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“This pic- Need I say more! Best breakfast and lunch place I've ever been to. Food has yet to disappoint and we've eaten there countless times. Love this hometown place!”

3.7Good47 Reviews

“Very clean store, fresh hot coffee,friendly staff,stocked much better than 2 years ago. Still having struggles with finding staff so hours are limited but you can truly see theyre doing the best they can with what they have. Hours are slowly improving. ? Give em time.”

3.4Good48 Reviews

“Great traveling in and out location, easy interstate stop no wait. Great stop and amazingly friendly cashier. Bathrooms were outside, but after working 2 years for a gas station, they were very nice for outside access bathrooms. Bathrooms are also unlocked unless in use which was awesome!! No going in to ask for a key and waste time.”

3.4Good30 Reviews

“The store was clean, bathrooms clean, and handicap accessible wheelchair accessible walker accessible friendly staff knowledgeable staff respectful staff willing to help out. Parking limited handicap accessible wheelchair accessible walker accessible. They have the products they require. They have a Dunkin donuts there. They also have another fast food store as well.”

2.9Average22 Reviews

“The drive thru pharmacy is great! Very quick and a print out for 2019 purchases and a refill in just a few minutes. Unfortunately, we had to go directly TO the pharmacy because the Walgreens (in this Southern Maine area anyway!) new phone system is a runaround and ridiculous! This is a complaint I've only recently experienced, but had heard from numerous people recently, even employees of Walgreen.”

2.1Poor10 Reviews