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“First the complaints:Service was slow as could be imagined to make 2 sandwiches. Only 2 people in front of us and their order was messed up.Second - inside seating is not very good and the outside seating has people sitting there that are not even eating at the restaurant. Not the establishments fault, but annoying.The sandwiches are delicious and I will be returning. The meat and all other ingredients are fresh and crispy deliciousness comes with every bite. The drinks are in the coolers and there is a vast selection. I’m Chips, snacks and various other little things lie around the shop. Take a look while you’re waiting.All in all I know I’ll be coming back again.”

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“In addition to the gregarious and welcoming owners, this place easily the best sandwich spot I've been to in SF. Deliboard has nothing on these guys and Mcbaker's sandos are half the price. Everything is great, but I always get the Giants, Tito or Tanner. This place also makes the best hummus in town (don't get me started on the dorky hummus stand guy at all the farmers' markets).”

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“This corner store has soft bread, which is good because it does not ruin your teeth or gum like dutch crunch or Vietnamese sandwich bun. The fact that you can toast it means that you can have a crunchy sandwich without ruining your teeth. My favorite sandwich is the pastrami or chicken, take your pick. Getting a sandwich from a corner store may seem sketchy, but thrust me, it is good. I hope the White Palace stays in business for a long time. I will miss this corner store when I move to Rutger University for college.”

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“The dude made a killer turkey sub. Big props to this spot for the sandwiches. The bread, meats and cheeses are fresh and delicious. Just ask for a sub next time you are in there. Worth the stop here.”

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“These guys turned this place into a great neighborhood store. Good products and friendly service. I come in at least three times a week for sandwiches or just to say hi. Give this guys your business instead of Amazon, support your local businesses.”

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“I love George's Zoo Deli! I really love the tuna sandwich on whole grain, wine selection, awesome product selection , healthy dog treats, very friendly staff, and the fun atmospere. My new "go to deli"!”

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“What a store! The selection of wine and bubbly is impressive! I could have spent hours here! Very knowledgeable staff too. I highly recommend for all things alcohol! Cheers!”

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“Emma was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable! I came in having a general idea of the wines I was looking for and she helped guide us to get a great mix for our "Italian night" with our friends! It's a charming little shop with a great selection of wonderful wines in reasonable/expected price ranges. We will definitely be going back!”

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“Immaculate and inviting, you'd be hard-pressed to find a liquor store that looks like this jewel box.I came in to treat myself to a nice bottle of wine while keeping the price under $20. Something with a mineral finish and he suggested two. I couldn't decide so I bought them both.They stock lots of spirits and champagne, really anything you could think of for enjoying at home or as a hostess gift (never come empty handed!) D&M has been in the neighborhood for decades with personal customer service. A+ experience!”

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“The sandwiches were really good. Add to it that the store they came from was pretty cool too! Great SF vibe with its own personality! I had a hot Pastrami! So bomb! Mustard, pickles...all of it! The people working were very friendly! Even though it was the fist time there I never felt like I hadn't been there! Right next to The Presidio, a good sandwich and nice lawn seat gets you a good meal with a peaceful view!”

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“We really enjoyed the wine recommendations and of course the vegan cheese, too. We’ll definitely come back and I’m so happy we have found this place. Also, thank you to the sommelier for giving us recommendations on places to visit in Napa and Sonoma! Cheers ?”

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“You should know that Google maps and I'm pretty sure Apple maps is directing people to our **OLD LOCATION** our **NEW LOCATION** doesn't have a parking lot. It is located at 1648 pacific Ave Just down the street.”

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“I worked with Frank to ship 70 individual bottles of wine to clients for the holidays. He recommended a great bottle and was fast, thorough, efficient and very reasonably priced. I'm so pleased.”

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“Have been to this store only twice and already love it!! It’s the best in the neighborhood when it comes to quality, price and service. What more do you need? Make this your regular store!”

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“This liquor store is more of a high end spirit and wine store. If you can't find what you're uniquely looking for they are willing to do special orders.”

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“Best neighborhood corner store(not on a corner). Delicious sandwiches! Yummy homemade hummus. Great selection of chocolates and adult beverages for yourself or gifts.”

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“Very friendly staff and this place has everything you need. The liquor selection is top notch. Aside from liquor, they have a little bit of everything for anyone in need.”

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360 Pine St
Credo Liquor Stores

“Ok. Found this place because it was close to hotel. We walked in and IMMEDIATELY I wanted to hate this place. There are quotes on the wall that could be seen as derogatory and political. I found several right next to me that I did not agree on. I was now giving this place a one star. BuuuutOur waiter Angel was very fast and extremely friendly. He lied to me about jalapeños but I let that slide (inside joke). He was genuine and checked on us often.I ordered the spicy margarita and I am from Texas so did not expect much. I was amazed at how good this was. I had to order a second to make sure and the second was amazing also. My wife had the old fashion which neither of us cared for.We both ordered the burger and it came out extremely fast and was delicious. My wife added avocado and I added an egg. They were both delicious. They came with Parmesan fries and they were cooked perfect. Crunchy on outside soft on inside.So this was one place that went from 1 star to a 5 because they have great service, awesome food and an angel making margaritas.Gave three stars because of decor. This may be some people’s thing but I found some of them offensive.Either way you really should try this place.”

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“A quality spirit being brought to a birthday gathering? What birthday person wouldn't love you? No one. Nice place for a last minute and always appreciated gift. Person behind the counter can offer good advice. However I didn't see any Wild Turkey so be prepared to spend some coinage.They offer those little single serving bottles which are helpful.A good place to treat yourself too. Oh and the have uncommon ice cream. Indian Ice Cream. Ice cream flavored with booze. Savory flavored ice cream. I'll try some next time.Oh and often convenient street parking.”

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“Amazing sake shop. A real shame I live in Austin and can't go here more often. I'd be in all the time. Mei was incredibly helpful and very kind to throw in a few copies of "Sake Today," which I've already torn through.Will be back when I can and highly recommend for all lovers of sake and newcomers alike.”

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“Been going to city beer for close to a decade now, ultimately of the three locations their newest one is the worst, but I suspect it was necessary after COVID and unsustainability of its mission st. spot. I still appreciate the online store and will come here if there is an amazing tap takeover but not a must to frequent anymore. Most pics you'll see on this listing are the old locations.”

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“This is the best whisky shop in San Francisco, hands down. Single Malts from around the world, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Wales, United States, Ireland, and many others...Knowledge staff to answer your questions and point to in the right direction of what interests you.”

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“A bit on the pricey side, but if you're looking for some hard-to-get wines, ales or booze, you might want to check it out. Not guaranteed to have it, since they do have a smaller selection than, say, BevMo, but they have some things here that I haven't found there. (GO GO RUSSIAN RIVER BREWERY!)This will definitely be a location I'll check out when I've got a craving for my favourite Belgian Ale that's hard to find in the city. I'm glad to have another store that carries it.”

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“Candy store for adults. They have an amazing selection of everything one can be looking for. The staff is also very knowledgeable. I asked for a nice rate bourbon and got an amazing bottle of a 15 years old bourbon that is very tasty and complex in the profile. They seem to have a club that opens up opportunities to get other rare bottles of spirits such as Pappy. Worth checking out.”

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“Amazing sights and atmosphere! The food and drinks were good, but it would have been nice to have some more filling options this can easily be improved.I totally recommend visiting this breathtaking view and moments during sunset and at night.”

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“The Lucca Deli is the most underrated deli in SF, so as soon as I'm finished helping my pals Rick Blaine and Charlie Allnut finish up the secret passage way to the hidden Speakeasy on 19 ave I'll be going there for sure.What a pair those two are, Rick going to run the establishment and Charlie will be in charge of the booze. I can't wait for Rick's Cafe Americana to open it'll be a blast from the past.That deli sando from Lucca deli was the bomb! 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆”

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“Their sandwiches are the best you'll find in North Beach! They make a different one each day. My favorite is probably the burrata/prosciutto/quince/arugula on Saturdays. The staff is lovely and are very helpful with wine suggestions for any occasion and price range.”

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“Love it! Josh and esparenza whom were working Friday 9/22 made me feel warm and welcomed with great knowledge of ice cream and vibe of this place. They truly show excellence in what they do and love their job. My order:Child scoop of coconut milk chocolate almond with fluff! The flavor profile here was great. Smooth coconut milk, dark chocolate was balanced and not overpowering, finishing a smooth almond amaretto like taste on you're palette, and then the warm toasty-sweetness from the marshmallow fluff! Good jazz music was playing...And the nostalgic vibes in here are next level! Also, they use Mr. Espresso from Oakland and have them make you an afogato and if you really wanna get wild they could make a "toasted-afogato" with marshmallow fluff fresh toasted by the brulee gun! Support this gem! Much love and thanks!”

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“A good store in San Francisco with good variety of liquor and wine. Online ordering available when I crave for more liquor. And good friendly service on top of that. Cheers?”

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“When professionalism matters, this locksmith delivers. Their technicians arrived promptly, wearing proper attire, and conducted themselves with utmost professionalism. Their quick service and attention to detail make them a trusted locksmith provider.”

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