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“Alex is the most incredible pharmacist in the universe. She is so caring, professional and sincere. Her memory and attention to detail is second to none . She is the employee every company wants. If corporate reads these reviews, give her a bonus and do everything you can to keep her happy.”

4.3 Superb23 Reviews

“We got a Supreme, a Hawaiian, and a sausage burrito today for our first time ordering from here and all were really good! We'll definitely be ordering from you again.”

3.2 Average14 Reviews

“Well-stocked and clean, as far as CVSes go. Bonus points for being one of the few local drug stores or grocers that's open 24 hours in Ferndale. The new self-checkouts are also great and really cut down on lines. Pharmacists are helpful. Vaccine appointments are done very quickly.”

2.8 Average8 Reviews

“Picked up our scripts and found out I had $3 Extra Care Bucks for my Birthday which was last May! Lol! Better Late than Never! Huh! Lol! Then, I forgot about another $5 in ECB's so these earrings were FREE! LOVELY! especially since a pair that I bought a year ago has started to tarnish! Good day!!”

2.7 Average25 Reviews

“Stood at the checkout for ten minutes at 9:00 tonight, self checkouts were shut off, everyone came to help me. I could hear a girl in the aisle stocking items talking about how much she loved her job on the phone. Left right handed.”

2.4 Poor15 Reviews

“This is my favorite gas station in Ferndale. I always chat with Virginia whom always has a smile and is very helpful. The staff are top notch and very friendly. Its a pleasure to stop there”

2.1 Poor10 Reviews

“I don’t know why there are so many negative reviews. The staff here has always been exceedingly kind patient and helpful (and has always worn masks during COVID as well)”

2.4 Poor23 Reviews

“Pretty decent. World is more stranger than most people would ever believe. Alot is kept hidden and kept silent to try to keep everyone happily asleep in bystander-ish bliss with things that might not seem right. Whatever it be left or right, up or down, backwards or forwards, progressive or regressive; let us not be divided over trial things. There is a global like "mafia" so anti any of us, looking to keep us divided as to play blame games amongst ourselves so we won't work together to expose them so we may honestly live happily ever after and not so divided. No two people will ever agree on everything 110% to each their own perceptions of reality.”

2.2 Poor19 Reviews

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