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“Express Credit Union has made it so easy to do online banking with withdrawals,transfer and loans at the comfort of one's home. Great customer service and support!”

4.3Superb66 Reviews

“I am a recent banking customer here, and I have been really impressed by Rocket and Frank in particular. They went above and beyond to help me with a time-sensitive banking issue, and I really appreciated their support. They are a really great team and I always enjoy chatting with them both when I stop by the branch.”

4.5Superb35 Reviews

“We've enjoyed working with Hossein and the QA branch staff for the past decade. Greeting our entire family by name, they have always made an effort to get to know our needs, making this truly our neighborhood branch. As their tv commercial said, "That's not my friend. It's my banker!"”

4.7Superb24 Reviews

“I've been a US Bank customer since 1985 when I started at UW. At the time, this was a Peoples Bank branch, but Peoples' was acquired by US Bank in 1987. One of the "assets" corporations acquire in a merger is customers. So I got "acquired" and US Bank treated me well during our relationship, including a "pretty large" corporate account etc for the Software Company I started in college. The CFO I hired out of Price Waterhouse Coopers was fine with it, expanded the relationship and wehad cool stuff like a big Revolver (I thoujght was a gun, but in this case it's lingo for a corporate revolving lide of credit for liquity while waiting for customers' remittances, etc) Today I work wiht many banks but remain sentimentally fond of Peoples Bank, which set the standard for my expectations for treatment.”

4.6Superb24 Reviews

“I can’t say enough good things about Umpqua. As a business owner we went through several banks before we came to Umpqua and I can say that after 6 years with them we are very pleased with their service. Tim C and the crew have helped us secure loans when we needed them and worked diligently to get us into the PPP loan when COVID hit. For businesses and personal I would highly recommend them.”

4.3Superb27 Reviews

“Never thought I'd feel compelled to write a review for a BANK, but that's because I hadn't yet interacted with the Umpqua team in SLU. Coming from a lifetime at BofA, they are a breath of fresh air. Personalized and instant customer service, no junk fees, equally attractive products, plus they call me by name when I come into the branch. What more could you ask for from a bank? In a world of large business taking everything over, I really value my relationship with these folks. Thank you to Romiri and everyone at the Umpqua SLU team! You are so appreciated!”

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“Being thankful not only shows good manners, but a simple expression of thankfulness can go a long way in relationships and communication with others. It not only enhances our own lives, but makes other people feel appreciated, I just withdraw my profit of $6,548 from my account thanks a lot Mrs. Taisha Carson I now have full trust on you now, I started with $650 you can also give a try Mrs. Taisha Carson is real.. You can reach her now on Email:[email protected] WhatsApp: +1 (910) 502-3651”

4.1Good36 Reviews

“A big thank you to Eric who has worked at this location and a few others, he is so friendly and I always enjoy chatting with him. The manager has also been great!”

4.2Good26 Reviews

“I worked with Nataliya for my business banking needs. She is incredible! She is always a phone call or text away and more then willing to help us with our business banking. If you have a business and need a bank account, loan or any banking needs I cannot stress enough! You have to go see Nataliya at the Lake city branch. You will feel secure knowing your business is in safe and great hands!”

4.5Superb17 Reviews

“Strongly recommend Doug Mielitz as a home loan representative. Have used him twice for purchase loans. Much much easier to deal with than other lenders. Very quick process. He seems to work side by side with underwriting so no surprises or endless requests for more documentation.”

4.1Good27 Reviews

“I went to Salal Credit Union -Northgate Branch today to make a loan payment and set up automatic payments. Steve greeted me and completed my transaction in no time. He was funny, respectful, knowledgable, and quick. He was awesome! Overall a very pleasant experience!”

4.1Good27 Reviews

“I had some doubts about my new checking account applied online, so I did a walk in. Crystin and her team were knowledgeable and patient, resolved all my questions and guided me through. Very professional and efficient with nice warm smile on her face. Great first impression for someone who is new to US Bank!”

4.1Good26 Reviews

“One of the best Washington Federal bank advisors I have ever seen in my life, she walk me through everything I need to know as a beginner and what to expect, she is well knowledgeable about construction loan. She is really amazing. I recommend to anyone.”

4.2Good21 Reviews

“Exceptional service! Jake and team go out of their way to help me with every issue, no matter how small or unusual, and they always do so with a smile. Even after years as a member, they're always ready with a cup of coffee, an open ear, and action toward making life easier. Love this group. Highly recommend.”

4.1Good24 Reviews

“Jennifer was so helpful, efficient and thoughtful about helping me with my immediate needs and giving me solutions to help my ongoing transfer options. I recently moved close to this location and I am so thankful for her excellent customer service!”

4Good29 Reviews

“After getting completely messed over by BECU, I needed a real credit union. I mean 50 locations and BECU only services and tends money from 1? Nope.I came into Verity with questions and left with an account. I spoke to Montel and not only were my questions answered, I wanted to open up an account.As a coop shared branch, I can access both my Verity account and my other account here. Free checking, minimal fees, and all of their branches will actually work.Goodbye BECU and your not caring. Hello Verity.A plus, I can use my Verity card at BECU atms. Worth it!”

3.9Good37 Reviews

“I always receive excellent customer service at the International Distrit WA Fed location. It is truly rare to have banl ployees remember your name, who you are and your family members.”

4Good28 Reviews

“Nida Martin at the Capitol Hill Branch of Umpqua is an incredible example of a banker that goes way above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service. She has continually been proactive in providing me with details relating to my account and my business, especially during Covid. Any time I have had questions or issues, like providing documents for my house closing, she has responded immediately and solved the issue professionally and always with a smile. Umpqua is extremely fortunate to have her on their team. Thank you Nida!”

3.9Good34 Reviews

“The best ! Thanks a lot to Kim and the employee ( sorry I forgot the name ) . They were very patient and polite ! since I didn't understand English well. I was very pleased !”

3.9Good34 Reviews

“The Branch Manager, Sam Arallo, and his team helped us with our real estate loan recently and provided excellent customer service and attention to detail. We needed a bridge loan to move quickly on a property that suited us perfectly and their loan product allowed us to secure a competitive interest rate using our current home as collateral. All other Banks or Credit Unions use HELOC products for loans of this nature and they simply aren't made for a transaction of this size. We are extremely happy with the work WaFd did for us and I highly recommend them.”

4Good26 Reviews

“This branch is great! Multiple people (Eleni, Yuri, James probably more that I'm not aware of) supported my team in organizing an event for small business owners. They were all really helpful and were a great resource for our group.”

4.4Superb14 Reviews

“I would highly recommend this bank. This branch has the most energetic team always ready to assist me with all my needs. I love that they offer different accounts and can print debit cards the same day you open an account.”

4.8Superb9 Reviews

“I came in to close an account and the staff were just marvelous! Very friendly and cheerful. My only comment is that they did not have a "sign in" screen or sheet nor did they have a lobby leader so I was left in limbo for a little.”

3.9Good28 Reviews

“I enjoyed my experience and enrollment for my business at US Bank because it was hassle free, the people here are really kind, and they even follow up with a call to make sure you have everything you need.My previous experience with other banks has been with credit unions and other big banks like Wells Fargo, Chase, and B of A. I've also been with more exclusive banks like Lili and USAA.I prefer US Bank as they keep things simple and they utilize modern tech like Zelle on their mobile apps.Julie was the name of the lady who helped me out the most here. I appreciate the follow up call, its so thoughtful! She's sweet, patient, and demonstrates that amazingly well in her words.Thank you US Bank and Julie!”

4Good21 Reviews

“I am a long time customer of U.S. Bank. Although I live out of state, I regard the West Seattle branch as my primary banking institution. Staff are friendly and efficient. I recently needed additional check registers. I called, spoke with a real person, and they were mailed to me immediately.”

4.2Good15 Reviews

“Andrew and Roman were absolutely amazing! They helped us pack, move, and get settled all in four hours! They genuinely care about the customer and their belongings. This place will always have my business!!!Amazing job, thank you guys for everything, you really helped ease the stress of an otherwise hectic day!”

3.9Good25 Reviews

“My husband and I had been opening promotion accounts every year to receive the golden figures, and no one else actually talked to us about other services that Cathay Bank could offer. But Kefei, the new manager, he was treating us very professional and friendly, not only his customer service was impressive, but also he was very experienced and knowledgeable with all the banking services and products. He made us feel very comfortable to bank with him. Also he made some recommendations on IRA, Investment and even my son's educational plan, and his teammate Josephine was able to help us setting up all those accounts. Such a great bank, and Kefei is going above and beyond helping customers like us, truly appreciated. We will be bringing more friends to him.”

4.3Superb13 Reviews

“This is the best branch in Seattle!Hands-down, the best customer service of all the Chase branches in the city!Jack Qu is the most polite, young professional that I’ve ever had help me! And I’m old! HahaI guess I’m always so blown away with the staff there because they’re always smiling and happy, and after dealing with ‘Joe Piblic’ all day, it’s great to receive a warm welcome and speedy transaction… and they call you by name! Amazing customer service!”

3.8Good31 Reviews

“I love my local WaFd bank. I would give 5 stars but wish my statements came in the mail with only the last 4 acct. digits on them vs. ALL of my info there. Sometimes my mail gets in someone else's box. I worry about someone else getting one of my statements and then having ALL of my personal info & acct #. I prefer statements by mail vs. email. Could the main headquarters please change the statements so only the last 4 acct. #'s show on all of our mailed and emailed statements? Thank you!”

3.7Good41 Reviews

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