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“Our salesman, David did an awesome job. He paid attention to our answers, pointed us in the right direction and sold us the bedroom collection of our dreams. He was so helpful even in the financing with your finance specialist, Pamela. Everything worked out great and we are looking forward to our master bedroom addition.”

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“If you are looking for a quality mattress, Green Frog is the place. Friendly knowledgeable service and quick delivery. They handle all the well-known higher end brands, so if you care about what you sleep on, and you need a new mattress... this should be your one and only stop”

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“I presently live in Chicago, IL., and I recently purchased a home a model home in Pooler, GA.I admired the decorations, inquired as to who did them and was informed they were done by Ethan Allen.I visited the store in Savannah, GA., × 2 to make purchases.I encountered a lovely, understanding and patient lady named Martine Louis who was very helpful and encouraging. It was an pleasure to be around such an engaging personality.Kudos to an excellent salesperson.”

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“Several years ago I purchased an office desk for my office. The rail on one of the drawers came lose. I tried for some time to fix it but I was unsuccessful. I then called Masons and ask them if they could possibly tell me how to repair the drawer. They said they would pull my invoice and give me a call back. I too went and found my invoice and I had actually purchased the desk in 2012. About a week and a half later two men showed up at my office from Masons and repaired the desk for me at no charge! Now that's customer service! I never expected anyone from Mason's to come to my office. Apparently this is a company that knows what customer service is. Thank you Masons!”

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“The employees here are helpful, sweet, and don’t pressure you into anything. I bought these beautiful sapphire blue velvet chairs that are also so comfortable. I expect to buy furniture here again and again!”

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“We've purchased a number of pieces from here within the past year. The staff, from purchase to delivery, have always been professional and helpful. Exceptional service. It's our first place to check if we are looking for an item for our home.”

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“Although I did not purchase anything on the visit, the sales team were extremely helpful and kind. There are many lovely pieces you can find and you may run across that most needed treasure.”

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“Steven, at the Abercorn store, was extremely helpful!! I can't wait to receive my new mattress. I know what to expect, how to operate it and it's coming in a timely manner!THANKS STEVEN!!”

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“This table is the highlight of my office! Burt responded promptly to my email and was very professional and timely. Even though I needed a table on short notice, he was able to accommodate. The workmanship is amazing. He does everything himself on site. It's the nicest table I've ever owned.Service: Custom furniture”

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“One fish blue fish is a fantastic must see store in Savannah Georgia. They have everything you need from clothing to furniture and jewelry. Go in and ask to speak with Lori Kate. She was extremely sweet, fast to help, and has great taste in style. She can help you find exactly what you need for your living room style, get you a new piece of jewelry that looks great with your eyes or get you a cute outfit you will love. She is the absolute BEST!”

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“Great store! Lots of options, solid prices. Winston (owner?) mailed me a nice letter after my purchase, incredibly kind and a respectful sales guy. Highly recommended all around for quality furniture, I bought my dining table and love it”

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“This is my go to funiture store to find funiture items at a reasonable rate. The Manager is friendly and explained how and time of year they get new items. Prompt delivery at no extra charge. After purchasing a queen size bedroom suit approximately 10yrs ago, i wanted a bistro set for my new apartment. I saw one i loved and it was delivered 1 hour later. The 2 young men made sure it was placed to my satifaction and offered to move it around if i wanted. Very polite and I'm pleased with the service i received.”

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“I stopped by while passing through and so glad I did. Friendly staff. Nice clean items. The prices were extremely affordable. Nice little gem. I would highly recommend. Wish they were closer to me!”

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“Ms Sandra is awesome, she is at the corner of 31st street and Martin Luther king boulevard Savannah Georgia. She will offer suggestions for coordinating your furniture pieces, color and style, for rooms that flow together. Their prices are reasonable and discounts offered if you purchase more than one to two pieces. Their selection is great. They are willing to also work with you on payment and holding your items if needed for a reasonable amount of time after payment is complete”

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“Great place. Came to drop off donations and look around. The staff is so nice there. Definitely coming through again.BTW, I scored on a corduroy blazer. Like a needle on a haystack.The best part is that the sale helps young mothers who need assistance.I encourage to donate and shop.”

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“Nice little shop with a very friendly proprietor. There is a nice (but not huge) selection of furniture. We ended up purchasing a small table. The place is definitely worth a visit.”

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“Clean. GREAT selection of board games and toys as well! Was able to score a new they live doll and date night essentials in one trip. I had not been to target since leaving Florida so I was feeling a bit nostalgic. My only compliant is the Starbucks is so slow but I feel bad for the workers more than anything!”

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“Barbara greeted us at the door and once we browsed she was very attentive to our every need. She was very insightful and genuinely had a great attitude. Barbara’s customer service is top tier and the items we chose are beautiful pieces. She made everything easy and smooth, we thank you so much for your support!”

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“Lisa Brown is an excellent representative for Sleep Number. Her demonstration of the mattress was very informative and professional. She made the purchasing of the mattress a pleasant experience.”

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“Security is awesome! That could be both good and bad?. I occasionally need to access my vehicle that a family member drives to work on occasion. This last time it was the kids' backpacks,that were left in the vehicle the day before. I had to wait on security to let me in the gate to access my own vehicle. To do that, they have to locate the person who you know inside the building,who works there and make sure it's all legit before allowing you to enter the parking lot. That's ok though because I feel it is safe and secure by doing so. They were late for school but no biggie. I appreciate the security team. Also it's easy to locate the property and far enough off the road to not be waiting on the highway as you're sitting at said closed gate. ?”

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“Clean. GREAT selection of board games and toys as well! Was able to score a new they live doll and date night essentials in one trip. I had not been to target since leaving Florida so I was feeling a bit nostalgic. My only compliant is the Starbucks is so slow but I feel bad for the workers more than anything!”

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“Target is like one of those places you have a love hate relationship with. I love target and honestly this target is one of my faves. The staff is always helpful they usually have what I need. They are close to home. The hours are pretty good. Definitely some where we frequent!”

3.6Good13 Reviews

“The staff in the store was Amazing! They were very friendly upon me walking into the door. They were very professional and very helpful. She stayed by my side to answer all questions and showed me step by step on how to get my account started. The store was very spacious and CLEAN. It was very easy to move around and take a good look at the inventory. I was very satisfied that I chose Badcock!”

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“My husband and I went to American Freight to purchase a loveseat. Alan and Andrew greeted us and made us feel very welcome. They were helpful and we were successful in making our purchase. We found exactly what we were looking for. Thanks sobmuch for having freidly helpful employees. We will be shopping American Freight again.”

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“Target Abercorn, I can definitely 100% agree with this hire right here! Her name is, Breniyoh (I think) she had to write her name with a highlighter since that is all was was found anywho, back to this young lady and my experience!I come to Target ONCE. A. YEAR!Not my store, but as I was going through the ad I noticed somethings I needed were on sale AND you also received a gift card… in my head (last week) I’m thinking why not?! In addition to this commitment i agreed upon - in my head - my anxiety level was at a million. So yesterday, I pushed myself to go in the store- I was a nervous reck!!! First, I went to the counter and asked for a flyer (I didn’t know it was a thing of the past), however, when I asked the lady at the counter for one , not only did she make it seem like an ad was a foreign object, but she also made me feel stupid as if they never offered one! I almost left just because of her insensitive response however, I continued…I proceeded to shop for the items I came to get. Made sure all was included in the sale they were running… I’m done!I head towards the register and notice an extremely long line between 5-6pm. Which I expect everywhere, since everyone is coming out of work, that’s cool! However, as I approach the self checkout and the ONE register open- it seemed a bit ridiculous to only have ONE register open at that time.I approach this beauty and gave her a disclaimer while I’m dripping in sweat due to my anxiety ***I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE*** and informed her what my attempts were. This girl not only said, that’s fine we will get through this together, but she also made me feel great inside. As she was checking me out she was explaining what was happening, gave me insight on what to expect moving forward, she didn’t rush the process or me, she wasn’t frustrated, annoyed or irritated - as the line was building up!We finally got done with my order and as many times as I’ve thanked her she just smiled and told me to have a great day!*Breniyoh- is not someone we run into often, but I definitely wish we had more people out here in this world! Thank you for being you ❤️”

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“It’s hard not to love a Target. I mean it’s a place where you can go and find all of things. What I especially love about this target is that they have people. And by that I mean, even though they have a self check out if you want to talk to another human while you’re checking out, you could do that! They have a Starbucks… So you can buy your Starbucks and put it in your cart that has the drink holders…. The store is clean and they do a great job of getting the carts out of the parking lot and back into the store. The team members are nice. It’s a good place to spend time!”

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“I came in looking for a chair, and even though I didn't find anything that I wanted, the store associate was amazing! Angel deserves 5 stars for going above and beyond!”

3.3Good44 Reviews

“My experience at Badcock furniture store personnel was very helpful and professional it's the place to shop for your home furnishing very good quality with the right pricing I'm satisfied and you will be too.”

3.5Good81 Reviews

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