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“Clemmer's Convience Store...Love this store, I've been coming here for years. Friendly long time employees are very customer orientated! Gas and cigarettes are always cheaper than other stores and they don't allow vagrants to hang out and beg for cash for beer money!!! I feel very safe there. Highly recommend Clemmer's Store to anyone!”

4.2 Good75 Reviews

“We clean over 100 restaurants & food trucks between NC & SC and Power House needs to brag on how CLEAN & organized this couples food truck is. We are honored to clean their exhaust hoods. They are a phenomenal couple, very friendly and professional. We enjoyed working with them and super impressed with the cleanliness of the food truck & corner store. God Speed y’all!! Ohh and that strawberry banana pudding is ??? and they cary my new favorite drink.”

4.4 Superb19 Reviews

“Great gas station with cheap gas and 32 oz fountain drinks for only 60¢ with Blue Powerade. Overall good store with a large selection, great prices, and helpful employees. They also have a Mexican restaurant in the back the smells great!”

4.9 Superb7 Reviews

“They have good gas.My car seems to really like it.They participate in a fuel perks program, so you can get a discount per gallon based on the amount of shopping dollars spent at the participating grocery store.”

4.2 Good20 Reviews

“The new owners are sure to please,,the new vape shop and Starbucks coffee are a great add I go there most every day beings I live rite down the Rd. My go to store.”

4.4 Superb9 Reviews

“They came in and made it feel like a family hometown small store and it's had that feeling ever since they took it over it's an excellent place to shop wonderful people wonderful employees and to them I say thank you for doing what you do”

4.3 Superb9 Reviews

“Friendly employees however the drink machine is always without cups or lids or straws or both and the way they close the store between certain hours in the early morning to clean is nuts since just about every time I walk in one of the two cashiers on duty are cleaning, so what's the point and stuff? Just saying”

3.8 Good24 Reviews

“I've been going to the "corner store" for at least 15 plus years, it's family owned and even though they somewhat over charge you for certain things, they've always been nice to me! I've never had any issues with them, and they look out for me if needed ???”

4.2 Good8 Reviews

“It was a really awesome pharmacy,, then after like 3 months they told me they were no longer allowed to fill anything containing buprenorphine, and sent me on my way. Which was a shame, they were the only cvs who had white pills in this entire area. With my insurance I can only use CVS as my pharmacy. Hopefully they’ll get me back in soon, I’ll keep you posted”

3.9 Good10 Reviews

“Had a problem about a Hyde rechargeable device, it was a damaged device that had burnt a liquid inside of it and the man gave me my return and I am thankful for that so I’ll give this a five star”

4.3 Superb5 Reviews

“Store is so-so on inventory and price, grill food is not to bad. Especially for a gas station grill, and reasonable price for plate full. But that owner! I'd help her box any time she needed it. Wonderful personality and beautiful too boot. Recommend”

4.7 Superb3 Reviews

“One of my favorite Kingsway stores.I come here a lot on my way to work for snacks and gas. It's very clean and stocked every time.It's very well managed, every one's very nice! Another thing I like is they usually have trending items like the Pacqui one chip challenge and limited edition Oreos.”

3.6 Good20 Reviews

“This is a good clean store they have your standard items cigarettes, beer ,soda, snacks and lottery tickets!! They have sold their share of winners that's for sure!!!”

4.1 Good5 Reviews

“Went to CVS on New Hope rd in Gastonia, the pharmacy there is very popular. I had a question about an over the counter medicine. The pharmacist took time to assist me. The phones were ringing, you could tell they were very busy, but that didn’t stop the pharmacist being so kind and helping me.”

3.6 Good14 Reviews

“The ladies that work here are freaking awesome. I’m definitely a regular bc I live close- the lady at night deserves a serious raise! They always take great care of us :)”

3.5 Good21 Reviews

“Great place to stop clean n friendly place. Nice variety of goods. Car wash is nice too they also have a Laundra mat n it kept up really well too. They offer laundry service too! She did a great job on my bedding n my personal clothes. Smelled nice n clean folded very well. Keep up the good work”

3.8 Good6 Reviews

“Its my favorite 711 compared to the one in Dallas. The staff at this location always makes sure you get your points and discounts and they're always really nice The gas is cheaper at this location also.”

3.4 Good21 Reviews

“I come here at least 2 times a week because it is right down the road from my house so it is very convenient but I would love a bigger selection of craft beers. I feel like the beer is pretty outdated to call yourselves VAPE AND BREW. More variety and more updated selections would be nice. I am a bartender and am very knowledgeable of beer and wine. I also get charged different prices than what is listed but anyways PLEASE please get better choices. I am to the point I do not want to come back.”

3.4 Good15 Reviews

“I have never had a problem at all with any of the cashier's!! They all are super nice to me!! If I forget my speedway card they still give me the discount with there card!! I don't stop here much cause it's not near me but if it was it would be my daily store!! I love the cold coffee machine and different variety of syrup you guys have!! Keep up the good job!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

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