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“The staff at this UPS store is really quite efficient! Now if customers, especially those in front of me, who were bringing in their Amazon returns could have been better organized with properly packed items and had their QR codes ready to be scanned by the helpful staff when it was their turn, the wait in line would have been much shorter.”

4.5Superb223 Reviews

“I give them my highest rating. I needed to get some documents notarized with my 93-year old father. The owner who helped us was kind, thorough, and made the rather-lengthy process painless.”

4.9Superb64 Reviews

“Amazing service. Been using art for like 15 years at this point. Saves me a ton of time getting all my mail to one location for all my businesses and personal mail instead of to my home address and having to change everything every few years when I move.Plus he texts me photos when something urgent comes in and I can’t come right away or am out of town!”

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“I went here because I never received my registration stickers in the mail. Tried going to the DMV for the replacement and the system went down. I was in and out of La Casita in no time. There was no line, no wait, no issues. Bring cash for your transactions. It is worth the convenience fee.”

4.7Superb39 Reviews

“I have gone to this location for a few years to ship packages, etc. I have always found the owner to be incredibly kind and helpful. I have always had a very good experience.”

3.8Good30 Reviews

“This is a one-person operation and Lynn has worked here for years. She is one of the hardest workers I've ever seen in the USPS, and she has to contend with a lot of rude, demanding ignoramuses on a daily basis (see some of the other reviews to get an idea). I am an online seller and packages mailed from this office get scanned into the system within minutes. This is not true of the Encinitas main office where scans frequently do not happen at all (making sellers/shippers look lazy and dishonest). I have had a PO Box in this office since 2019 and I have never had anything but excellent service here, with the box and at the counter. Treat people with respect and they will respond in kind.”

3.8Good24 Reviews

“Always so pleasant when I go in for my returns or shipments. Professional, clean, thorough and a very nice staff. Eager to assist! There's something to be said for good customer service, especially nowadays!”

3.5Good74 Reviews

“Kristopher the assistant manager was terrific! He helped me with a last minute printing job! I'm talking during the 5 PM rush-hour. This man made sure my job got done because I had to get on a flight in the morning to go to my grandmother's funeral and he made sure that the pamphlets were printed. Pro tip don't ever wait to the last minute to get a big printing job done because not every place will have a Kristopher.”

3.5Good12 Reviews

“Set up my appointment online. Showed up 10 minutes early and they took me right in. I was out in 10 minutes. Very friendly women helped me.. service could not have been handled more professionally nor more friendly. Now I hope I get my new passport quickly. Fingers crossed!!”

3.1Average88 Reviews

“Thank you to the two wonderful ladies who assisted me today with my holiday photos. It was a task to say the least to download the photos. Very professional and helpful staff. Will definitely return.”

3.1Average91 Reviews

“I arrived a few minutes before 9am to drop off a package so I could be there when you opened. The store didn't open until 9:10am, which made me late dlr my appointment. Another person was also waiting and ended up leaving. If you want to open later, totally ok, but please post hours to reflect your true open time so we can plan accordingly.”

2.7Average14 Reviews

“I am surprised by the negative reviews about this location and thought I would share my own thoughts. My family has had a PO box at this location for the past several years. We moved away from Encinitas and are often out of town, however Dave has been very helpful in updating us about the mail we receive and assisting in mail forwarding when requested.”

2.7Average128 Reviews

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