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“Very nice store. The owner is a very nice lady.Have a great selection of " biker wear". The people that run the place are friendly and knowledgeable about their products. Need something stitched on you cut. The gal that runs the sewing machine is a FOX, an a great seamstress. No disrespect intended.”

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“I wanted to try out permanent jewelry. I’m so glad I did. The shop is clean. Cute. Full. With great trinkets and great prices. The experience was one I’ll never forget. Brooke touched my heart and she was professional and super nice. 10/10 stars.”

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“Alissa saved my life today! I was looking for a specific T shirt when I came in and she immediately found it for me! Should’ve stopped at this store first for my shopping needs!”

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“Today was my first time going into Athleta, and it certainly won't be my last. I was greeted by a friendly associate (I want to say her name was Kerri, I wish I could remember. Dark hair with glasses, she was great!) I told her what I was looking for in a pair of leggings and she gave me a few options to try. She ended up helping me with doing an online order to ship directly to my house. Great experience, wonderful customer service. Thanks for being so helpful!”

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“I had been searching for jeans that fit my body type for months with no success and was feeling discouraged. Someone online recommended Madewell so I popped in hopeful for a solution. Sarah helped me and gave me different pairs and styles to try and I went home with three wonderful pairs of jeans that fit just right. She has no idea how much she helped me and made my day! Thank you Sarah!”

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“I got some nice new khaki shorts for $25, and my wife got a cute tank top for less than $10 bucks. I'm going to go back for another pair of the shorts soon. I need a gray pair.”

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“Good place to get clothing a bit different from the typical stuff you'd find in every other clothing store. Color palettes are a little more pastel than usual in the men's section which is sometimes needed. Not much branding on the clothes which is great. Customer service is basically non existent but welcome if you want to be left alone lol”

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“The Gap Factory rocks my world in the best way! I got two pair of kickin' jeans and two of my favorite t-shirts, all for $31!!! Boom! The GAP staff is always professional and helpful!”

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“I Get Sooo Sucked Into This Place!! I Could Be There For Days. Found A New Water Tracker Cup, Super Cool. Each Time You Finish A Cup Of Water You Move The Rubber Band Up.The only thing I'd say, I wish people would put stuff back nicely and with the right items”

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“I went to this store on 8/10 and had a great experience. We were greeted as soon as we walked in and the staff were very attentive to anything we needed. Nechelle who rung us up was extremely nice and gave us recommendations for local places to visit while in town.”

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“I really like this store but they're too expensive. That and I can never find the bottom half of the shirts. It's the craziest thing.They have too many items in cubbies literally down at floor level. Maybe 18 to 20 somethings can bend down there and back up but us 50 somethings will be stuck forever. Lol”

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“I came in august 24th at 1:30ish pm with an idea of what I wanted but not an exact idea of style or size of jeans. Jannae helped me out at the fitting room. She was very busy but still managed to take care of me in a timely manner. She had amazing customer service and I bought more things because she was so helpful/ brought me good styles. I had her running back and forth from The jeans and dressing roomAnd she was so helpful and kind the whole way through. She is great at her job and I spent more money than planned because she sold me on additional items. She also helped my mom out. Thanks Jannae!!”

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“We love school shopping here. My son was adament that he find a Nike jacket and he wanted to go to the Nike store. I suggested we stop by Burlington first. He found exactly what he was looking for and we paid $29 for a jacket that retails at $80. We never made it to the Nike store even though it was only two doors down from Burlington.”

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“Always a great experience when me and my family and I visit this store. The staff are always very welcoming and great with helping with any question! I love the variety they have here and the style they carry. And they always seem to have great deals. We went for some shoes and sandals and can always find a comfortable fit in many different selections. They also carry a good size selection for kids! Good vibes”

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