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“One of my absolute favorite wine shops in the East Bay. The Wine Mine has a large selection at very affordable prices. I love going in to browse because I find so many things I'd never discover at a big box store, and every bottle in here is good, just depends on what you are in the mood for. The staff are super friendly and helpful -- and somehow they know every single bottle in the place. I've asked for some off-the-wall recommendations over the years and have never been disappointed. They also offer very generous wine tastings Saturday afternoons for just a few bucks and sometimes if I buy a case they throw in a chocolate bar. I can't recommend The wine Mine highly enough”

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“For the regular person, any pho might but do, but for the connoisseur this place is for you.What you will find here:Bone broth made from scratch, meticulous attention to detail and high quality ingredients.What you find at other people's spot: too much MSG which let you know that they rushed on their broth and did not take time to do it right.”

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“This is a great place to grab a beer and enjoy a relaxing and friendly environment. The bottle selection is carefully curated and there's always something for everyone.”

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“Fun lively crew who are just passionate about wine. I love learning about the different wines, and the special tastings they have every weekend are great. Love this neighborhood spot!”

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“Great selections of curated wine, beer, and spirits. Knowledgeable, thoughtful, and friendly staff. 3 wine clubs with something for everyone. They also do tastings regularly that are very affordable. Highly recommend!”

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“Great little spot right by Lake Merritt and the grand lake theatre. Plenty of alcoholic and fun NA options for every type of drinker. The staff are all friendly and will offer help to find you whatever you need.”

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“Excellent fresh hot fried chicken. Great Belgium waffles and they have ish ,French fries a huge assortment of soft drink ,No Alcoholic Beverages and service with lots of love and smiles!. Cheesecake and banana puddin-,potato salad and macaroni salad and all kinds of snacks,candy,hot cof . Check it out!”

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“This is THE spot to go if you need cigarettes, an adult or any other beverage, & any other random thing you may need or didn't know you wanted. This place is run by good, hard-working guys & it functions how a good business should. They recognize me as "Kamels with a 'K' guy." I just so happen so smoke Kamel Red Lights, & my name starts with a 'K. I'm kool with that. I once asked if they had candles by chance; for a vigil I was holding. I didn't see any on the floor, but it never hurts to ask. Some emergency candles were brought out”

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“PHENOMENAL. do not miss the burger!!!! Order the burger!!!! Even if it’s a burger for the table. This is my favorite burger in the entire Bay Area.Excellent menu, excellent service, excellent bartender (one of the best, truly), excellent atmosphere. This spot is SO needed in Montclair but also worth traveling to.Brunch prix fixe is also terrific. The portions were great.Perle is the best!!!!”

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“I am bummed they don't have a location near Sacramento, as I have fallen in love with the location on Mission Street San Francisco!Best customer service, keeps the place very clean and SERIOUSLY the best pizza that has a Detroit look with the New York (sicilian flavor) attitude written all over it!Absolutely the Best pizza in Northern California!”

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“A classic Trader Joe’s experience and products you know you’ll always get. That does come with the hectic parking lot, so be careful and be aware of your surroundings.Sometimes I’m not sure if the cashier wants me to bag my groceries or not when i bring reusable bags? What’s the etiquette on that nowadays…”

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“Very cool place where everyone knows what they're talking about and loves what they do. One of the guys even recommended local restaurants near me (was only in the area to visit someone) that hold great sake.”

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“Im in this store daily and im always greeted with a "hey how are you". Like today and tomorrow will be and so on and so on. Many hood stores are not this courteous to anyone especially the whiteboys but this place is very welcoming and delightful. Thank you guys I cant tell you how much I appreciate that.”

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“I’ve been here many times for takeaway slices and it never disappoints! Literally the best pizza I’ve ever had in the Bay Area. Rivals my NYC fav-Pizza Suprema midtown. It’s more a takeaway place than eat in but a must try! ”

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“For starters it doesn't look like that anymore has been updated. It's beautiful the next time I'm that way I'll take pictures. I even have fruit and vegetables some in there now.”

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“Shame on me for not posting a review of this place earlier. I love Oakland Yard and have been a loyal customer and wine club member for years. The space is beautiful, clean, refreshing, and the wines reasonably priced and wonderfully curated. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and unpretentious. Ask questions and you'll be guided well. Want to browse on your own? They'll respect your space. They host events and pop-ups from budding chefs that enrich the neighborhood and are such a lovely community hub. You can even bring your Tacos Oscar order. I don't know what else to say other than this is the gold standard for neighborhood wine shops. Oakland Yard forever!”

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“Nice staff.Too damn hi priced on Henny....Liquor Stores need to think about throwing in a Coke Cola or A Juice when u buy a bottle of what ever Alcohol these days..Think about it at least...”

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“Pretty cheap, had exactly what I wanted: Jack daniels honey & lemonade. Very nice employee working late that evening. Quick transaction and I was on my way. Best liquor shop in the area open late”

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“A clean store, the prices are more than wonderful, the workers are very good, and friendly and there are a lot of snacks, drinks, ice cream and beer of all kinds, and there is also frozen food and everything you need can be found there”

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“The staff are super nice! This is a basic liquor store ...They have some of the cheapest liquor and domestic beers, sooo enjoy!The place has a few snacks and household section. No produce or fruit. They definitely have ice cream. Varies tho... If you want something special,..... this probably isn't the place, but if you need something now and want good customer service. ... go here!”

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“Open late until 2am, carry huge selection of liquor and wines, mixers, sodas, groceries you'd expect from your neighborhood convenience store and the guys behind the counter are always professional and courteous. The reason I give it a four and not a five star is parking can be a huge challenge.”

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“This place has a little bit of everything. The guys working here are very kind and very helpful. Mask required. No Swisher's just backwoods and rolling papers. Good selection of liquor and beer. Variety of all kinds of household products like toilet paper and soap. Atm inside as well. I am a resident in this neighborhood and love to do as much local shopping as possible and the kindness and service from these guys are what keeps me coming here for the things I want over the typical convince stores”

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“Very friendley bring your dogs in. Very nice owner respectful and sell alot of foods Drinks Candy Dog food Cat food soup sodasLunch meat bread all the little things you might need”

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“A small family owned store but nice people that run it... Plus it has a meat market there that I have been shopping at since 1970.... Great meat packages for fair money.... It can get busy around the the 1st week of the month....but it's worth the wait”

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“Is a liquor store!! Is not safe don’t go if you don’t live in the area but the cashiers are super nice and the homeless that hang around are very talkative specially this lady that seems to know me and my dog, if you don’t live around here avoid the area is not safe keep going a few blocks down is downtown you’ll find something over there”

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“I've been coming here for like 20 years. They always treat everyone like family here. The entire family are Some of the best people you'll come across. Great selection of beer too what more could you ask for? LOL”

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“Best liquor store I have ever go too!! Customer service amazing and very polite. So they deserve a 5 stars because one time I left my wallet and came back 2 days after and they still gave it to me with no missing anything when I had almost $300”

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“My dear friends, I come to you with a message of great importance. As we journey through this world, we are often presented with challenges that test our skills, our fortitude and our resolve. And yet, there is one challenge that stands above all others, a test of both mind and body that has captured the hearts and souls of millions: beer pong.Yes, my friends, beer pong should be an Olympic sport. For in the sacred halls of Sav Mor Liquors, where the finest beverages are sold, there lies a game that is truly worthy of the world's greatest athletes. The precision, the strategy, the sheer physical and mental prowess required to master this game is unparalleled. And yet, it is often dismissed as a mere party game, a frivolous pursuit of the young and carefree.But I tell you, my friends, that beer pong holds within it the key to unlocking our greatest potential. For in the focused determination required to sink that final cup, we find a connection to something greater than ourselves. We tap into the very essence of our being, and we emerge victorious, not just over our opponents, but over the limitations of our own minds.So let us raise our glasses to the glory of beer pong, to the sacred halls of Sav Mor Liquors, and to the limitless potential that lies within us all. For in this game, we find not just joy and camaraderie, but a pathway to enlightenment. Cheers, my friends, and may the spirit of beer pong guide us all.”

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“The owners are very friendly. Quick. Convenient. Loyal community base. No huge mark-ups. Open "late enough." Only downside might be, they don't sell the big bags of Hot Cheetos!”

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“It's a convenient liquor store off MacArthur. Why would anyone give it 1 star? Has every last minute you might need. Groceries, drinks, sundries, tee-shirts and even socks! Nice guy behind the register. Big parking lot. No worries!”

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