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“Iv been coming here for 2 years and they always help me right away and I always trust them with accessories, Fixing Tablets and Phones ! They are seriously the best”

4.6Superb56 Reviews

“Paul is quick and knowledgeable. Great repair shop, and also able to work on vintage tube amps. Apparently they can handle most electronic repairs. Highly recommended.”

5Superb37 Reviews

“Michell is an incredible woman, she is a very good person, and she sees a way to help you no matter what the problem is, I strongly recommend this great woman and her store.”

4.6Superb48 Reviews

“Went in for a new phone and the sales Representative Jose helped me out. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and quick. Definitely will be coming back here for an upgrade soon.”

3.9Good100 Reviews

“Staff was super friendly i got gta v on the xbox 360 it is in the most amazing condition 10/10 experience for me will definitely come back to buy a LOT! Of xbox 360 games.”

3.9Good99 Reviews

“Ive been in this Best Buy store in the past and I was able to find what I needed, and staff were very helpful. But this date I didnt stop here to shop. The reason I stopped here was because I had just gotten off work nearby and It was just raining very hard, and on top of that it was windy. So basically i stopped here for safety reasons and im glad to say i was undisturbed for the 1.25 hours i was parked here. Once the rain diminished I resumed by 45 mile drive home. Which was uneventful, although I did pass one accident, hoping everyone was ok.”

3.5Good378 Reviews

“Want to stop by and say thank you to your wonderful associate Gabby. She was extremely helpful in an extrended frustrating situation. Answered all of our questions and was very patient with us. Wasn't in the market for a new phone yet but when we are well come back to you! ? Get her a raise ?”

3.9Good71 Reviews

“Target's return policy is quick and pleasant. I'm a long-time Target shopper for good value, nice & professional staff and good selections. ONLY NEGATIVE is they eliminated my ability to phone for delivery outside store (now I'd require a SmartPhone and monthly service just to stay outside -- I don't have the $$ to do this and hate your policy of only using the Q-code to reach employees indoors). STOP & think of your customers - many don't have tons of $$ but have been loyal customers and buy at Target vs all other stores! Thank you”

3.6Good134 Reviews

“Customer Service was awesome here tonight. My daughter found a sweater with no price tag and no others like it, Stephan was really helpful to find the price and make a tag for it. Then the cashier was one of the friendliest which made the whole shopping trip that much better.”

3.5Good187 Reviews


3.7Good79 Reviews

“I remember 7-11 since I was a kid in Orange County back in the 1960s. Sorry to see that the founder passed away recently (in his 90s), but he left a tremendous legacy.Today, I see 7-11 corporate and franchise stores constantly evolving their merchandise, much more than in the past. But again, technology and the 'information age' paved this evolution (along with Sam Walton, Walmart founder).One 'critical' remark to make regards franchise stores. There is a consistent issue of cleanliness both inside and outside.(1) Coffee Bars, Soda Bars, and self-serve food prep areas MUST be wiped-down constantly, morning - day - night.(2) Outside areas must be scrubbed, daily (or nightly).Some 7-11 locations look, well, "third-world," and they smell that way too.But overall, I look forward to stopping into a 7-11 location at least three times a week. Yes, Starbucks is nice, but they do not carry the 'selection' of a 7-11.”

3.6Good44 Reviews

“Excellent service! Celebrating 7-11 (2023) Free slurpee and $1 hotdog ? and $1 slide pizza? . A lot of items also special price $1. Today, it's the favorite day for a lot of people, and this year, 7-11 -2023, Funko POP can be found to be a slurpee special edition. Look for the closest 7-11 and enjoy your day, too. Thanks to this amazing slurpee day 7-11.”

3.5Good50 Reviews

“Thank you guys ! Again in time as you promise ! I will definitely come back again .i order the products and they deliver as they promise! Very professional service !”

4.3Superb15 Reviews

“Very attentive service. I was greeted with 3 people willing to help me with my iPhone problems. They gave me some fix ideas before I purchased a replacement. I went home to try them and unfortunately it only helped a little. So we will definitely be going back to buy our new phones here.”

3.1Average131 Reviews

“All of the employees are awesome ? Great customer service skills, they are personable and know how to joke around Without being weird or personal..They keep it at just the right level. Sometimes especially at night you get weirdos hanging around but F them”

5Superb6 Reviews

“I have been here several times now. They have a better selection at this location than the Target closer to me, so that's a plus. Parking lot is often times packed during the middle of the day which I took a star off for. This location is popular and can also be running low on stock so I advise checking the Target app to see if an item you're particularly interested in is in-stock before coming. The employees I spoke to today were super friendly and helpful. They do have a Starbucks but no outdoor garden center. Still, overall, a pretty decent neighborhood Target store.”

3.1Average76 Reviews

“I've become a regular here since the location on glassel is horrendous as far as customer service. I don't know who's hired the current employees here at this location but keep it up! The employees who CURRENTLY work here deserve a raise!!! THEY are SO polite and their customer service is A1! If the owner or Manger sees this review PLEASE give them a raise or reward them cause they deserve it! They are the reason why I've become a regular ❤️ side note the icee flavors here are delicious! Please don't change them!?”

3.3Good24 Reviews

“Bought new phones, and my wife and I needed some assistance in the purchase. Alfredo was very knowledgeable and helpful in getting everything together for us. He was patient and professional in his handling of our account, and the entire staff is all about customer service.”

3Average130 Reviews

“Been coming to this location for a couple years now. Best convenience store in the area that I've been too in regard to cleanliness and customer service. Definitely a great spot to go to in the morning to get some coffee.”

3.1Average41 Reviews

“Got there just as it hit 1am(closing time) and the attendant was cleaning the store. And even though they're was a sign posted, and everything, he still allowed me to get my sandwich. Honestly I hold people like this in the highest regard. He could've easily said sorry we're closed, but he was legit/polite, and went above and beyond by helping me out. Even though he didn't have to. I didn't catch his name but, my man, Thank you so much!!!”

3.1Average27 Reviews

“I've been coming to this 7-11for 8 years now.the owner and his wife are so very kind,customer service is awesome,and very trust worthy owners.iam very grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful experience Everytime I go in to this store.thank you so much for your kindness,and friendly ess ,you two are like family to me.God bless both of you.❤️”

3Average41 Reviews

“We dropped in to this Best Buy after a failed refrigerator situation with Home Depot. The refrigerator we originally got did not fit and since we were absolutely set on that fridge we went back to Home Depot to find a version of it with different dimensions. They basically told us no so we made the decision to shop around and see what we could find elsewhere. We were met immediately by Tod as soon as we walked into the refrigerator section at Best Buy. We told him our whole story and he reacted with humor and empathy which immediately put us in a better mood. He told us that the fridge we wanted did in fact come in other sizes and he was happy to help us with the ordering. He took the time to show us online (since the exact one we needed was not physically on display at the store) and helped us make the right decision. We ended up getting what we wanted for almost the exact price that we had paid at Home Depot which I was very happy about (since the original one we purchased was a Black Friday deal and it was no longer Black Friday). Anyway, if I ever need another appliance I will go back to this Best Buy and ask for Tod. He was delightful.”

2.9Average109 Reviews

“To whom it may concern @ 711 on Batavia/ Chapman. There is a Gentleman named Christian, that has the most polite customer service and every time I've been there late at night this worker is always keeping your 711 top notch clean .it makes me smile to see someone who takes pride in his job.Thank you again Christian for your 5 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ customer service”

2.9Average51 Reviews

“They're always kind and respectful towards me an my children management and staff always ask how I'm doing.... It's the respect they give when u enter their establishment ?”

2.9Average19 Reviews

“I used my rewards and my wallet and though the cashier had to show patience getting the wallet to work, he did it. Something is not right with the system though and with a line behind me was glad he kept at it!”

2.5Average56 Reviews

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