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“The most friendly and wonderful business. Who would ever guess that a car repair business would be so friendly and helpful. A great bunch of folks that work there!”

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“The customer service and quick attention to customer needs at the Rossville Avenue Auto Zone is awesome. Kera was absolutely wonderful and helped me get my battery picked up, and changed out for me quickly to get me back on the road. I will be back for sure!”

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“Great job. Service was outstanding. George Miller and Tim Stoner communicated everything very well from beginning to end. Good people to do business with. Did exactly what they told me they would do and did it well. Little 1998 Toyota Corolla looks brand new! Would highly recommend.”

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“Hub Cap Annie did a GREAT job repairing a significant dent on the outer lip of one of my 2008 Miata wheels. It was cosmetic (the tire held air), but very noticeable. They managed to bend it back into shape without cracking the wheel, even so close to the spoke. Very fair price also. Highly recommended! Thanks!”

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“The Owner & Wife are very Friendly and HELPFUL!!! I GOTTEN MY ALTERNATOR REPLACED & FIXED N HE WAS ABLE TO GET my car and that day only took a couple of hours always called me to inform me about the update of my car and which is also pretty neat they accept cash app”

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“Just bought my first car in a decade and Malcolm made me feel at ease throughout the process. We went Monday night and were pretty sold on a QX60. After sleeping on it, I wasn’t sure and Malcolm was very patient. I went back Tuesday and ended up buying a QX50 from Malcolm instead. The test drive experience was great and I loved that I didn’t feel pressured once I backed out on the first one. They offered a fair deal on my trade in too.Landon got us all set with the finances and was very personable and Jay was super knowledgeable about all the buttons in the car that I had no idea about since this was a huge technology upgrade for me!”

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“Truck ‘n Trailers did an excellent job of installing a trailer hitch on my truck. Their knowledge and tireless effort to produce a completed. Installation is commendable. I appreciate the effort that Mike put into the finished product on my truck. I highly recommend Truck ‘n trailer. Excellent work guys and thank you.”

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“It’s invaluable for truckers to find shops that will do a good job and not rob you blind. Joe and Stan are awesome guys and will shoot you straight. Stan is very good at explaining everything to you and doing quality work. If you need work done on your APU or trailer, let these guys take care of it.”

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“Went to purchase brake pads those gentlemen were absolutely the most helpful and pleasant customer service I've dealt with anywhere in very long time. And great prices too! Thank you O'Reilly Auto Parts?”

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“This has a wealth of automotive history that is not about the main ones we see. Cars that were built in the US and pioneered some parts that were ahead of its time.”

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“Melvin was very patient and precise when working with me replacing my two batteries on my 2000 F250 diesel. He made sure the connection with the battery and me was good. He also suggested a better battery to help me start my truck when sitting on a cold day.”

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“I have used Fine’s a couple of times in the past and they’ve always done excellent work within the time they estimate. But today was over the top. I was in and out of there with an excellent repair in just a couple hours!!! I don’t think this can be topped by anyone- or even them. :-)Service: Body & Trim”

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“My favorite o Reilly now. Had some trouble while traveling to Florida. John who works there got the parts i needed and helped with the installation. They lucky to have him.”

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“Very helpful, local company. More knowledgeable than most and seem to want to provide great service to customers. They carry parts for trailers in addition to clutch and driveline components.”

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“This store is great! They seem to know what they're selling and will tell you what is better deals, if the competetir can sell it cheaper. Better. No joke like the service here”

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“Fabulous staff " Merry Christmas" thank you so much for getting 5 different customer parts and about 6 major parts to get them home on Christmas Eve. Auto Zone hands down.”

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“Great service. The staff were helpful with what I might need for the job and recommended different options. They also shared what I might encounter during the job.”

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“Nissan's service department was stellar from start to finish. The customer service was the best I've ever seen. The service done was quick and efficient. I love the video they sent letting me know everything that was done. Outstanding Job!”

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“Skip is a wonderful manager very helpful. Lacey their receptionist is very kind and knowledgeable as well as helpful throughout the process. Highly recommend for vehicle repair. Paint matches very pleased.”

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“I've taken two vehicles here (a Mazda and Nissan) across the last two years, and these guys do exceptional work. Tommy is extremely honest, and does everything he can to get you the best price. Anytime I've taken a car to them, they've always had it done either within the day or the next. Hate that I am moving away and can no longer use them, I would recommend these guys to anyone.”

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“Reggie at this Autozone is awesome- he was so nice, and tested and changed my dead car battery. Willie at this Autozone also deserves a shoutout, he let me borrow jumper cables to take home jump my car and bring back. Just overall great people and great service!”

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“Need help getting a new auxiliary battery for our car. The staff at AutoZone was very knowledgeable and was able to quickly help me with my problem. But highly recommend this AutoZone for any car related problems.”

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“Absolutely Great staff and top notch quality work. Every point of contact from initial inquiry to pick up after repairs was as smooth as can be. Happy knowing my A6 is in better shape now than it was! Will definitely be a return customer.”

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“I am a single lady and needed a little help to check my oil. I had already checked it myself, but wanted to make sure I was right. I first went to AutoZone on East Brainerd Rd. I told the guy there that I had checked it, but would he recheck it for me. He looked at me and said, you said you checked it, I said, never mind and left. I drove across the street to Advanced Auto Parts. Bill was very kind and helpful. He checked my oil, showed me the dipstick and told me to try and get an oil change this week. Thank you Bill for being a kind and helpful person. I appreciate you guys.”

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“Excellent service. My BMW 430's front bumper got rocked by a piece of tire tread on the freeway. I took it to Classic Collision to replace the fog light lamp bezel (its a piece of plastic), they quoted 1400 bucks that included a paint job, a new fog light and the bezel. Then I brought the car to Paul at North Shore Auto Collision, he quoted me a tenth of their price, reaffixed the fog light which needed to be clipped back in and pointed out that all the little scrapes were under the bumper which would not be visible, so I saved on paint. He was pleasant, polite and professional. The work was completed in a just a few hours and my car was good as new, they even removed some of the scuffs which was very nice of them. Such a positive experience. I will be recommending North Shore Auto Collision moving forward.”

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“I had an excellent experience with Jeffrey Bell in Sales, Mike, and Tony! They were incredibly friendly, made the process very easy, and I have been through other dealers where that was not the case. I needed a reliable used car with a clean record quickly, and they made it happen. I had done a lot of research on their inventory prior, and they were very straight with me on their products consistent with my previous homework. I strongly recommend Long Hyundai in Chattanooga!”

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“Been going here for 15+ years. Hadn’t been in in a while. Looking for an odd ball part they had one by chance. Had a little bug so brought it back in. Lee made time to find out what was going on and got a fix. 100% example of why local businesses get my money!”

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“Worked with Matt and Tyler for what was almost a year before I ever pulled the trigger to lift my 18 Tacoma. The guys gave me numerous quotes, as I kept changing my mind. I finally installed a 3in lift and replaced the notorious needle bearing. There was a minor hiccup, and Tyler was quick to call offer suggestions and ask my input. Installation was painless. I wish I would've done it sooner. I couldn't be happier with the outcome!!!!”

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“I went into to buy parts at O'Reilly Auto Parts after having a bad experience at another automotive repair establishment that was no help at all. Charles picked out the headlight and taillight I needed along with a windshield wiper blade. He was knowledgeable and courteous! He then came outside to make sure the parts were put on correctly! Thank you O'Reilly for having such a dedicated employee! I will be sending business your way!”

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“I would use Joe Hudson Collision Center again, it took a few weeks for repairs to be completed due to getting the parts in but everyone was really helpful and kept me updated throughout the entire process. Jennifer and Star made a stressful situation very easy to bear! Thanks ladies!”

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