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“Convenient, good gas prices - often the best in the area plus "buy ten gallons of gas and get a free fountain soda." I'm writing this in early 2022 so I suggest you confirm the offer hasn't changed before your visit. Otherwise, a friendly staff along with a safe, well-lit station and car-wash makes this place my favorite.”

4.5Superb41 Reviews

“Have bought countless birthday cakes here and they have all been delicious, recently ordered a unicorn theme birthday cake and they did not disappoint, made an 8 year old girl very happy.”

4.3Superb55 Reviews

“La Paloma has been helping me since 2017. They will assist you in pretty much everything they can. I always count on them: to open the company for me, assist me with insurance, tax return. All the ladies are very friendly and I hardly recommend them.”

4.1Good27 Reviews

“Nicest people! I wanted to acknowledge the staff at this particular 7-11 for being so polite, helpful, and nice. They always greet you with a smile and a kind word. The store is clean and well stocked.Today someone called, "Devin with 7-11" waited on me and he was delightful!”

4.4Superb16 Reviews

“The technician and pharmacist were extremely helpful . I always enjoy my interaction with both pharmacists when picking up my prescriptions. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

3.8Good21 Reviews

“Their payment system was down when we were there and they could only take cash at the time, but they made it well known ahead of time and the employees were nice about it. They had a good selection of zero calorie electrolyte hydration (Gatorade and their store brand version of it). We had just come from an outside workout and were happy to find it.”

3.6Good37 Reviews

“Super Convenient to Presbyterian Hospital North (Novant) Right across Gilead Rd from the Campus. Recently had a minor procedure and need to pick up some post care items for the next week or so. Rather than drive back to home in Denver NC and detour out of the way to our normal pharmacy, since it was there, it was easier to just go ahead and stop and pick up the Rx. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Store is immaculate and Service is very quick. If I lived or worked closer, this location could easily become my default pharmacy.”

3.8Good13 Reviews

“My grandson went into the store alone. He came out and commented on how friendly and helpful the cashier was to him. The outside area and parking lot was very clean. The store was very busy and yet a good atmosphere and experience was shown to each customer.”

3.3Good57 Reviews

“It's been a long time since I've had a conversation with an employee at a gas station and I enjoyed the interaction. I've only been here twice as I am just visiting, but both times the employees were kind and communicative. Gas, drinks, and eats plus friendliness=A+.”

3.3Good25 Reviews

“Outstanding customer service with a with a wide variety of food items for that quick pick up on the way home. The Cashion Family are also huge supporters of community programs and events. Just a fabulous locally owned small business!”

3.2Average24 Reviews

“The pharmacist and staff were excellent, I asked a few questions about a new medication, it's an injection, she showed me in detail how to use it with a big smile on her face. They all were very nice!”

3Average44 Reviews

“The Manager is helpful and kind. She is knowledgeable concerning her stores products. She goes that step extra to help you. She even provided directions, all with a smile and made us laugh. We felt welcomed. Not just another dollar but a person behind that, if that matters to the passersby, then we recommend visiting Miss Debbie's store. Thanks again”

2.3Poor3 Reviews

“me and my wife come here every day because we work right down the street. i have grown to love the man that is always helping me. its early in the mornings when i get off and early mornings means the bp just opened. he is always full of laughter, we have many things in common, and even thoigh its 5am early when he gets to work, he is never in a nad mood, and he is the definition of the golden rule, because he treats everyone the way people should treat each other. i wish we had more samuels in this crazy world, maybe then the world would actually be a place better place all around. me and my wife have a great relationship with this man. his name is terrie, but me and my wife call him samuel because he looks exactly like samuel l. jackson, which happens to be one of my all time favorite actors. he loves that only we call him this. he is always so helpful, amazingly great at doing his job, and he speaks very fluent spanish, so id have to whole heartedly that this man is everything especially for a short time while visiting this convenience store. we love you samuel forever. love your waffle house family!!!. thank you for contining to not only be our friend, but treating us good and giving us that daily laugh/joke makes it even more rewarding to stop here and not qt or another gas station. .”

2.9Average34 Reviews

“Very clean and the only lady working the entire store, although overwhelmed was extremely pleasant and very professional.We talked about people that call off and what it takes to handle the BS by yourself...So the next time you stop in and there is only one person on staffBe a little more considerate and do not act so entitled..It really upsets people who are doing the best they can...Also it wouldn't hurt to acknowledge them.”

2.8Average37 Reviews

“Yesterday I had the worst day ever, I was out of my medication that I needed and my insurance company was being the least bit helpful with my plan that had just started that day. Pharmacy tech Dawn went above and beyond to take care of my prescription and to help me fix my insurance. She took the time to try to solve the problem even though they were very busy and was so kind and helpful when I came to the pharmacy. So thankful for people like Dawn at this location!!!”

2.5Average14 Reviews

“Saved ten cents per gallon by getting a car wash... after filling up, the screen indicated that the attendant would have the receipt, with my wash code on it.... but they were closedAaarghUPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!As I finished uploading this post, the owner of the store, Ed, came to my rescue. He opened up the locked-up establishment where he then gave life to his machine with a simple touch. He then commanded the machine to do and it obeyed, spitting out a reprint of my receipt with the sought-after wash code. I blessed the noble gentleman for his heroism with a Shave And A Haircut, honk as I drove away.”

2.7Average39 Reviews

“The cashier was rude, and there are no prices labeled on the shelves in the store, but the inside is tidier than it would appear by looking at the outside. The gas price was three cents cheaper than elsewhere!”

2.6Average26 Reviews

“This store is hands down the funniest thing I ever seen on my timeline. The people I know are the most loyal people in the world. You know that you have a good heart. I hope that you’re having fun with the family today I hope you are well and that you’re doing good like the people at this location. They all seem to always be doing good. The kids are really enjoying their new friends. You guys should come visit.”

2.6Average49 Reviews

“I have to disagree about it being the worse. Go try the one at Chesire Place. This one is like a 5 star resort compared to that one. This one is very clean and well stocked. Everyone are so nice and accomadating. We have moved our entire families prescription to this one. Love it.”

2.3Poor26 Reviews

“My Wife Lossed Her Dad Monday,And We Were Traveling To Newark New Jersey To Make Preparations For His Funeral.We Were Feeling Down,But When We Met Joshua At StoreNumber35544 He Brighten Up Our Spirits.He Deserves To Be Promoted To Manager Because Of His Professionalism And I Do Mean This With All God Gives Me...I Am Stationed At Fort Bragg,NC.I Will ALWAYS Stop At This 7-11.”

2.4Poor43 Reviews

“I almost always go to the CVS on Sam Furr, bc Sean is usually there and he always takes good care of me. Today was no exception, I had a return and exchange. Sean handled it like he always does.He is always friendly and professional. Give the man a raise.Jo Kelly”

2.3Poor42 Reviews

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with this walgreens. Its walgreens. Folks there have always been nice, to me anyway. Ot convenient. The only draw back is that there hours arent as advertised. I think they are open till 10 but on a couple of occasions they have been closed prior to that”

2.3Poor79 Reviews

“One of the best pharmacies I have ever been in. Ms Eileen is super nice and the staff is great. They give me a warm welcome and if I look confused and can’t find what I’m looking for they offer me a assistants even if I don’t say anything.”

2.1Poor87 Reviews

“Stopped at the 7-Eleven while gassing up the car and needed to run inside to grab an item or two. I normally gas up at the Exxon here but have only gone into the 7-Eleven maybe once or twice previously. Every time that I've gone in, I've never had an issue and I've always found what I've needed. The cashier/checkout staff has always been friendly and accommodating when needed. Inside the 7-Eleven, there is a plentiful supply of items that you may need. There is a coffee station, Slurpee machine, foods, beverage items (soft drinks, water, beer and wine), snacks and many other items. Inside there is also an ATM machine that can be utilized in if needed. It is one of the better 7-Eleven convenience stores that I've been in, so that's a plus for sure. If you need more extensive items, this location is close by a variety of other stores such as grocery and restaurants.”

1.9Poor54 Reviews

“Not my regular Pharmacy but when my wife had her gall bladder removed, we stopped by to get some post op supplies like dressing and creams.While I have been to this Pharmacy several times to get things like Witch Hazel and Hydrogen Peroxide for projects at work, I had never bought anything like wound dressings of creams. Needless to say, I had no idea where these items would be located withing the store.This CVS is right across the parking lot from the Hospital where the Surgery was performed. Picked her up at the front door and the nursing staff helped her into the car,Drove straight to CVS and parked the car with the A/C running. Went in and rather that my normal hit of miss way of shopping which means I look at everything, I explained what I needed to the clerk at the check out and between her and another employee, I had everything I needed and was checked out and back in the car in less than 5 minutes.Probably did not matter much because the pain med's did not wear off for another 3 hours but we were home in about 20 minutes, and she could rest in the comfort of her own home.Still the helpfulness of the staff was excellent and very appreciated.”

1.9Poor99 Reviews

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