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“I am impressed had my car upon the lift in no time and worked with care and took their time even examining other things in the process to make sure everything else was okay will be coming back for sure thank you”

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“Had been getting car maintenance from a big name car dealership, but their work became sloppy in the past year. That was proven to me when a short time after I'd had my car in for maintenance there, I had my front passenger tire blow out on a busy street on my way home from work. I had heard of Luke's Auto and decided to take my car there for repairs. It was a great experience for me! Not only are they less expensive than dealerships, but they do much better work. They test drove my car, did a thorough inspection of it and sent me a detailed report breaking it down into what was in good condition, what needed to be monitored in the future, and what needed fixed immediately. There were pictures of each thing that needed immediate attention. I was amazed that the dealership, which I had trusted for years, did not mention those things to me at all. I also found out that my tire blew out because the spring broke on one of my struts and punctured the tire. Luke's also paid for Uber to ride me home and then back over the shop when I had to pick up my car. I took it in on a Wednesday, and they had it all done by 2:30 the next day! I was impressed! I highly recommended Luke's Auto Repair to anyone that wants to be sure their car is being well taken care of. This will be my go-to repair shop from now on.”

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“Just took my car at this shop. Excellent customer service. I love how he made me feel welcome. He diagnosed the problem on my car. Fix the problem and clean my brakes for free. He also said in 4Months timeI can bring my car back and I won’t pay diagnostic problems. One ofA kind mechanic shop. My previous mechanic overcharged me n had a bad attitude in customer service.”

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“Couldn’t recommend Glen and his team more. Reliable, quick, and much better price than the dealership. I found my new mechanic/auto shop in Columbus.Service: Transmission”

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“Had 2 diffs and back half of transmission rebuilt in 4 days during a pandemic/ supply chain issues . Anywhere else would have took 2 weeks!! John in service was awesome in communicating with me, no hidden fees. They are a Eaton dealer, and will always get my business. Also they have a parts department that carriers a ton of parts from medium to heavy duty transmission and differentials”

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“I could not be happier with my recent experience at Cruisin Classics Performance Center. I took my 1978 GMC C15 in for a tune-up along with some repairs and maintenance. Jim and Scott kept me up-to-date as the work progressed and were very responsive to my emails. The truck now runs great. The service was fantastic and the price was hard to beat given all the work performed. I will be referring to Jim, Scott, and their team for any future classic auto needs.Services: Transmission”

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“Great service! I bought new tires and rims for my new to me used truck. They installed the new tires and rims and checked out the truck and completed an oil change. Best part $40! Honest reliable and quality work.”

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“Great place with wonderful customer service and open honest communication! They take great notes of everything going on with your vehicle and let you know all of your options up front!Service: General repairs & maintenance”

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“I was very happy with my experience, Jerry was kind enough drop me back home after I dropped off my vehicle and when my vehicle was finished he picked me up. He was a pleasure and he gave me a history lesson on parts of Columbus and I thoroughly enjoyed his company. (My last name is Bogner)”

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“Very friendly and professional. Went to them twice, first time for a check engine light, second time after hitting a pothole. Gave a very honest estimate for the catalytic converter and did not charge for the inspection. Will definitely visit them again!”

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“Can't say enough about Todd & the guys at Columbus Transmission! Todd was so helpful & beyond patient dealing with my extended warranty company/claim. (Which lemme tell ya, anyone thats had an extended warranty knows they are not the easiest ppl to work with!)I spent hours reading reviews from all the transmission shops in the area, and no other shop came close to having the amount of positive reviews -or more importantly, the lack of negative reviews- as Columbus Transmission.Can't thank you guys enough! A+ Team :)”

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“Jay is very helpful, understanding, and very knowledgeable! Definitely recommend this Aamco location for service. Him and his crew get the job done above the standard than most places do in my opinion. Look forward and trust to have my vehicles serviced here in the future especially with transmission issues!!”

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“HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! We have been taking all of our vehicles to Howiler's for over 25 years and recommend them to all of our friends and family. They are very honest and ONLY repair what is necessary. There have been multiple times in the past that the dealership diagnosed a problem that wasn't the issue and were going to charge us $1200; we took it to Howiler's and they diagnosed the REAL issue and it cost half that amount. Another time, we were told we needed new ball joints and bearings, and we took it to Howiler's, and it was only a bulging tire. LOVE THESE GUYS!”

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“Thomas did an amazing repair on my A/C and gave me a better quote than any other mechanic I asked. One mechanic wanted to charge me $1300 for the repair and Thomas explained how much the parts cost (which was less than 1/3 of the quote the other shops gave me) . He was quick with it and honest about it. He even said I could use his quote to get a better deal elsewhere if I didn't want to drive it to him. He got my business right away instead of the other shops. He will forever be the mechanic I go to.”

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“Thoroughly diagnosed my issues and addressed them accordingly at a reasonable price and explained each repair in detail.I would recommend anyone who wants an honest and competent mechanic shop to take care of their vehicles to use this business.”

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“Of course I managed to get a flat tip screw in my tire. I stopped in GGT bc if their reviews. Even though they seemed extremely busy, in less than 15mins my tire was patched and I was back on my way. Super friendly, great prices, and even better service. Highly recommend!”

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“I had a tennis ball size hole in my chassis on my Ford F-150. The guys at Nelson said they could get it done but there was a wait of 3 months. They said if I could leave it they might be able to fit it in if someone didn't show. Luckily I had another car and the guys were able to get it done in a month. I was so greatly. I couldn't afford a new truck so I was glad they were able to fix it.”

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“The absolute most reliable honest service for all your car needs. Professional people and especially helpful dealing with women and older people. Recommend this location highly.”

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“Great customer service, techs found issues dealership wasn’t able to identify!Quality work,impressive customer satisfaction. Flexible, prompt, repeat customer, will only get work done at Hughes!!! BEST AROUND!Services: Transmission”

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“I called 20+ local shops for a brakejob. They were all trying to charge me extremely unnecessary prices, "No ones gonna do it for less than that" they all said..Rick saved me more than just a couple hundred and got the job done in one day. So grateful, I had to write a review.”

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“I don't think anybody loves a transmission shop. We don't get to show up there on our best days. So far, though, the experience has been good and they have been efficient and friendly.”

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“This shop is A1 with their customer service. The tech took the time with me on the phone and in the shop to let me know what was going on with my truck. He has to replace the transmission with come with a 3 year warranty. When I picked it up I wasn’t satisfied with the way it was running. Took it back and he said I need spark plugs and coils which he said had nothing to do with the transmission. I was totally tapped out on funds told him I’ll just pick it up the next day😭. He called me the next day and said he wanted to make sure that the spark plugs and cool was making it do what it was doing and not the transmission so he replaced them and the car runs like a charm at no charge to me. this is a shop that cares about their customer satisfaction. Thanks again. Will recommend them to anyone and everyone”

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“Brought in my 2001 Olds Aurora for Mike to see why it wasn't starting, running right. He took the time to figure out it had a blown head gasket most likely. He was very honest about my options, which weren't many, especially considering the amount of money it would take to get this old car in running order. He was extremely patient about me setting up a time for a tow truck to pick up the car to junk it. Thanks Mike! Appreciate your time! I'll be contacting you soon about another vehicle.”

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“I had an overheating engine and took my car into Boyd's the next day and they diagnosed the heating core right away.They were straightforward with the price and timeline and my car was finished as advertised. I needed a little follow-up work as well and they took care of it no questions asked.Car's been running great since with no issues!”

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“De verdad muy agradecido con todo el equipo del taller, hacen un trabajo impecable, (rapidez, precio y atencion), están dedicados a los clientes, ayer llegue tarde con un problema de frenos y se tomaron la molestia a esa hora, de comprar las partes e instalarme calidez, discos y frenos, 100 por ciento recomendable, trabajo garantizado!!!”

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“Nice experience with the services! I did diagnostic on my car. The staff was not only incredibly nice but also provided detailed information. A definite recommendation for their professionalism and expertise!”

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“I enjoyed working with the people at John's Auto Service, managed by Cathy, a people person who is the face of John's. They have been pleasant when I come in repeatedly to check on my car because of no call backs about the status of my SUV when promised often. John's was seemingly optimistic, yet unsuccessful, regarding fixing what should have been minor problems. The first visit I ended up with a bill, with the power steering still completely disabled, exactly as it was when I brought in the car THREE WEEKS EARLIER. The dealership fixed the power steering in two days afterward. Conveniently located near my place, John's would have been a great experience had they only fixed the problems they were paid in full to fix. It was great I could walk there for updates, because they kept my car for TWO WEEKS this time for a dented wheel I dropped off, paid for, and then picked up in IDENTICAL BROKEN CONDITION, if not worse! This time almost $2,000 was paid! All the whike the wheel still bent, the car still swerving and uncontrollable. The tire light and slippery alert lights are still on. I'm lucky I made it back the one block to my condo... It took a lot of work to control the car. Maybe they tried and failed to fix the power steering again while giving me the run around. Incomplete work, dangerous repairs... At least the long term parking, which is all it was, wasn't an extra charge. Oh, well it might have been.I feel taken advantage of and robbed. I foolishly thought the woman manager would be trustworthy, not shame me, and have compassion for my lack of knowledge about the inner-workings of cars. Shame on me for trusting a mechanic twice.Jen Newman aka Seejenrunband”

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“Brought our truck in with a damaged electrical harness that the dealer was unable to fix. They not only diagnosed it quickly and accurately, but the repair was performed quickly and professionally at a very reasonable cost. I was impressed with the tech’s level of expertise in this specialized area of electrical and electronics.”

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