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“The staff are friendly and welcoming. Every aspect of care was handled efficiently and professionally, as usual! I love the straightforwardness and convenience of this company! Thank you”

4.8Superb138 Reviews

“Joe was amazing !!! I was running late and was driving 51 min away to provide my drug test. Joe took me in , Joe was kind, fast and professional. He left a great impression for Fasttest Labs . I highly recommend them ! Thank you Joe !”

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“I was very happy to find this direct to consumer lab test service. I ordered my own labs (no doctor's appointment required), had my blood taken at Quest first thing in the morning, and I started seeing my first results on their website later that day. They offer many different types of blood tests and the prices are very good. One of the things I like most about Ulta Lab Tests is the combo test packages they offer -- I can purchase one comprehensive test that includes all of the tests that I'm interested in, rather than having to select each of those test individually. I highly recommend "Dr. Tom's Comprehensive Health Panel." Thank you Ulta Lab Tests!”

4.6Superb41 Reviews

“This was a great experience. My husband and I are leaving for an international flight in two days and started panicking because we weren’t sure where to get tested in time. At about 6pm we found this mobile testing service that would get our results in hours and booked an appointment for 7:45. Roy did our testing and he was SUPER nice and prompt with everything. I’m so happy with how easy it was and he even did my husbands test at the same time even though we had already booked the last appointment for the night. Highly recommend this service!!”

4.5Superb27 Reviews

“We have been using National Calibration for about a year now and cannot express enough that they are the fastest, most responsive, and best calibration company we use. We send out equipment to other companies and are sometimes stuck without our equipment for weeks at a time. We often have to follow up several times to get an update with other companies. This has NEVER happened with National. Our contact, Nichole Nosecchi comes through every time for us. She gets back to us right away, gives us updates, and works with us when we need customized certs. She is by far the best agent we have ever worked with.”

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“My experience was fast and easy. I walked in and was helped immediately. The process was quick and painless and I received my results within the hour. Thanks so much!”

4.3Superb20 Reviews

“I enjoy the app, scale, tracker, and the water bottle. I don't usually have the water bottle, but it's easy enough to log what you're consuming. Helps keep me on track with eating healthier and getting the protein I need. The reminder weighs ins are helpful, too! Plus the customer service is awesome. They have me a one time courtesy replacement when my bottle broke from being dropped with no questions asked. That's how you keep business coming. Thank you guys!”

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“I am so pleased with this location. The staff went above and beyond to ensure I got my blood work done in the short time frame I had to have it. I explained my situation and they made sure they got me back, even though they weren’t a walk in location. I appreciated Katie especially. She made sure to make time for me between my work schedule. Not only that but I felt hardly anything when she poked me. I love her! The other staff member who helped me was also so sweet but I didn’t catch her name. I don’t live in Arizona but travel there for work, I will make sure if I ever need labs again I will wait and have it in AZ. I have never been treated so nice getting labs. Thank you so much.”

3.6Good79 Reviews

“Dr. Fry and his staff are very professional in their handling of time sensitive materials for testing. If you are having health issues that other doctors can't solve ask for a test kit from here. Their patented texting kits go beyond what other tests do. They are very friendly and helpful.”

3.6Good12 Reviews

“I understand how strange it is to leave a review for a biomedical lab but I just wanted to give Giselle (I hope that’s how you spell it) some SERIOUS kudos. I’ve had my blood drawn many times and Giselle was by far the most pleasant, efficient, caring phlebotomist i’ve encountered. I was so impressed by her positivity and was even more impressed to learn that she was extremely skilled. It’s not uncommon for me to be queasy or resistant to be poked but Giselle found the best vein with absolute ease and made such nice conversation that I seriously didn’t even realize she had already poked me. The appointment couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes but in those ten minutes it was apparent that Giselle genuinely cared about her patients and that sonora quest values patient care. Super impressive, thank you Giselle!”

3.4Good31 Reviews

“My husband and I have been using this location for many years and felt compelled to let Stephans bosses know, and hopefully understand how truly valuable this young man is. He makes the experience totally pleasurable! He's quick, efficient and can draw blood without you ever realizing he did it! My husband always asks that he do it because he has a fear of needles. Having a business ourselves we can really appreciate this young mans talents and character. He would be valuable anywhere! So I hope you know how to appreciate him.”

3.4Good36 Reviews

“Very nice facility and friendly staff. I want to give a shout out to Shania, she was very nice and sweet and efficient at her job. Keep up the great work! Peace & love!”

3.3Good88 Reviews

“I had a referral to this place. I didn't bother to look at the reviews until the night before my appointment. There were so many one star reviews I became terrified. I was so stressed out about going here I wanted to cancel but I had already put off treatment for my broken foot for a couple weeks because of my dads passing. It needed to be addressed ASAP. As I walked through the front door, those 1 star reviews began to climb. The receptionists/schedulers greeted my husband and I with kindness and smiles. I checked in with ease. I was asked to be seated. A technician promptly came out to get me for X-rays within 5 minutes. She efficiently took the X-rays and took me back to the waiting area. Again, within 5 minutes I was called back to see the doctor who turned out to be so comforting in his knowledge and perfect balance of humor and professionalism. He was very explanatory of my journey to recovery and then sent me off with a I believe was a physical therapist to show me how to properly wear my boot and to make sure I was perfectly comfortable in the fit that I am to be in for the next 5 weeks. Amazing job of this entire office!! I highly recommend ignoring the low reviews. Oh and my doctor was Tharesh Udupa!”

2.4Poor8 Reviews

“Dr. Paul Ingraham was AWESOME! He was patient, he took his time, he was very thorough….and i have a lot of things wrong with me lol. His staff was AMAZING, very friendly and funny! I felt at ease! Thank you!!”

2.3Poor12 Reviews

“Everyone was very nice from the front desk to the phlebotomist. I arrived early and was in and out within 15 minutes. I was on my way home before my appointment time. Very pleased!”

2.9Average104 Reviews

“Nikki is amazing! I always get complaints that I’m a hard poke and they end up digging a lot. Nikki got it first time with no issues at all. She’s also super friendly and holds a conversation so well. Would come back!”

2.5Average87 Reviews

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