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“I come here even though the one on near 12 mile is closer to my house. Why? Friendlier staff and they don’t seem to have Uber/doordash orders clogging up their time. The newish employee whose younger/heavyset is sooooo friendly. It makes me happy anytime I walk in and he’s working. Store is always stocked and clean as well.”

3.8 Good34 Reviews

“I just can't begin to express how kind Danny was when I went in the 12 Mile and Campbell store this afternoon, he greeted me when he walked in and he couldn't have been nicer and he did it with a smile, and compassion! I was looking for a particular brand of cigarettes which nobody seems to have in the state of Michigan right now he hunted for them and seemed extremely happy to do it THANK YOU DANNY! This is rare in our current world, it was greatly appreciated!”

3.4 Good46 Reviews

“Of all the 7/11s in the area this one is by far the cleanest and most well stocked. The owner Ali and staff are extremely nice and well organized. The coffee was tasty and the hot food was delicious!!! Will be coming back!!!! ?”

3.8 Good12 Reviews

“This is our neighborhood 7-Eleven, and my wife and I shop here by a few times a month for to kitchen essentials we run out of or forgot on our regular grocery errands, like milk, butter, beer, ice, etc. We're consistently impressed by the customer service!”

3.4 Good33 Reviews

“Sunoco is my go-to gas, and the price of gas here is fair, comparatively.But more importantly, I've lived in the area for 20+ years and this station has been a rock at this corner since before I moved here. And it's been a Sunoco the whole time, so they must be doing something right.I was in need of towing a few years ago and was a couple of miles down the road. Called them up because I knew they worked with a towing service and I was taken care of within an hour.The attendants have always been friendly, helpful and not creepy whatsoever. People need to get over themselves.Lastly, FREE air!!! My air tire pressure gauge stopped working while checking my tire pressure one day, and the station had one they lend out. Fantastic.I hope they stick around for 20 more years.”

4.4 Superb5 Reviews

“I’ve been using this pharmacy for years, and I’ve always had a great experience here. They outdid themselves this time however, when the price of my prescription randomly went up. The team at this pharmacy were not only able to figure out why the price went up almost 10x the amount, but they helped get it back down to the original price! Amazed at how nice and willing to help they all were through the process!”

3.7 Good6 Reviews

“"SERVICE WITH A SMILE!" It's hard to find these days. It's understandable. Everyone has "stuff" going on. Everyone dealing with their own issues, losses, disappointment, baggage, etc. People working at jobs where maybe they don't feel appreciated. It's HARD not to allow it to effect the way you interact with customers. I get it.That is why being recieved with such kindness and a smile today was so appreciated. Great store. Great people!Go there and see for yourself. And when you leave, check out the wall in the vestibule. DAISY-LU is my 15 year old Staffordshire/Pit mix.She will make you smile!”

3.2 Average17 Reviews

“The cashier made my day! I had $85 in purchases and she told me someone earlier in the day left an unused coupon. She used it on my purchase and it saved me $11.00. I have never had a cashier do that before.”

3.1 Average51 Reviews

“This is one of the best local gas stations due to the staff. They are always nice and helpful. You have to give it to people who work their butts off. I know it is more than standing there and ringing up customers (from experience). I have to say that the gentleman Steve is so wonderfully nice and kind that I go out of my way to get fuel here. Some people you meet make your minute, hour, or day a little better but he has a way that makes your day”

3.1 Average29 Reviews

“Hospitality is awesome I don’t know her name but she work mornings shifts . She really nice and amazing perfect pair that’s they gas station me and the people go to because they trustable Service is excellent and owners are beautiful people.”

3.1 Average21 Reviews

“We always stop at this 7-Eleven on our way home from the cancer center at Beaumont. This store is so clean and neat and organized and the people are very nice and friendly. All the other 7-Elevens I've been to are dirty and disorganized. This one is the best.”

3 Average49 Reviews

“This is a big Walgreens. They have some wide aisles. The store as pretty organized and clean. They had what I was looking for. The cashier was pleasant and friendly.”

2.9 Average23 Reviews

“We had a blast at the store, picking out Halloween costumes. The staff involved themselves in the best way! They gave us feedback, told us what did and didn’t look good, and then and then showed us how to get the best discount at the end. Thanks, Downtown Royal Oak CVS!”

2.9 Average24 Reviews

“They did pretty good with all the construction that was going on all around them cuz they was doing the construction work trucks that kept it clean and kept it going that was a good thing”

2.9 Average45 Reviews

“I really would like Styrofoam cups. Speedway has them. I stop in on the way to work, the Styrofoam helps keep the drink icy for a good chunk of the day and not more cold on my hand.”

2.9 Average54 Reviews

“This is such a tricky review, because I've used this Walgreens pharmacy for years. I dread going, but only because of the other customers. Impatience and rudeness does not suit anyone well. With that said, this pharmacy definitely can be really hard to get in and out of, drive through as well, even if you've gotten a text that you have something for pickup. I think a lot of it has to do with it being in such an accessible and popular location. I don't think it reflects on the pharmacists or other staff. The location itself drives me crazy as it's as far north I normally travel on Woodward, so exiting with a southbound destination in mind always feels like chalk scraping on a chalkboard. I think it's a good place. My medications i pick up are always available and ready, it's the wait at certain times of day. It's a hassle, but so is being alive lol. Please take that to heart, being alive is a hassle and you're at a pharmacy. The pharmacy staff and main door checkout staff are nothing but lovely, it's the other assholes in line that can be annoying above and beyond a wait time.I do think that this Walgreens pharmacy is busier than most. but I still put up with it because the Walgreens staff is great and the location works. Bring a book or something, and stop expecting immediate gratification wherever you go.”

2.4 Poor7 Reviews

“These 1-star reviews must be OUTDATED. The clerk that rang me up was sharp, courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient! I pumped 5 gallons, and everything was smooth. AND their air (for your tires) is FREE! This is my new favorite gas station! I'm gonna drag on up from Midtown from now on!”

2.6 Average16 Reviews

“This location is my go-to for my needs. Which I use them a lot they go above and I use them a lot. Thank you pharmacy for not making me feel like just another nameless faceless person.”

2.5 Average19 Reviews

“Absolute angels in store and pharmacy. Sure you get a dud once in a while or the line is almost the door. They are superior in customer service and always willing to help. I really appreciate everyone and don’t tell them enough. You guys are the best!”

1.9 Poor7 Reviews

“We love Sage. We live just around the corner and it’s so handy having somewhere we can just run and grab something we may have forgotten. The owner is so sweet and always very kind.”

1.4 Poor9 Reviews

“Got stranded with a flat tire at midnight with nothing else open except McDonald's that doesn't let people inside after a long, late work shift. When I asked to use the bathroom I was told to pee on the ground outside by the cashier.Update; a good friend was very upset by this situation and went to speak to the manager, apparently that wasn't store policy so the cashier will be spoken to.”

2.1 Poor47 Reviews

“I was wowed today by the exceptional service I received from Amelia. I was even more impressed when she told me it was her first day. ? Great hiring Team Walgreens. Amelia was professional, well-trained, courteous, kind and friendly. She knew everything! Kudos to Amelia! ??? If she keeps this up she'll be managing a Walgreens one day.”

1.8 Poor111 Reviews