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“What a great service and a sweet bunch who run the business. My shop is mainly mail order. People ship parts in for rebuild and we ship them back. We work nights mostly so shipping and receiving just isn't possibe without The Shipping Center. They receive my packages and let me know when I have a package. USPS would drop packages outside my business address if no one was there and UPS would leave reschedule notes.The Shipping Center simplified my business shipping. Thank you all so much.”

5Superb67 Reviews

“Great Customer Service!I was unable to find a box anywhere that would be the right size for a 12x18 picture frame ship. All of the boxes I found were not long enough or 6+ inches deep & very expensive. Within 5 minutes of walking into the store I had the box & bubble wrap (the large bubbles) in hand and out the door for around $11.00.”

4.7Superb38 Reviews

“Following a death in the family, I had some very sentimental items to be shipped. My items arrived safely and undamaged. I do not live in California, so I trusted that I had chosen a good and reliable company. Luckily, I did :). I would recommend this company.”

4.2Good45 Reviews

“Took a teenage male child here to get some school supplies. He did not find a pencil box/case he liked or wanted. Nor did he find a suitable backpack. But, otherwise, we were able to pick up the basics - notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, etc.”

3.6Good99 Reviews

“A & J crated a high precision measuring machine for us and coordinated shipping. We had about a million concerns, and they answered each one. They came to the shipping location to avoid unnecessary moves. They built a flippin' phenomenal crate. Everything was packed perfectly. I've used other crating services around the country. This team is A+.”

4.9Superb9 Reviews

“This store deserves Praise. Appreciate the quickness and efficiency of the staff. Been to lots of UPS stores and will say that this one is got to be one of the best for these reasons. They show that they are experts by explaining the costs of packing and can provide quick quotes. Also, are very honest about what to expect with costs. Thank you all for the effort and professionalism you always show when I walk in.”

3.3Good110 Reviews

“We took some important family photos & albums to be packed and shipped home. The young lady working there was very pleasant. She did a wonderful job of packing, and the box actually arrived sooner than expected, in good condition. The only problem was that we were given an invalid tracking number on our receipt, which caused some anxiety.”

3.3Good95 Reviews

“Placed an order for printing online and went in to pick it up. I ended up placing two orders because I realized I needed more copies. I also placed an order online for a plastic sign holder and was able to pick that up in store at the same time. The store was not busy when I went in and did not have to wait at the print center or at the register. Friendly, competent staff.”

3.2Average84 Reviews

“Took a teenage male child here to get some school supplies. He did not find a pencil box/case he liked or wanted. Nor did he find a suitable backpack. But, otherwise, we were able to pick up the basics - notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, etc.”

3.8Good10 Reviews

“First time I have used DHL and the only thing I can say is that the person who helped me is super nice. He took the time to explain and helped me fill out the forms. Great customer service!”

3.1Average147 Reviews
4.7Superb3 Reviews

“Better than UPS! Stopped in to drop off a package, there was no line, one worker and ample parking. The lady at the counter was really nice and I literally came in 2 minutes before closing and she wasn't rude about it. Definitely convenient since it's off the 5 and 22 freeways, next to the Habit Grill, Mother's Market and Olive Garden.”

3.1Average50 Reviews

“My favorite USPS location; the lobby is open 24/7. If you have any prepaid packages or even want to use the Kiosk, this is the place to go. It's sad that many locations lock their doors and we can't do a drop off pre/post hour. I do daily drop offs early mornings.Staff has been great and helpful; sorry that some people have had bad experience. people are nice here.”

3Average95 Reviews

“ok this was one of the best experiences in a usps. mini station made me so happy to see it all decked down with so much positivity. we need more people with a forward thinking like her. this was my first time here and customers who normally don't like usps come and see her. now that's a story that someone needs to follow! mini your so amazing and you really shine. you deserve a federal employee award for outstanding customer service! i wish you well in your future endeavors.”

2.8Average55 Reviews

“This location has the best staff!!! These gentlemen are helpful, efficient and courteous. Everytime I go in I'm a freaking disorganized mess. They are extremely patient with me. I really appreciate the staff members in this UPS Store.You guys are the best #1 all the way !!!”

2.7Average137 Reviews

“By far, this is my preferred FedEx location within a 10-mile radius. The store manager, Andrew, was very helpful and patient in assisting me with my inexperience with computers, copying and printing in bulk, and even large plans.”

2.6Average96 Reviews

“I love this post office. The girls are always kind to me and I don't ever get any push back for anything. I come here daily and my packages get scanned within minutes of dropping them off. The area is not the best, but I rather go to this post office than any other in Santa Ana.”

2.4Poor53 Reviews

“Great experience with much help from their employee Miguel. I came unprepared without all the documents and not at the correct appointment time. I’m as still received with courtesy and he made the process painless and easy. I appreciate his patience and care in the matter and hope he is being recognized for his contribution!”

2.4Poor59 Reviews

“It’s funny to me that it clearly says “ POST OFFICE DROP BOX” and people are still giving one star because it’s “ not a post office” reading is fundamental. Smh”

2.4Poor60 Reviews

“This is my go to post office because I live like 3 blocks away. Unless you have a stick up your boots, this place isn't bad. Just do what you need to do and get out. Since I come here often, I figured out that they often don't open the parking lot in the mornings until like 10 or a little later because the mailmen are packing their cars. So i compromise and park at either the KFC or the supermarket's parking lot. Other than that I can always find a spot in the post office's parking lot. Also, probably because of all the complaint, the customer service seems to have gotten better over the years.”

2.1Poor37 Reviews

“Although not perfect, and it"s business has been impacted by private competitors, I am grateful for the convenience of, and services offered by the United States Postal Service.Thank you folks for sending my packages, collecting my mail, and selling me stamps over the years.”

2.4Poor129 Reviews

“I like this location. I haven't experienced rude workers only rude customers.....these people are just trying to do their job. 4 stars because they are a little slow”

1.9Poor63 Reviews

“I have to give it up to the manager Phat and his team for helping me locate a missing package. The Donkey ebay seller put 2 addresses on the package and they helped me 100%. The post office workers don't get the respect they deserve and we always blame them. They did there job, it's sometimes really bad businessman online that make them look bad. Hands off to the Diamond Station Greenville. Top notch world class.”

1.8Poor72 Reviews

“Nelly and Sam provided 10/10 awesome customer service. There was a long line of people and managed to help everyone as soon as possible. Answered my questions and provided assistance with my amazon returns. Would recommend this UPS store”

1.8Poor83 Reviews

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