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“I've had my account with Key Bank for about 30 years now and with this branch for 15 years. The bank has been very helpful in providing it's services. A couple times I came in with a complaint only to be told in a kind and professional way the mistake I made in my understanding. With complicated transactions they were always spot on and trusting.”

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“I realized I had lost my debit card last night. I was worried it would take several days to get it replaced. I came to the First Tech branch near my home and met Michelle. She was able to put a hold on my current card and issue me a brand new card immediately she was a pleasure to work with.”

4.4 Superb44 Reviews

“I worked with Mark Evans to set up a new money market account. Mark was fantastic. He was very responsive and clearly communicated the pro's and con's of each account. After I made my selection, he executed next steps within the hour. I highly recommend him.”

4.8 Superb20 Reviews

“Great friendly bank. Almost never a wait. Treat you really well, even if you don't have a ton of money. Has parking lot, ATM, drive up. I have free on-line checking. Having lived all over the country, I've experienced many banks. This is my favorite”

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“The best ! Thanks a lot to Kim and the employee ( sorry I forgot the name ) . They were very patient and polite ! since I didn't understand English well. I was very pleased !”

4.4 Superb34 Reviews

“What a great experience. Although I was unsure about the process, the team here made sure to explain everything and answer all of my questions. Was still a bit unsure, but the level of care taken with my situation was plenty to convince me. I know I made the right choice.”

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“I have maintained my accounts at Express Credit Union for 12 years and I am very thankful. Express is the best banking system I have ever known. The ECU representatives are extremely professional, courteous, and helpful, always! Much better, in my opinion than the large mega banks.”

4.4 Superb30 Reviews

“My husband and I were warmly welcomed into Keybank's Ballard location last year and, through the process of opening a few accounts, it felt as though we were good friends being welcomed to a nice dinner party. In particular, Relationship Manager, Brian Jaynes, is the friendly, knowledgeable, go-above-and-beyond type of customer service rep that you only expect to find managing the concierge desk of a fine hotel or cruise ship. Brian, and his super helpful colleague, Joe, among others, continue to be invaluable assets in helping us manage our accounts and navigate banking, and we greatly appreciate the kindness and sincerity in answering all our questions and banking needs. Bravo to Ballard Keybank and their extremely customer-service-oriented team of nice people!”

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“Very helpful, friendly folks here at your local Rainier Beach Washington Federal branch. Always a positive experience, and i even got popcorn made fresh while waiting on one of my visits.”

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“I am not a member of this bank but went in to grab quarters, as we were visiting family and needed some to do wash at their place, no banks in that area would give us quarters as we are not members but this bank was so helpful and had no issues exchanging dollars for quarters. If we lived in Seattle we would definitely do our banking there”

4.6 Superb15 Reviews

“Every person I interacted with here was friendly, they even accommodated a last minute appointment for me when they definitely were not expected to. Jack, the financial advisor I worked with was so helpful, I cannot thank him enough for all the useful info I was provided with. Definitely my go to bank for all my business needs now, they’ve earned my trust and loyalty with just one interaction.Not all branches are created equal, and this is an example of why it truly comes down to the people. Please never change, your South Seattle community needs you!”

4.1 Good33 Reviews

“Dulcie is an amazing loan officer. Having known and worked with her for the past couple years I’m confident in her abilities to provide the best service and product. She’s communicative and always takes the time to explain why and where we are in the process. I highly recommend reaching out to her for your next mortgage!!”

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“Been inside a few times. Was pleased with there teller. Good experience. I have visited many branches. This one is the only one in down Seattle. Easy by bus and public transportation.”

4.5 Superb15 Reviews

“I always receive excellent customer service at the International Distrit WA Fed location. It is truly rare to have banl ployees remember your name, who you are and your family members.”

4.3 Superb16 Reviews

“Kuddo to Anna for providing a great customer service. I ordered new monies for a wedding event tips. she made it a breeze transaction for me. During this difficult time of short employees and down turn of banking service nowday, she reminds me the golden era of banking in the past. I'll definitely do more business with this team. Thank you for providing a great customer service!”

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“Sam, Vivian San & Team are fantastic! Great expertise and customer service, specific knowledge of owner occupied construction products as well. Will bank here again & recommend”

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“I am a long time customer of U.S. Bank. Although I live out of state, I regard the West Seattle branch as my primary banking institution. Staff are friendly and efficient. I recently needed additional check registers. I called, spoke with a real person, and they were mailed to me immediately.”

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“The interior is very modern, open, and two stories so it has plenty of space to get work done and conduct meetings. Seeing the giant Verve Coffee Roasters on the wall was a relief because all the photos I was seeing of the cafe were with Peet's Coffee which is not my favorite, so they definitely upgraded imo. I ordered a double espresso that had decent texture and flavor and the ham and cheese sandwich which was kinda weird because of the slice of cheese on top of the bread, but it filled me up. Overall, the ambassadors and baristas were pleasant to talk to and it's a very relaxing space to get work done!”

4.2 Good16 Reviews

“Conveniently located just off the village with drive thru and parking, this Chase location has very friendly, courteous, knowledgable and professional staff. They have addressed all my needs and guided me through challenging times. Just need to get on their calendar for specialized services. Best in banking and investment business. Providing wifi for patrons would qualify them for the next star!”

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“With a warm welcome from Marlo, Cecile the personal banker, who followed up with a lovely email, and the branch manager from the U.K, if you have not, i highly recommend you make your way to Queen Anne to bank at this Chase branch. If you want excellent and attentive client service, chase bank Queen Anne, top notch.”

3.7 Good46 Reviews

“Verity has gone above and beyond for me many times, and I am so pleased to discover the West Seattle branch! I thought I might need to look into joining a different credit union, since I just moved into the neighborhood, but happily, I will be staying with Verity :)Thanks to everyone there for a truly unique and much improved banking experience.”

4.3 Superb10 Reviews

“I really appreciated the assistance that I received from Mr. Montel Smith; he took the time to build a rapport with me and answered all of my questions with details. I highly recommend anyone who's looking for excellent banking and financial assistance to visit Verity credit union especially the beacon hill branch.”

4.1 Good13 Reviews

“The tellers at this location have always been kind and helpful every time I come to this branch. There's never a line and they always make sure I have everything I need before I walk out the door. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BRANCH TO GO TO IN THE SOUTH SEATTLE AREA!Thanks so much for your services!”

4.2 Good11 Reviews

“WaFd is a premier bank for customer service! The Columbia City branch manager, Alex is absolutely my favorite banker. I didn't even know I could have a favorite banker, but he has worked with my family for a YEAR on a hellish home building process. We're now in the process of transferring accounts away from some other brands over to WaFd.”

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“Located in Sodo, this US Bank is one of the more convenient locations that's close to home. They share a parking lot with Amazon Fresh and the Starbucks headquarters, right off of 1st Ave. They have a walk up ATM outside, and it seems there's always security guards patrolling the quarters (which is nice and reassuring). Walking into the branch, it's smaller than most branches, but the staff there rock! I want to give a personal shout out to Kate, who's always welcoming with a smile (even with a mask on, you know it's there). She's super personable and always helped me with needed services, from deposit/withdrawals, any issues with my account, to helping me replacing my card (which is now the third time because I'm unlucky and clumsy). This is definitely my go-to branch.”

3.8 Good21 Reviews

“I opened an online CD with Seattle Bank recently and the process was straightforward and easy. You can go through the full account opening process from your laptop, which is super convenient and most banks don't let you open CDs online. The interest rate was terrific, too.”

3.7 Good28 Reviews

“I can’t say enough good things about Umpqua. As a business owner we went through several banks before we came to Umpqua and I can say that after 6 years with them we are very pleased with their service. Tim C and the crew have helped us secure loans when we needed them and worked diligently to get us into the PPP loan when COVID hit. For businesses and personal I would highly recommend them.”

3.7 Good28 Reviews

“I love my local WaFd bank. I would give 5 stars but wish my statements came in the mail with only the last 4 acct. digits on them vs. ALL of my info there. Sometimes my mail gets in someone else's box. I worry about someone else getting one of my statements and then having ALL of my personal info & acct #. I prefer statements by mail vs. email. Could the main headquarters please change the statements so only the last 4 acct. #'s show on all of our mailed and emailed statements? Thank you!”

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