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“At Carey Hardware Store she seems to have everything you need and just a little bit more she will even order for you specially service is such an old idea it seems brand new but you will find it at Carey Hardware store”

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“Zeskind's has a very friendly and knowledgeable staff that really makes a difference when trying to get the best cabinets. My brother and I had ideas when we walked in about what we wanted to have, but we walked out with a much better product. Mike took our ideas and improved on them telling us about other cabinet types and helping us to make it all fit. We are very happy with the final product! If anything is not right the first time they are quick to fix it.”

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“Saved my a$$. Found my part which was like a needle in a haystack . This is the kind of business you need to support because once they are gone you will be left with nothing but frustration. Go there and buy something even if you don’t need it you will be doing the city and the country a service”

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“Ace is the place...no lie! Where else can we find everything we need with such helpful sales people. And we love that it's in the neighborhood. The Rifkins”

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“Vince... a very gregarious and knowledge owner/salesperson. It was a pleasure visiting his store for the first time and meeting him. I learned it was a family business that he's now run for decades. The store is packed to the ceiling and displayed attractively out front, with just about everything you'd need/expect in a hardware store (not lumber yard.)I'd called in and he was able to salvage the correct part for my lawn mower from one that was located "out back." He saved me approx. $20 by getting me the handle I needed, which didn't have it's own individual part number, without having to by the whole self-propel control unit.I will return.”

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“This particular visit they didn't have the part I was looking for but suggested where else I may go to find it. The staff are consistently friendly and helpful. It is a pleasant place to shop.”

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“As an electrical contractor we use Shepherd electric for a lot of our material purchases. Our rep, Gary, is great! He stops in and checks if we need assistance every week like clockwork. He is always friendly and very knowledgeable. Their prices are very competitive and the service is top notch. Highly recommended.”

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“This is the real thing. A historic hardware store the way they used to be. Has nearly everything and museum quality hardware store appearance. Very helpful staff.”

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“If you find this place, you will find the best assortment of tools for the job! More Klein than I have ever seen. Anywhere. And the best customer service as well!”

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“So close to my house and didn’t know it wasn’t just for contractors had 4 inch baseboard Home Depot and Lowe’s didn’t for way cheaper and it wasn’t MDF!! The warehouse guy shrink wrapped it all and helped me get 5 16’ pieces of baseboard in my truck couldn’t be more pleased”

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“A very nice and completely filled hardware store. They have everything from kitchenware, garden, paint, grills and the complete Stihl lineup. Excellent customer service!”

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“This place is okay for pawning but they really give you the lowest amount of money possible but they do take more stuff than most pawn shops in the area. And if you're late on picking up an item you pawned they will work with you and hold it and just charge you extra money rather than putting it out right after 30 days and you losing you're item.”

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“The Toolbank is an asset to the Baltimore Community. The large inventory of quality cared for materials is endless. We couldn't do what we do at BARCS without Rachel and her team.”

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“You can always find something interesting or cool at this place. Good spot for those expressing themselves creatively. I've been coming here for a few years. Check out my pics.”

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“Most definitely a true *variety* store! Between hardware plus typical corner store goods, this kind gentleman also sold us some gorgeous cacti that have long overgrown their original containers - among countless other good finds. This place is the best!”

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“My husband demanded I write a review of this stores small engine shop:We have a lawn care business and having our equipment always running is essential. We had a problem with out 60" Zero Turn, and had it to a couple different shops, Atlantic Tractor, and Liberty with no resolution to our problem. Another lawn care company recommended Lehman's on Belair Rd. in Overlea. Said there was this older cranky guy named John that works there that can fix anything, so we gave it a shot. Hands down John was unbelievable, found the issue, resolved the problem, and we had our mower back in a very reasonable time frame.Cranky John, whoever you are; THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are an incredible mechanic, and we are truly thankful!”

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“As part of my garden project, I purchased several beautiful flowers from Green’s Hardware. Many options were available and, unlike the flowers and plants at some big name hardware stores, the flowers and plants were adequately watered, not wilted and dying. The owner was also a pleasure to meet and chat with. It was my first time shopping there yesterday, but certainly not my last.”

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“I love the carriage house shop in the back. They have a nice selection of unique handmade and fair trade items, like home and garden decor, kitchen towels and table cloths, gloves, robes, rugs and more! A small shop but jam packed.”

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“I've been going to this ACE hardware for years and they've always been super helpful. This week I needed help installing my under the cabinet microwave and Danny was really helpful, he took the time to answer all my questions and help me troubleshoot some issues I was having with my cabinet. Thanks a lot!”

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“I just went in there to look around and see what was in the store. So when you have to fix something you know where to go get it. You'll find things that you won't find in home Depot or Lowe's that you need.”

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“Visited this store on Friday afternoon (3/24/23). Andy greeted me with a smile and was excited to help. I didn't leave with any parts/order cause there isn't a Grainger store close to home. So I need to do some more information gathering on my end to figure out my exact part. Then I can place an order. Andy was great to work with and I would recommend him to anyone. Grainger should be pleased he has chosen to work at Grainger.”

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“Nice store, kind of a pain in the behind to get into during traffic due to the location at the entrance of 295. Clean and well stocked/labeled. I'm not sure if it was just today, but everyone seemed miserable being there, no smiles, no hello, very unfriendly and abrupt. Did not feel welcomed. I'll shop here again, give them another chance.”

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“The store in general is a bit tight but I guarantee you one thing on a scale of 1 to 100 99% of the time you go in you come out with exactly what you need and the guys here they make you feel like family I love it”

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“This is a heating boiler distributor. Been around since the early 40's. Myself I'm a boiler installer. It an excellent product which I'm proud to say have been using for close to 50yrs. Good equipment very good service!”

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“If you need pipe fittings or anything to help you complete your work they have it in the store or they will find it for you they also have tools for everything situation you find yourself on these guys know plumbing. Open until 5 pm knowledgeable”

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“When purchasing cabinets at Castle Wholesalers the entire staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, but handsdown Candace gave me the best customer service. Her overall knowledge of the warehouse and her pleasant demeanor made the whole experience that much better. Castle Wholesalers will continue to recieve all of my business because of her and the excellent staff. Appreciate you guys”

3.9 Good79 Reviews

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