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“We came from Virginia to this store in Maui just so we could eat a delicious halo halo made by Cocay, and she did not disappoint! Truly the most fantastic frozen dessert that I have ever eaten. Sorry for the late review, Cocay! Visit and enjoy, friends - you will be so happy that you did.”

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“Very reasonable prices. Wide selection of cuisines for many cultures. Love the choices of Hawaiian companies represented! The staff at Island Grocery are friendly and helpful.”

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“On a whim, my wife and I ventured up to Kapalua from Napili for lunch having seen the Honolua Store when we attended Mass at the nearby Mission Church. We were both surprised at the quality and quantity of our sandwiches. While the Honolua Store serves as a "General Store" it also offers take-out deli sandwiches from an extensive menu. There is outdoor porch seating available though you go inside to order and pick-up your food. Plenty of nearby parking. Workers in the Kapalua area seem to congregate at the Store; which is a good side as to the quality and quantity of the food. The General Store offers many snack foods and extensive wine selections.”

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“The last grocery store going north before Kapalua. Prices are a little high. Probably become their the only store out there. You can find some decent prices, though for on sale items. Now that Lahaina is gone and will take a long time to rebuild. Napili market is much appreciated because they have alot of local product for the local people.”

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“Best burrito in Cape May County! This Mom and Pop locally owned and operated store makes the best Mexican food you will find at the shore. The owners are very nice and hardworking. I recommend their chicken burritos which use real pulled chicken and fresh avocado year round! Can not recommend this place enough if you are looking for amazing and inexpensive Mexican food! 10/10”

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“Love this store however haven't been here since the Lahaina road has been closed to the public since the Lahaina fire devastation. Not too sure if it survived the fire.”

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“This was our go-to for poke when we were in Lahaina last year. I've heard they made it through the terrible fires that damaged Lahaina town. I hope the staff and their families are safe because this is a gem. I remember service being quick, cashiers being friendly, and feeling a sense of home in this large supermarket.”

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“Clean and well stocked for daily groceries. We preferred Whaler's over Safeway for quick grabs. The price for drinks (beer, wine, rum) is way more competitive than liquor stores and the fresh Poke bar at the deli is awesome for a quick lunch for the beach or pool.”

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“It has snacks, groceries, drinks and all conveniences you'd need without having to drive to a store outside the resort. Of course, resort pricing comes with the convenience but that's to be expected.”

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“So grateful that this Safeway is in my neighborhood! Ibotta is accepted and deals are plentiful. I was just assisted by the nicest cashier and always see employees treating locals and visitors with kindness. Only warning: You have to visit very late or early to avoid crowds & get the freshest options in the deli, bakery, etc.”

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“Great little convenience store at the Shell gas station! Has the cutest Hawaiian souvenirs and a convenient deli section. The deli section has a variety of poke packed in individual containers. The fresh poke for the day comes in around 8:30am! The cooked food was convenient to take with us for our day trip to the beach. They had spam musubi, fried chicken, and chili rice, and more! Definitely a spot to stop by if you're in the area in need of food or souvenirs!”

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“So Thankful that this store is open. I believe their new business hours have changed to 6am - 7pm or something like that until further notice. I will update this if it's incorrect as soon as possible the next time I'm there. Grateful for this store being up & running.”

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“So far awesome, staff friendly room was clean, the room is like an apartment, there is restaurants and gift shops, realtor, and many other things, been here two days and I am impressed”

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“It has everything for anyone's needs that can't get to kahului or have Costco membership. The prices are to be expected because we are a island in the middle of the pacific ocean and it takes about several months for anything to get here. The only problem that I'm sure alot of people express or security tell to these individuals is to the ones (not armored truck driver) decides to wait infront the stores of every entrance and exit and block everything and everyone because they waiting for people shopping! Seriously! You know how many people almost get run over cause cars can't see them trying to walk around you or elderly or wheel chairs can't get by because you refuse to not wait somewhere else besides entrance/exit or cars cant get through to park so you decide to cause more traffic build up and make more problems for people around you and cause domino affects to be parked at entrance/exit waiting for passengers. Your passengers can meet you in parking lot or in a safer location. Everyon has a phone they can call you to tell you they are done to see where you are to meet you there. DO BETTER PEOPLE!”

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