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“Very nice updated car wash with gas. Nice clean store make it the best in 85044... watch the video and go get ur car washed. Monthly plans make it cheap and easy”

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“This Fry's is very nice and has an expansive selection of gourmet and specialty foods. I will definitely return to this location for ingredients when entertaining or want to elevate the quality of the menu I'm preparing. Employees are polite and helpful. Shelves stocked and orderly, store overall is clean and seems to be managed right because the grocery shopping experience was above average. Well done ?”

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“Urbo is the best! The entire crew are just vibes! I get a frappe from this spot (pretty much) everyday, and it never misses! They have everything from Summer Shandy to NA Ginger Beer to Pasta Sauce & Noodles to kitty litter to GF potato chips to $10 bottles of wine to PIZZAS and breakfast sandwiches! Urbo is my place! I will also shout to the roof tops about this business bc they are honestly, GOOD PEOPLE! Cheers!”

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“Dude, Donna is amazing. Jakub also has excellent customer service, they make the best Boba, my kids are CONSTANTLY asking to go. They really love the THRIFTY brand ice cream and smiling faces that are always there.”

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“Their staff is very nice and helpful. They sell a LOT of booze. They have a large extent of beer and wine selection. Wines you find them COLD and room temperature. Beers have lagers, red & brown ales, porters and a stupid amount of IPAs. They have a dairy section,a large section of snacks, detergents , soap, shampoo and toothpaste, house cleaning and some automotive stuff. They can also send money, lottery tickets, cigarettes/cigars and some Mexican candy.”

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“Wow … just had the Chicharron and pork ribs - absolutely delicious! Super friendly staff and nice grocery store and selection. Will definitely repeat and try other yummies …”

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“I come here often to get all my vape necessities... I get juice and coils for a very good price. Since I come often and I know all the staff they often will give me a deal on my purchases. When I stop in, it feels like I'm just visiting some friends... I would rate this place more than 5 stars if I could..”

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“This is seriously some of the best meat I've had! I used to shop at Safeway for my ground beef but it always smelled funny and made me nauseous. So I decided to try this meat market for new meat and I will never go back to your average grocery store for meat products! It's all competitively priced as well, for the ground beef, i believe it's $5.99 a pound (at the time of this review, 2022), the same as Safeway.”

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“The best fountain drinks ever!!!! Im in love with this store! Cant think of anything they dont have. My favorite store and its in my neigborhood. Not that i wouldnt drive across town to shop there, im the lucky one! Thanks guys!! #shout out to my favorite peeps in the store!!!”

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“Great little convenience store. Huge selection of craft and regular beer with good prices. They have a frequent beer buyer club. Buy 10 craft beer 6 packs, get the next one for a penny!”

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“Best liquor store in the city, hands down .It's always good vibes. Best prices & the employees are all freaking amazing. Love them all. Spend your money where it's worth it. Paradise Liqour it gets no better.”

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“Better Cajun than anything else in town. Stuff you can't find anywhere else. Man behind the counter was happy to show me around, and ran out the door after me to make sure I knew how to cook something proper. This will be a staple in my diet now, whenever I can get there early enough.”

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“Just ran in to buy a lighter it was quick and easy. I did see that they carry a lot of different beers and ciders. If I'm looking for a special beer I will go here first.”

4.2Good83 Reviews

“Now this is a liquor store slash smoke shop that's been there for several years it's recently had a face lift.its very nice and busy with a nice selection of import liquor.check it out you will definitely enjoy it.”

4.2Good74 Reviews

“I come here primarily for my oil change. The same guys have been working here for awhile and I feel like they always take care of my car. Josue has been helping me out for several several years at this point and I'm always happy to see him when I come here. He provides great customer services and recommendations plus the occasional upsells. Appreciate his work and attention and appreciate the other guys here that work on my car. Four stars instead of five is just based on the car wash. It's a decent car wash but could do a bit better. Five stars for the oil change team though.”

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“I really don’t mind the long waiting lines for getting a deal on gas prices. However if you go between 7 and 9 pm, then it’s not bad or no wait at all. The cords are extra long so you go on either side of the pump to reach around vehicle.”

4.1Good82 Reviews

“Always a pump open. Prices are cheap and well lit up. Feel safe here at all times of the day. Easy to access station and get out on Indian School road or 103rd Ave.”

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“The owner spent a lot of money and love into providing a business in a area that is in need of a quick market and food. We found the service to be excellent and the food to be good. The place is clean and the service is fast. I highly recommend giving this place a try. Victoria & Robert”

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“Wow! What excellent customer service. They went above and beyond to get me the wine I wanted! And then gave me some very very yummy Pina Colada cocktails because they didn't want me to be inconvenienced by the delay in getting me the wine I wanted. These guys rock! Prices are good. Go for it!”

4.2Good59 Reviews

“I love this place the customer service here is the best and prices so great for a fountain drink for summer its .75¢ for a 42oz and 52oz 98.¢ or under. $1 can't beat that and they always taste good no flat sodas or out of order bs isn't an issue. The donuts are fresh made by the owners wife shes good at it so great like tony the tiger.”

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“Chicken strips are delicious and juicy , French fries are good when they are hot and fresh , usually have to wait about 10-15 minutes depending on if they are busy but definitely worth the wait . If you love chicken should try at least once ,you won't be disappointed .”

4.1Good68 Reviews

“I had to get a few things and I like this little store they always have what I'm looking for, very polite men that work there and irs a nice little drive there and back, very curious workers and affitant in and out. I was staying off and on helping a friend out when I first went to this little neighborhood market, prices are about the same as other little stores like that one.”

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“Eminem smoke shop hooks me up every time you guys need to come over here it's all about that if you go to UNM you know you're at going back to school after that the smoke shop ever hashtag mmm”

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“I love this place... Located right in the heart of South Phoenix. Everyone is friendly, the store is busy. The busiest little corner store that has everything. Booze blunt wraps & all the snacks. Lol My favorite item is next to the register you can't miss it.... the red vines in a zip lock bag for $1 ? holla holla! Eww weee ... The store is wheelchair friendly & has an ATM onsite.”

4.3Superb46 Reviews

“I have been coming here for years since I was teen, and I'm currently about to be 30! Always wonderful people, the wife and husband always polite! Definitely recommend this family business!!!”

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“It's an alright store, the spanish clerk is too friendly and he talks way too much. I'm not your friend, don't tell me your life story.And I'm pretty sure they got one of the homeless people cleaning the store, which isn't bad. It's good to see them working instead of begging.”

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“This "gas station" offers many convenience items for much lower prices than many of the other local convenience stores! They have a great variety of food selections, even offering a hot grill! Their selections for adult beverages is better than many of the other local convenience stores, with PHENOMENAL customer service! I've never gone in this place when the employees weren't happy and smiling!”

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“Me and my husband get our gas here FINALLY THEYVHIRE THE NICEST GIRL I WISHED I COULD REMEMBER HER NAME IT WAS WEIRD STARTED WITH A" Z ".. that area sucks so having someone as nice and upbeat to actually greet you in the door complimented my fuzzy slippers next time I'll get her name dhe deserves atleast recnizicion new employee black lady maybe in her 30s or 40s never the less good customer service is important I live all the way in florence but when I'm in Phoenix definitely gonna get this lady's name!!”

4.2Good46 Reviews

“The best, easy to get to, off beaten path, reasonably price for gas. Great place for a sub or sand, hey they even have lasagne, deviled eggs, wine, beer and grab and go foods!! Yeah!! Everyone there are so nice and warm. Excellent service and great selection if ever a problem they fix, such as expired milk, no problem they fix, exchanged, yah!!! Keep it up you people are the best!!!!!!”

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“Quick fast convenient friendly service there's almost never a line here however at night they do close up the store and you have to use the window. if there's somebody working (because sometimes there is not always someone available) make sure to literally give a good lil knock on the glass just enough to be heard in case they're in the back or something before thinking nobody's there taking off!”

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