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“Courteous and quick. Best beef hotdogs in the city. One of my favorite stores. They knew I was a dedicated Dallas cowboys fan so they gave me a Dallas cowboys head and neck rest as a gift. Mom's even nick named cowboy. It's all ways love when I go in there. Good people. My people.”

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“I had my front tire completely erode on me a few nights ago and had to get a couple things checked out on my car after a tire replacement. I dropped my car off as soon as I could to get a small problem checked out asap and Tucker and Sons delivered. Michael had my car checked out in a matter of hours and accommodated so kindly to my busy schedule as a student and I couldn't be more appreciative.Service: Vehicle Inspection”

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“I love love the cashiers at this fuel station! Any where I can get an ice cold Pepsi with ice for less than a dollar is always the place for me?? 44oz and up all for .83cents?”

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“Great friendly location. Very safe and well lit. All the staff is mostly very nice and very helpful. I have 4 convience stations close to where I live on Barnard St.. and I walk a bit further just to come here vs. the other 3”

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“I love stopping here for a quick snack and drink. The people here are super nice and friendly. They always have warm food ready for you and a great drink selection.”

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“This is our go-to Gas Station for a number of reasons. The first, and always the most important to us, is the excellent and friendly customer service we always get. Yes, we are in the set of the 'known' customers, but I see the same friendly service given to the customers that are definitely not regulars, proven by the start of the conversation going, "Hi, I'm from (Fill in Random State) and I don't know how I got on this road. Can you help me?" Which I have heard a couple of times in there. It is a smaller, individually owned station that does not have the floor space for stock that other newer stores do. What is does have is our 2nd and 3rd reasons for keeping this the Store we go out of way to: It has a Young couple running it that wants to succeed and knows that happy customers are the only way behind that success. They eagerly take suggestions and implement all of those that are possible and feasible; in fact they ask for suggestions. They will stock what you will buy. If you want it, ask them to carry it. Their gas prices and store prices are always in line with what everyone else is charging, and for some items that we buy are cheaper. They have been making improvements to the store that were much needed in the last year that they took over the store for instance, The gas pumps that were often not working have been replaced with new pumps, the lot has been repaved, there is now a beer cooler, and they have added an ever increasing selection of drinks and snacks.”

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“Mr and Mrs J, my husband Jim and myself have done business here. My husband had a special fondness for each the members of the group working at Sunoco. He passed away in Dec. 2021 and I decided to continue to do business with these folks.”

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“I really like this Kroger. It's one of those super Kroger's (that what I call them) like the one in Rincon, with clothes and housewares along with the regular grocery items. I think this location has a great selection of organic and natural foods (fresh and packaged), way more than the one closer to my house. They have a huge deli And beer and wine section. I find they keep the aisle clear which makes shopping easier than when they are stocking food during peak shopping times like I see in so many stores now. They don't have a lot of lines open for someone to ring your groceries up for you. And the self checkout lanes don't have that extra shelf like mine do, so I always purchase too much to ring my own stuff up. They also have a great selection of gourmet cheese and tons of frozen food. I have never used the pharmacy or had an issue to need management. I have found the staff nice and plentiful. The carts are really great at this location!”

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“I rarely go to this station for gas, but I frequently go there mostly for their chewy ice and incents, you can get 3 long thick incense for $1 and there is no minimum fee like most places that want you to spend $5 minimum. The staff is always smiling and make a point to greet and remember you which is nice. The prices are way too high on small snacks and a few side items like cooking oil is 3x's that a grocery story! Overall a quick spot for emergency supplies and gas though. Here's some photos of the neighboring skies ☺️”

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“The young lady there Tues evening was really sweet! She answered all my questions (re: various; prices etc.) & The facilities (ladies room anyway) was very clean!!”

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“My favorite gas station and my cigarettes are already in expensive but if you have a rewards card you save an additional $2 if you buy 2 packs. This deal is only at Enmarket and 2 packs cost me a total of$6.40”

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“I have used this gas station for years since moving downtown. I always feel safe here which is t the case at a lot of other stations around the city. I have always filled up during the day so I can't speak on the safety at night. I love using my points from shopping g at Kroger for discounts on gas. Even when I don't have shopping points they still give me a discount. It really adds up. Especially these days with gas prices. Every once in a while a pump will be out of service but it is always repaired in a timely manner. They just replaced all the key pads. They were getting a little hard to read. I have never gone to the window for anything so I can't speak about the customer service. I have only had to wait one or maybe two times for a pump to open up.”

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“Your typical gas station. Lots of snack, beverages, etc. They had fountain drinks with sweet tea included, brewed coffee and a Cappuccino dispenser. Restrooms were ok.”

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“Love all marathons especially the one on Montgomery crossroads very down to earth cashiers the manager and owner we work together to make sure needs are meet at this store”

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“I would give them 5 stars but for the last week they haven't had a certain soda I drink. I approached an employee about it she told me she would mention to management and apparently she didn't. Other than this complaint we love shopping here.. please fix the issue of having plenty of Starry soda in stock”

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“Ms Donna I want to give a huge shoutout to! Everytime I come in she is so sweet and caring! She is very good at what she does. She’s the only one I’ve noticed who puts in 100% effort in everything. She makes sure stuff gets DONE. She is a VERY HARDWORKING LADY! I only come in when she’s working! But the rest of the staff is amazing as well!! You guys do a great job! But Donna I want her to be noticed for her work she puts in extra work and works really hard! Even when she’s stressed she ALWAYS HAS A SMILE ON HER FACE!”

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“Clean and friendly but did not have my beverage of choice.8-12-20 ****I apologize. I actually wrote that review for another business. I was quite pleased with my Enmarket experience. Clean, friendly and had everything I needed. I recommend it.”

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“Ms. Emma is the greatest person you could ever meet. She works tirelessly, and is dedicated to her. She greets me Everytime I walk in the store, no matter what day it is. She knows every daily customer by name, even the children. I’ve watched her go through long lines of customers and every customer waited unroll she got to them with no attitude or backlash. But she’s courteous to everyone. I believe she deserves a raise or something to appreciate her.❤️”

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