'll send you your receipt via email and they have a great return policy if anything doesn't fit the same once you get home. Gift receipts are also available.”

3.9 Good64 Reviews

“The baklava is good but the secret is the shawrma, you have to ask the guy that works there, he orders it over his walkie-talkie in the back, it's like a whole mission, 12/10 delicious, haven't had one of this anywhere else in ”

4.5 Superb20 Reviews

“Live this location. Friendly helpful staff. Good vairty of items. You'll easily spend $200 here. Only odd thing is the associate said she could do a return without a recite. Which they can do. She then said the Manger wasn't in, I only asked to be sure. I didn't think homegoods changed in policy on this. I suggested a coordinator could help her? She insisted no that they'll say the same. No returns without recite. Maybe something happened at this location and forced them to have their own policy away from corporate policy? Honestly wondering. No big deal. This happens. I don't think the employee felt comfortable doing it. No biggie. We still bought stuff here and will go back. Was able to do the return at a different store.”

4.1 Good35 Reviews

“I have been a Curaçao member for over a year and the customer service is always amazing! Krystal and Martha were able to help us with purchasing some perfumes and recommending other products! I am very happy with my purchases.”

3.9 Good58 Reviews

“Store has some very good value prices, but it's not the most inviting shopping environment. Some of that is due to thoughtless customers who don't put the items back where they found them . If you don't mind a fairly long line at checkout, then it's worth a walk through to see what's in stock.”

3.7 Good136 Reviews

“I decided to take a walk on a gorgeous Phoenix day and ended up in Marshall's. I must have looked like a hot mess but the ladies were super friendly with me and gave me excellent customer service. I had a very pleasant experience. Thank you!!!”

3.9 Good49 Reviews

“Had such an awesome time here! Sue N. helped me with all my returns, and even took my TJ MAXX returns! She was so sweet and such a hard worker. I also had a great time shopping in the store even though I only ended up buying a set of really soft shorts. I was hoping they'd have more options in the baby clearance section. Anyways, their staff is awesome and I would love to come back in the future :)”

3.7 Good123 Reviews

“I've always had a pleasant experience at this location. The cashiers are always very nice. I'm a big fan of Korean skincare, and I can find it here. Found some sheet masks, that are usually three times the price of which I was able to buy it for at TJ Maxx.”

3.9 Good48 Reviews

“I love this place! My favorite dollar store EVER! Been coming here for years, since before they were at this location. Fantastic variety of items and most of it is decent quality.”

4.5 Superb17 Reviews

“Everyone is very professional and the store is super nice. Great prices and all the brand's we love. Also enjoy doing my Amazon returns here. Makes my shopping even better.”

3.8 Good68 Reviews

“I found an item there which I had seen online in a different store. Made my day finding it at Ross and the price was perfect!!! I'm hoping to find another one in a different color!!! Love Ross, they have so much to buy each day!!!”

3.7 Good114 Reviews

“This is my guilty pleasure stop when I'm in the area. There's a tire shop across the street, a best buy nearby and several grocery stores. When our family is out and about, I'll pop by here while everyone else does their own errands. They typically have fantastic stock. I've purchased home decor that was straight from West Elm (mango wood and marble bookends). I've also found some high-end dresses at incredible prices. And, surprisingly, they also stock food and have a pretty eclectic gourmet selection of frivolities. Lavender syrup, for example. The lines, even if long, move very quickly. The only caveat/downside to coming to this location is the heinous parking lot. Even though the lot is huge and shared with something like 30 other shops, it's hard to find parking and the people here drive like maniacs. There's also a fair share of homeless hanging about. That part is just sad.”

3.8 Good56 Reviews

“Rich in the men's formal wear was a God sent. He helped with sizing but also styling!! He put together the perfect outfit for our casual wedding. Even shoes and belt. If you need any help, find him!!”

3.7 Good90 Reviews

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