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“This is the spot for good books, action figures, comics, and miscellaneous. Those are the main items I look for while shopping here. Especially over the holidays, you really can’t beat those prices. Join the Ollie points, to scan and receive the sales ect.The store itself isn’t always the cleanest lol but it’s what you would expect. Staff is usually friendly enough. I haven’t experienced any rudeness from any of the cashiers.”

4.3 Superb55 Reviews

“My friends warned me not to do it. They said once you go to Five Below you'll be hooked! I wouldn't say I'm hooked by any means but I can see where such a store has its charm and appeal for certain shoppers. First off, any child's who's parents or grandparents tell them pick out 5 things, they're automatically in love!! Second off, it's that holiday time of year. Do you have a co-worker(s) you don't know very well but you'd like to get them a little summin summin? Cheers, and Merry Christmas from Five Below!! After I got past all the candy, Christmas decorations and small gift like items I came upon the games. For $5 I'm buying Seinfeld trivia! I also picked up a $5 pair of slip on tennis shoes because it does get chilly enough here that I can't wear flip flops everyday. The store is brand new and super clean. Self check yourself out and have a nice day. I can see myself going back but I wouldn't say I'm an addict!!!”

4.2 Good47 Reviews

“Dollar General is a typical discount store, but it saved the day for me. I co-hosted a political event nearby and needed helium balloons. My go-to for this is normally a grocery store, but I didn't know this area and was short on time. Admittedly, I don't usually shop at Dollar General, but this was the closest store to the Iron Workers 848 Union Hall, so I tried it. The Gen-Z workers inside were patient with a frantic millennial organizer who needed balloons. They have helium balloons for only $1.50 each, blown up. I purchased a couple of blue and silver balloons shaped like stars. The staff quickly inflated them, checked me out, and I was on my way. My only recommendation for customers is to be careful not to miss the entrance, as I had to park in the lot next door and walk over.”

4 Good95 Reviews

“I did all my Thanksgiving grocery shopping and when I got home I realized I forgot celery- I I had to run back out, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the Save a Lot on Durant and Rivers is under new ownership- and is now spotlessly clean and everybody is very pleasant - produce looks good too! If you forgot a staple item- easy peasy-hassle free shopping! Happy Thanksgiving all!”

3.9 Good107 Reviews

“1.25 for almost everything. however this store is kind of in a mess. shelves almost empty no items. I dont think this store will last because I already see prices $3 n $5”

3.9 Good75 Reviews

“Conveniently located. The store itself tends too be unorganized and cramped, but mostly due to patrons who make it that way. All of the staff are friendly, diligent, helpful and hard working-- no one is ever just sitting around.”

3.9 Good64 Reviews

“Nice place. The negative review below sounds like the costumer needs to learn boundaries. The business has clearly listed their hours of operation. Good spot. Good food good prices”

4.3 Superb13 Reviews

“The place is great. The woman working in the fitting room section today was rude to my son. He went to try on a pair of sweatpants and the woman told him it was closed. As he walked away she said READ THE DAMN SIGN. ? Worst part was it was his first time going to try something on by himself…. I told him the lady would help him lol… he’s only thirteen.”

3.9 Good28 Reviews

“Man ! This is the cleanest and most organized, very professional staffed DG, I have been in, in 2+ years. I've been from North Charleston, SC to Jacksboro, TN, Tazewell, TN and Strunk, KY and back to Eutawville, SC and all DG's are sorry unclean, unorganized and the most bared shelves I've ever seen and I'm a big fan of DG, but until today. I was looking for another place to shop but I will travel once a week for 1.5 hr's and back just to shop at this location. This store needs some recognition and be rewarded. Most DG's have really gone downhill but this particular store beats all even Family Dollar !Dollar General7530 Kirkpatrick Ln, North Charleston, SC 29418 ❣ ?”

3.8 Good61 Reviews

“We went in today looking for a couch. Big lots had some good deals on some furniture. I will say we had trouble finding anyone that could help us answer some questions. The only employee we saw was the one checking people out and they were busy. So we didn't end up getting anything today but I was impressed with the prices.”

3.8 Good36 Reviews

“This is one of the "largest" dollar tree stores in the area, both in size and amount of products. You can often find items that are not available in any other locations nearby.* Please note, due to the restrictions of the city, they carry paper bags and ones without handles. If you don't use those, I'm sure you can use the reusable ones you bring in.”

3.7 Good82 Reviews

“Wonderful customer service! The cashier was extremely friendly and helpful. She apologized to everyone in line when she was waiting for the manager to come up front to assist. They also had the advertised items on sale for the Grand Opening! Great rapport with most of the customers.”

3.8 Good15 Reviews

“I have visited this particular location many times over the years and it was always find what I need and go and nothing really stood out, but today I went in to find some items the other nearby location was out of. I was greated by a lady that had the biggest smile. That automatically made my day. I noticed too that the shelves here were full of product and everything was well arranged. This team has obviously been putting in a lot of effort in this location to make it clean and inviting. I am thinking when Saturdays come to do my coupon shopping, this is going to be the location I visit.”

3.8 Good14 Reviews

“Went to dollar general today and the cashier Haydee was very helpful and nice. But sadly when the store manager came in and we asked a question she was not so polite. She has a very bad attitude and is very disrespectful. The cashier Haydee was so wonderful that she has more potential to be a good manager than the store manager who has the colored hair!!!!”

3.8 Good7 Reviews

“What some folks fail to realize is the area when taking in account for these reviews, the clerks i've gone to have only wver been nice - a guy and gal are always very nice, the guy is quiet and the gal is sk personable and has a decent memory too - they're both very charming and taking in account the area the shop is well maintained!”

3.6 Good62 Reviews

“I normally don't shop at Family Dollar, but decided to right after the virus hit. I really don't enjoy the Walmarts in the area, so over paying by a little doesn't bother me.I was actually really pleased at the overall store. Everything was put together well and we found everything wirh no problem. It wasn't too busy either which made it even better!”

3.5 Good39 Reviews

“very under rated, this is one of the best discount stores iv ever been to...the deals on housewares are incredible. also toys are respectively low cost but good quality”

2.8 Average3 Reviews

“I love love love this store. At the other stores I am always being stopped by the every day bums that have been hanging out for years. They don't seem to want to take no for an answer. It's money or cigarettes they want something from you. The East Montague store doesn't have this problem and I can go in and shop and get out easy peasy. Keep it up guys.”

3.2 Average10 Reviews

“It's a Dollar Tree. Everything in this store is $1.25 or less, so you know what you'll get. Until recently, everything in Dollar Tree was $1. I'm not sure how they sold merchandise so cheap for so long. In the 1990s, when I first noticed prices in stores, everything was $1. The pricing lasted longer than I expected, and most $1.25 items are still a great value. Dollar Tree is relatively clean, and you can select from tons of seasonal and holiday items. The Easter items are here, along with lots of Spring/Summer toys to keep the kids busy. The movie-theatre sized boxes of candy are a bargain, and Dollar Tree has the best candy selection in town. Greeting cards are still $1 and some are even 2/$1. The parking lot is large, and it's easy to get in and out at the stoplight.”

3.2 Average12 Reviews

“Best Family Dollar in Charleston! Come by and see for yourself! We have our coolers stocked completely with great prices! Friendly atmosphere and great customer service!”

3.3 Good18 Reviews

“I was looking for a pair of dress shoes for my son's wedding on the 27th. I walked in and found a pair. They were fast at the check out. They gave great customer service.”

3.4 Good53 Reviews

“I was quite impressed. The store was in very good order and every one if the workers were busy. The person who waited on me at the cash register was very friendly and personable. I had a great visit there.”

3.4 Good69 Reviews

“The customer service got them the 5 star review. Every person working was friendly and helpful. They are currently out of helium but called other local places to check for helium to try and help. Great job team!”

3.4 Good73 Reviews

“i was super disappointed to see that all these reviews are bad :( ! i went there abt 3 days ago and it was okay ! they really only have straight sizes and i only found one thing that was xl (which i bought) . i only bought one thing , but the cashier was very nice !! i didnt really talk to her much , she did laugh at my fathers joke tho . she was extremely nice to the girl shopping in front of me ! the outfit i got is super cute !”

2.6 Average6 Reviews

“This has been my go-to "dollar" store for almost a year now and I'm hard pressed to walk in to a cleaner , properly stocked, and efficient store. The general manager is fantastic and her employees are an extension of her passion to run a near perfect example of a family dollar.”

3.2 Average38 Reviews

“The only suggestion I would make is learn how to merchandise and stock shelves. You always have to shop around merchandise and boxes and carts in the middle of floors and walk way. But staff is very friendly”

3.1 Average38 Reviews

“Unable to find gauze for my burn, the young man went back and brought me some from their fort aid kit. There’s no better service than a cashier reaches out to help. Thank you. 5-20-3:00PM”

2.4 Poor16 Reviews

“The employees are always friendly and helpful I think we are there about everyday and I don't have any thing but good to say about this place!! Thank you ? FD YOU MAKE SHOPPING ? BEARABLE!!”

3 Average65 Reviews