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“Stockton staple. The people who work there are awesome folks. Only draw back is they mostly have like Budweiser products. I drink Sierra Nevada and anchor steam, they don't care either of those. But when I want to tall can, it's my stop.always try to stop in when I'm in that neighborhood.”

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“My favorite liquor store I am so happy that I have one like this close to my house. The workers are always nice and the environment is chill and I have no complaints at all about this store I am a loyal customer 'cause I live close shout-out to you guys keep it up”

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“My favorite gas station to come to, they always have what i am looking for and best customer service NOW, Sylvia one of the former employee was just horrible she was the biggest bully there horrible to customers. I read what she wrote in the reviews and it’s false information she was the bully I always talk to michelle,lisa and Amanda and they are wonderful there definitely will be coming all times of the day now that she’s gone I no longer need to walk on eggshells and worry if she will be working when I come in!”

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“This is a gourmet food seekers treasure chest. There are so many things to explore and to find in here. A curated selection of Italian cheeses, a great deli with excellent hot lunch specials that change daily. Interesting glassware and pottery from Italy. An excellent liquor selection. Interesting vinegars and Italian pantry items. Imported chocolates and cookies from Italy.”

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“This place is awesome, for a quick money sending to Mexico, I send money to my mom through the ,orlandi valuta, charge 10%, my mom gets the best price for her dollar in pesos.”

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“Favorite place to go for craft beers. You can get a variety of unique things here. One stop shop. Cashiers are always good energy. I stop by everytime I'm in the area.”

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“Everyone there is my Brothas!!! They have everything you need for a wonderful night or just to relax, Beer, Liquor, Wine, Swishers, Backwoods etc...Aah Ha ??‍♂️???”

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“Good prices on some of the beer. But almost always quick getting you done and out. Unless it's on the main guy's off day. I've been there like that once and the other guy is slow”

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“I would recommend this place to anyone for their smoking needs. Don't let the size of this shop fool you, they have variety. Filtered cigars are an option as well as your average cigarettes. A fine selection of Ciggarellos, and wraps to boot. There is are an assortment of glass pieces as well.”

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“this dino Mart has lowest gas prices in my area and I like going here because it's conveniently near the freeway, they accept all forms of payment and I happily use their dinopay app and get a discount per gallon and don't have to swipe my card nor do I have to go inside. I pull up to the pump, pull up the dinopay app to pay, pump and pull out. it's totally convenient when you have kids with you all the time.”

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“This place is nice and cozy. The cashier worker was friendly and they have a nice selection of snacks and drinks. My brother tried to buy a flip hair comb style knifed, but he was denied the sale, which was funny. Nice store to just quickly grab stuff, considering i live out here in the countryside.”

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“I believe THIS TACO TRUCK is ONE of My Favorites in Stockton..!!Good Authentic Mexican Food..!!Good Price$..!!Good Customer Service..!!Good Location..!!.. open until 1am..!!”

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“The majority of the time I use 7-Eleven for their Coca-Cola /slushies are so good and it's perfect on a hot day like it's been over 100°outdoors it's the perfect beverage”

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“I stumbled upon this lil shop on 2012 & have been a loyal customer by making him my sole vape & vape product dealer. The owner is friendly to a fault. Knowledgeable on most the products he sells.”

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“Four gas pump stations only but it's cheap, within a 5 mile radius I always come here when I can. The lady's working the counter are always generous, if you have a large vehicle it'll be a slight difficulty maneuvering within the small lot. Air pump complimentary with fuel purchase.”

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“This particular am/pm may be and I'm not so desirable place. However that does not apply 2 the employees they're wonderful people very friendly they deal with a lot....”

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“The best gas station to work for. Best prices on quality gasoline. Best variety of beer and liquor. All around friendly staff. Yeah you too Ray! Open until 12pm everyday.”

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“7-11 stepped it up a notch since covid-19 ( in my opinion) . Everything seems cleaner , up to date & very helpful with anything you need . I downloaded the app & enjoy how I receive a free item when my points accumulate.”

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“Always stop here and get cigarettes, customer service is great although I'd wish they would stop carding every single dang time! I'm 38 for crying out loud.”

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“This is a great little tienda. It is an 800-square-foot, clean and well-lit supermarket. It has a nice assortment of all types of food, far more than the snacks and boxed food of the typical corner store. It even has a nice looking produce selection presented in a wall cooler. Add home items, personal care items and even a little bit of hardware for an impressive selection. Some things are hung far enough up the wall, there must be a ladder somewhere to retrieve them.”

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“It is a friendly, safe place to go, not like some liquor stores! The family that owns and operates this store are warm and gracious. It is a pleasure to go there!”

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“I always receive professional customer courtesy from cvs staff n pharmacist the seem patient with everybody even on rushed days with all kinds of customers..during these emotional times”

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“Stopped in to get a last minute item and found a true family convenience store. They are celebrating Easter Sunday at this 7-Eleven. Decorations and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. The manager James was greeting everyone and handing out candy. Would recommend.”

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“Have routinely adventured to this establishment multiple times, and not once have I been disappointed. The workers are all friendly and consistent, the wide variety of products is very convenient. The owner is a really humble person, I see why this company is going to last!”

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“76 is open 24 hours. I like their prices on certain items I shop. 76 has flexible parking, hot food, & showers. I like their ' No Lot lizards' sticker on their entrance door.”

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