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“Never a wait, vacuums are strong. Usually does a good job getting bigs off but have ridden through again on occasion if needed - I love that that's an option.”

4.7 Superb101 Reviews

“Update: After I posted my first review I was quickly contacted by Spencer who profusely apologized and processed a refund for everything I was billed after my first request to cancel. I strongly recommend this business not only for the outstanding customer service but also because the facility is always well maintained and my car always came out squeaky clean!First Review: Have tried several times to cancel my membership because I sold the car and am still being charged”

4.4 Superb59 Reviews

“Did an amazing job on my cars interior, which was in all honesty needed a lot of work. Showed up on time and were very professional, would absolutely recommend.”

4.7 Superb33 Reviews

“Great service! They really live up to their name and go above and beyond to make sure your car is perfect!! My car is unrecognizable from the inside, especially with a toddler; he made sure to clean up really good!! Thank you so much. I’m definitely a repeat customer and will refer to my friends and family”

5 Superb23 Reviews

“Car wash is always clean. 2 regular touchless car washes and an RV one in the back. Vacuums are free, works great but are starting to get wore out. They also have a detailing business in the back.”

3.9 Good32 Reviews

“Pretty good bay wash, but not the best.Pros:Decent water pressuresoap isn't really diluteI didn't see any anti-towel drying signsEasy interfacePlenty of baysCons:East/west baysThe hose I happened to use was pretty crusty”

3.7 Good80 Reviews

“I used Wash My Car on 4/29 and Zach did a great job. I would highly recommend but currently it looks like their website is down and emails are currently getting bounced back.”

3.9 Good15 Reviews

“Best do it yourself car wash in the area! The blower actually works with more power to dry your car than anywhere else I’ve been. The bays are kept very clean and it’s reasonably priced.”

3.7 Good52 Reviews

“I love it when the vacuums suck and the compressors have power enough to really produce adequate blow power to clean under the seats and vents. I actually open the doors and blow out interior and then vacuum. Idk if they have scents to spray, but that would be a super plus. They've got me for life either way. ( like family, wonder if I'll get a Thanksgiving invite?) Lol jk Happy fall y'all”

3.8 Good12 Reviews

“The impact your equipment made on cleaning my car was much better than any other car wash. Mostly the wheels and tires. After the wash the added products like the blue clothes, window sprayer and excellent vacuum system. The free air freshener and dash cloth was a real plus. Thank you.”

3.6 Good53 Reviews

“only place I have washed my cars in the last 6 years other than at home. Quality place. I care about my vehicles so I end up spending about $20 but it doesn't bother me.”

3.5 Good99 Reviews

“What's to say, This is the Best Car Wash out there right now!! ? & The Vacuums are Amazing ? If you haven't been to a Clean Freak Car wash I Highly Recommend trying them out.”

3.4 Good139 Reviews

“Skyler was super knowledgable and kind. He helped me save a ton of money and explained how the unlimited pass was way better value than individual washes. Thanks man!”

3.2 Average40 Reviews

“I have a monthly plan with raceway and always go to this location! Everyone is always friendly, especially Rick who goes above and beyond!! He takes the time to really scrub the front of your vehicle to get those nasty bugs off! Thank you Rick for being awesome at what you do!?”

3.3 Good100 Reviews

“You can wash your car by yourself or they have one machine to do it for you. They take cash or credit cards. Sometimes, it is busy. The bad thing is that some customers leave tha bays with a lot of mud.”

2.9 Average35 Reviews

“I have never been to the Alma School and Germann location. It was such a pleasant experience.David talked me through what would be the best package for what I was wanting. He was so friendly and went above and beyond ( with a smile I might add). He sent me inside, where it was super clean. Elizabeth then picked up from where David left off with the outstanding friendly customer service. What a joy it was to have both of them make my day.Thsnk you!”

3 Average60 Reviews

“I stopped for a car wash and was pleased with the overall experience. The free vacuums were powerful and working very well. The actual wash was high quality and there were available microfiber towels to also hand dry afterwards. I will go there again!”

2.6 Average27 Reviews

“I wish I lived closer, as I would totally frequent this car wash based on our wonderful experience at the Haunted Car Wash!! It was such a fabulous experience! The staff knew the perfect mix between being terrifying and befriending my boys. It is a great deal considering you get a car wash AND the staff weaves in and out of the wait line to spook you well before the actual car wash. The decor was a great touch too. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful event, and for the car wash too!”

2.8 Average42 Reviews

“Updated*The $8 wash no longer includes the top roller to clean the hood, windshield and roof, neither does the "basic" anymore.If you buy the higher priced washes they do a good job, just make sure you pay attention to the new wash menu.The General Manager is a good guy and the employees are friendly and helpful.”

2.6 Average54 Reviews

“Nicole the manager is such a sweet kind person, I just had eye surgery it's hard to see she went out of her way to be kind and helpful it's good to see we still have good people in the world.”

2.4 Poor55 Reviews

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