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“Wowowow this place is amazingggg and they hands down have the best poke on the island. The fish is fresh and so delicious. I got a variety of poke but my favorite was hamachi. I literally went back the same day 30 mins before my flight tonget a second serving. Theres parking in front of the shop and everyone was so nice. My favorite place on maui and 10/10 recommend”

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“Staying at Banana Bungalow and I asked where's the nearest poke spot that's fresh, and truly underrated. They recommended Takamiya Market and I'm so glad I'm listened. Picked up their Salt Ahi Poke. It was so dang good. I'm definitely picking up another round before I leave.”

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“Ahi Poke was just like my Momma's! Bento plates are legit! You can buy them already made or make one in your own combination. Come in early because they run out fast!”

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“Absolutely beautiful store with so many great options for gifts and general goods. Stopped in when I was traveling and wanted more for holiday gifts after I got back to the mainland. After emailing, multiple people reached out to work with me personally to help me out and find exactly what I was looking for, including sending pictures to help make the process easier. I love this store so much, definitely stop by or visit the website for gifts.”

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“Having the convenience of a neighborhood grocery store is fantastic, and the employees are extremely helpful. You can't beat the poke and the "parking lot" barbecue items. ?”

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“No one could be nicer than the couple that owns this store. I have been a regular customer for over 10 years, visiting at least 2X a month. Real local style, soft spoken and modest. They carry what moves in the Maui Korean food market and not too many odd ball stuff. Best on the island.”

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“Love this store, especially the poke counter. It's my little treat to myself, always fresh and so ono. The lady with the painted on eyebrows could be a little friendlier, honestly not sure why they put her in a customer service position. I'm in here every couple few weeks for months now and never get a hello or a smile or anything from her. The girl that worked the counter before was much nicer to interact with. But no matta, the poke still ono! Luckily the grocery cashiers are friendly too. Good sale prices on regular grocery items, and good liquor & wine selection, even though I barely drink these days lol. Gotta love Tamura's. ?”

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“I am not a huge fan of Safeway stores, but they are usually in convenient locations and offer a lot of selection, maybe too much selection. I do frequent the sushi options, the bakery, and sometimes vegetables if they are local. You really have to shop around for bargains, as I find prices here are higher than other outlets. But when they have premium ice cream on sale, stock up!”

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“This unassuming Asian market is located on Lower Main St. in Wailuku and carries mainly Filipino offerings, but other Asian and local products as well. There's some interesting finds here if you take the time to look around and they have more variety than some of the other little Asian markets around town. My favorites are of course, the snacks. From chips to chocolates - many of their products remind me of my childhood vacations in the Philippines. They also have a hot food line that feature your typical Filipino dishes like pork n peas, dinakdakan, adobo, chicharon, empanada, lumpia, and more. You can get them in plate lunch style form or containers to serve as entrees.What I really come here for though is the Mais Con Yelo -- the only place I know on island that offers this delectable cool treat. Mais Con Yelo is a layered, Filipino dessert that consists of sweet corn, shaved ice, evaporated milk, leche flan, and a scoop of CORN & CHEESE ice cream. I love corn and cheese ice cream and the whole combo of ice and evaporated milk are SO good! It's similar to a halo halo, but with corn. For whatever reason, the last time I got it, the aunty made it so so good that I can't stop thinking about it and will probably go get more tomorrow. Hahah. Speaking of ice cream, they also have the Magnolia boba ice creams here in various flavors and I really, really like that ice cream. I've only seen it around a few stores here so if you like that, you can find it here too.Check them out sometime!”

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“Today is Friday, and that means theres Kimbop! Call early and reserve as they sell out fast. $10 for 2 rolls. They also sell banchans. Had to try the kimchi. A little watery for my taste, I prefer it with a little more heat, but it went well with the kimbop. Aunty makes different korean food on certain days, call for the special.”

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“I have been going there since day opened. They're fairly new. The manager, the pharmacist, and the help are all wonderful, they help you find things by walking there with You andt not just pointing.”

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