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“rarely do I make great shopping choices,wensday 9/6/23 I walked in a commendable skechers store in Cerritos,nice greeting from the salespeople,the store was the cleanest, well stocked, to put the fourm shops at ceasar's palace to shame. even the mannequins made you want to buy the complete look, well done guys.. I will be back to spend more ?”

4.3Superb82 Reviews

“I went into the store for the first time today and I fell in love !!!!! I was shopping for an upcoming vacation and I found literally everything I needed here. Paola (I hope I got the name right) was sooooo helpful! At first I walked in just to glance and walk out, but after she suggested some items and I tried them on, I ended up buying multiple outfits ! With Paola being so friendly and helpful, and the clothes being so unique and cute, this is definitely my new favorite store!! Thank you!”

4.9Superb15 Reviews

“I bought two pairs one sandal and other one shoe .so when experience just one week after nothing I like it they are so comfy and only that one I being putting every single day .thanks so much giving so much comfort for my feets .”

4.5Superb22 Reviews

“Came in had the pleasure of working with Ibrahim he was awesome and very helpful. We were able to get exactly what we needed with the proper help and support. I would definitely recommend working with him and is truly an asset to the company. The girl that was at the cashier was very helpful and awesome. Thank you!!”

4Good67 Reviews

“When I tell you this is the best customer service I’ve gotten I mean it! And I’ve been to a lot of stores! Lol. Jose was so awesome! I’ve never gotten vans before and he was hecka patient and took his time to answer my questions along with 4 other customers. He was quick and brought me out every pair of shoe I asked for. I asked for 6 types. Then he still offered me another pair that he promised was the best. Sure enough it was. Bought them. Thanks to the manager on the shift of Friday closing 10.7.22. So nice as well. Thank you will be coming back for my wife’s pair!”

3.8Good76 Reviews

“I'm not sure why I never thought to shop at a Nordstrom Rack for clothes. I always went to Express or Nordstrom but the selection here is more my style. Anyway that's not what this review is about... I went on 7/29 around 8PM and Blair was who rang me up at the register. His customer service was amazing and I just wanted to write a positive experience specifically with his ability to provide an above and beyond customer service interaction. Thank you, Blair. People tend to go out of their way to write a review when they experience a negative experience but I wanted to highlight a positive experience. Anyway, thanks for rocking it, Blair! Stay awesome.”

3.7Good152 Reviews

“I've been coming to journeys since Elementary school . I can remember buying two different pairs of Doc Martin's here my first pair of docs was in fifth grade. All my friends were into the new kids on the block and I love The Cure , The Selecter , Susie and The Banshees and The Specials . It's funny how everybody's dressing the way I used to dress in fifth grade . Deep down inside I'm a little bit country I'm a little bit punk ! Im all the way 80s! Give me suburbia , Valley girl ,two tone ,Ska ,Doc Martin Mary Jane's , monkey boots and creepers ! Lifelong trends that never go away!!!”

3.7Good41 Reviews

“Tiarah was very kind and helped answer my customer service questions. She did her best to figure out a solution for me and was very professional! The shoe selection is always on point too!”

3.6Good21 Reviews

“For Black Friday, I wanted to purchase some things online but unfortunately you cannot use your Giftcard online, so I had to go to the store. Fortunately, they had all the items I wanted in the store and the staff were so friendly, helpful, genuine, and professional! They emailed my receipt which I am glad because I dislike carrying receipts with me. Although, I was bummed at first that I couldn't use my giftcard online, I am happy I came to the store due to the experience and honestly, there's nothing like seeing the items in person.”

3.5Good39 Reviews

“Dang they have a 50% deal buy one get one free! But the first shoe has to cost more than the 2nd shoe. In my case, the Nikes I chose are $10 less than the running shoes I picked. I just need some shoes to go to the gym in honestly. I'm thinking about what I want to do. I possibly will just buy the Nikes $60 or the running shoes for $70 and call it a day or the other way around. I'll see!”

3.5Good68 Reviews

“Foot Locker actually is one of the lowest priced store for shoes actually! I compared it to other stores including Amazon & You'd be surprise of the Great value You'll find at Foot Locker! Way to go BRO????❣️”

3.5Good70 Reviews

“This is a store with an ample selection of shoes for everyone. They always have promotions going on ...The good: ample selections at affordable prices.The bad: They always go fast so make sure to grab what you like or they will be gone quickly.The ugly: Nothing foundRuby is phenomenal when it comes to customer service. In my opinion, she is the best employee at this location.”

3.4Good78 Reviews

“I had an issue with some shoes I'd ordered but the tracking never showed they were delivered to the store. So I went in... Andy was HUGE help. Very professional, apologetic (even though it wasn't his fault) and very helpful. He deserves recognition for how he assisted me. Thanks Andy”

3.3Good32 Reviews

“I came over here to look around while waiting for our spot at a nearby restaurant. They only have 30 minutes to closing time. I scan the dress racks and I was able to find a lovely dress. It was not on my size but I bought it because the price is affordable.”

3.3Good74 Reviews

“The service was amazing. The rep that helped me provided me with the best service. I'm grateful for people like her especially these days. Thank you Brianna for being great.”

3.1Average47 Reviews

“Ordered a pair of Jordans for my five year old online; Shiekh had my order ready quickly, and when I showed up the young man at the counter helped me out right away. What a great place to get hard to find shoes and great service.”

2.9Average29 Reviews

“12/2021Went in looking for a Christmas gift and they were sold out. The gentleman helping us offered to call another store, but I declined as I dread driving during the Holidays. But as we were getting ready to leave, he mentioned that another big name store in the mall sometimes carried their items. So we ran across the mall to that store and got the LAST available gift that I was looking for! I wish I remembered his name, but my girls and I went back, bought him a coffee, and thanked him!GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AT MICHAEL KORS! (The other store not so much.)”

2.8Average25 Reviews

“Aside from it being super busy due to the holiday shopping they have multiple registers open and the young lady checking if they have the requested shoe sizes was working pretty quick and friendly. Parking was crazy but it's the holiday season so can't complain.”

3Average100 Reviews

“I went to Los Cerritos Center. Everyone was nice and professional. It looks like the previous notes I'm reading must be from another place. I had help from the employees, and did not have a problem with the merchandise. Don't complain if you don't have the funds to buy what you can't afford. I rather see my merchandise than purchase on-line and not know if I'm getting the real thing. I will continue to buy my shoes here!”

1.8Poor55 Reviews

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