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“They have an excellent selection of Filipino foods you can't find elsewhere, which is my main reason for coming here. They also have a lot of fresh baked goodies too.”

4.7Superb120 Reviews

“Great health food store. We needed a supper after a long day and there was plenty of vegan/vegetarian options that the kids even liked. Liked the fake fish sandwich. Great smoothies too. Would definitely recommend.”

4.5Superb227 Reviews

“Hmmm, so you say you're on vacation and want to get something to go for the beach...Well consider food land. They have a multitude of fresh poke, sushi, hot entrees, sandwiches and everything that goes with it. All made fresh daily. We got four kinds of pokes to go and some chips and hit the beach. Quick, delicious and cheaper then going to a restaurant. Park for free, get in and out fast and hit the beach with a yummy picnic lunch. Prices are way cheaper than premium supermarkets too. Highly recommend.”

4.1Good131 Reviews

“Terrible. Just did a doordash order and it was missing items. The doordasher was even asking if everything was correct and all and the employee there said everything is good. This is the second time it has happened and its always when people doordash it. It's good if you go in person but not doordashing it *smh*Edit:Went back to tell them about of the issue that happened yesterday and they were very nice about it. They took care of it and all and I just wanna apologize to my post. Thank you and again sorry for the post :)”

4.1Good115 Reviews

“Definitely worth going to they have everything you might need for a healthy meal healthy lifestyle pretty much any grocery you might need they probably have 100% recommended”

4.2Good57 Reviews

“Good discount on Safeway card on top of being one of the most affordable gas stations in Maui. Nice convenience store, plenty of variety, including hot food. Since it's a Safeway minimart, it's the same pricing as I side the store.”

4.1Good74 Reviews

“This is a decent Safeway - maybe a level 2? I shopped around Target, Walmart, and Costco and I think this Safeway had a larger variety of local, made in Hawaii/Maui products. The chocolates are cheaper at Costco and Target though. I like that this location was easy to drive in and out of and that there is a gas station.”

4.4Superb15 Reviews

“This place has always been fair about pricing. Although, they do not carry a lot of organic items I look for, little by little they're starting to incorporate some.”

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“All that's left of the century old favorite local store. No longer owned by the Age Took family. New name is Kahului Shopping Center Supermarket. Of course, it will still be known as Ah Fool's for a long time to come.”

4.1Good13 Reviews

“We drove 30 min from Wailea to buy fresh fish and were not disappointed. This place is a cross between a grocery store and a fish market. They have coolers of various local and imported fish. We bought the freshest and most delicious tuna I've ever had. The fisherman literally wheeled in the fresh catch as we were standing there. They provide ice to transport the fish back home. They don't clean the fish or filet it etc, but with a good knife and some YouTube videos later, we had no problem filleting our own tuna!”

3.9Good49 Reviews

“Loved their salad and food bars as well as their coffee bar. Variety of items for everyone's taste.The store is well maintained and stocked. Always busy, but lines move quickly.On the pricier side, but what can you expect? It is Hawaii.This butter is the best.”

3.4Good74 Reviews

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