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“I want to say thanks to Lowe's for having a wonderful employee as PEGGIE JONAS. She is a 5 STAR employee that went out of her way to get my merchandise delivered. She personally delivered to my house!!! Wish more stores had people like Peggie. Thank you!!!”

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“Needed an O ring for a filter basket for my pool. Went to Leslie's, Home Depot, Lowes and Ace but none of them had it. McKay True Value did! Staff super nice and helpful and price lower than expected.”

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“Awesome people, really helpful and friendly. I saw them helping a few people whole here going through detailed answers and instructions. We're also nice enough to not tow my vehicle when I got stuck there over night. The one thing that was kind of disappointing was that they wouldn't cut a blank car key I brought in. Not really sure who will tho. I was hoping they'd just cut it for me and then I could worry about programming it myself but they said it was a liability thing. Still tho I can't really be too hard on them over it that still helped me out and I was able to at least get a generic key cut to open the door just in case so that still helped a bit. It was only 5$but it just won't work in the ignition.”

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“I was looking for a window shutter to replace for the one im missing...Lowe's was my last option....an associate helped me get the exactly 74x14 unpainted ..picking it up in 2 wks....thank you for the help”

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“The guy who works on Sundays is such a sweetheart! He took the time to help me problem solve how to stain pine (I had end grain pine, the worst when it comes to that awful zebra stripped blotchiness you get with regular or gel stain). He gave me some really helpful tips and shared a bunch of other resources as well. It was so nice to feel they really care about your project and are really passionate about woodworking!”

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“Had a hard time finding the right exterior color to match existing brick on our house, a friend recommended Dunn Edwards color advisor. Danielle was so helpful. She took her time explaining hues that would complement and not contrast, so that we could find the look we wanted that went with the house. So grateful for all her help and would recommend this service to anyone struggling with interior or exterior color.”

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“Be careful everybody the Iza shopping online for quality and expect his tools is local to go to touch him and see the deals. So much better than going to the big box places or Ace because they’re just so expensive. Love, tell him KingZing sent you.”

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“Just finished a small plumbing project at home. Would like to say that Dario Restrepo was very helpful. I'm not a plumber but with good advice, the job gets done. Dario gave me that advice. Now that is something you can't get at Amazon!”

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“Love this store great selection and friendly staff Riley and Jennie where the answer to my prayers helping find a screw. Don’t get that kind of service at home depo”

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“My GE water softener was leaking at the bypass valve. We took it off and found a broken o-ring. I went to Lowe’s and Home Depot, none of them had the right size. The helper in Home Depot recommended me to go to Van Marcke Plumbing Supply. They helped me found the perfect fit in seconds. We was able to fix our water softener in 5 minutes, just put it on and push back, it’s done. Thank you for all your help. You guys made my day.”

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“RDO in Chandler Arizona is an outstanding facility and the people that run the place or even better you can buy a John Deere from a lot of different places but when we’re looking for a John Deere or a drone this place is on top of it”

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“This is the absolute BEST Home Depot I have ever been to. Monika was beyond great! Helpful, kind, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help me with my PVC project! She didn’t hesitate to help me when I couldn’t find anyone else. Thank you Monika for everything!”

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“I've shopped her for years. Occasionally, I went across the street to Lowes but ALWAYS regretted it. Also, while I like the customer service of an ACE hardware store, Home Depot always has the better price.”

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“Gus, at the 1155 W Chandler BlvdChandler, AZ 85224 store was a professional and provided me with excellent service. I appreciated how he handled the situation. Thank you, Gus!!!”

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“This particular Home Depot on Arizona Ave has the best customer service out of all the ones I've been to (and I been to a lot).Between my own house stuff and working in hvac I go to Home Depot at least 2-3 times a month. The staff at this one actually asks you if you need help with anything rather than looking the other direction when you approach them. They just got it down compared to the others. I was in the middle of a job and my shop vac failed that I got like 6 months ago and I needed one immediately. Jocelyn was at customer service and she took care of the issue immediately and professionally. I usually work in the Phoenix area but if I know I need to go to Home Depot I'll stop at this one.”

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“I will start off by saying that I did not purchase my fridge in store. I was shopping online to buy my first fridge. I previously had a Samsung french door fridge that had a lot of issues with water freezing in the lines. It was looked at many times and was told it was not fixable... *Sigh* My fridge was a loss, as the kit they made to fix it also did not work.... This made me weary when buying a new fridge. I did not want to get a fridge that was going to have issues. I did a lot of research on a few brands, and decided to go with a Whirlpool. There were many options listed with all the details I needed. What was extremely helpful was that the videos and pictures of each fridge listed, as well as the measurements. I went with a side by side model and purchased a 3 year warranty. I entered all my info and set it up for the delivery date I wanted. I received a call within a few days to finalize my delivery plans. Once the delivery team showed up they moved my old fridge out of the way for me and brought in the new fridge and set it up. Two men had straps over their back and walked my fridge right in and sat it down!!! I was impressed . The team was great!! Friendly and professional.”

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“I love shopping at home depot we go and get all our supplies over there me and my wife every time and then on top of that I love going to the garden just to check out the plant”

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“Cathy was so helpful and got the job done with helping me with my pick up order! She took the time to find me a cart and help lug heavy plastic sheeting into my cart and offered to help me move it into my car! Such a hardworking, sweet and helpful lady!”

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“We were greeted at the door when we entered. We were asked if we needed help a couple of time while searching for what we needed. One of the employes was very friendly to a family that was not far from us. The service at this location was amazing. We were very pleased with the whole shopping trip at this location.”

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“Jordan over in the paint department took amazing care of us. He spent a great amount of time going back and forth trying different paint after different paint to get a match to our color sample we had brought in. He thought outside the box to find the best solution.Thank you for all the assistance!”

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“Went in on Father’s Day to buy a grill for my son. Could not find the one I had seen outside. Shelly asked if I was finding what I needed. I told her I wasn’t finding the one I saw outside. She walked outside with me and scanned the one I wanted. She said they should have some unassembled ones in back as I had told her I knew from a previous purchase that an assembled one would not fit in my Rogue. She told me I could have a seat in the patio furniture area while she ran back and checked. Shelly returned soon with a boxed grill and her supervisor, Julio, I had picked up a few other things and said I would like to get a tank of gas for the new grill and I had one outside to return for a new bottle. They took me to the customer service area and rang everything up making sure I got my Veterans discount. While I went out and moved my vehicle over close to the entrance they moved my stuff outside and got the bottles of propane while I brought the old one over to return. They loaded the bottles onto the cart they had my other items on and brought them to my vehicle. They then proceeded to load everything into my vehicle and I was off to deliver the present. Shelly and Julio were outstanding and their customer service couldn’t have been any better. They both deserve recognition for their superb performance and making a customer feel very valued. Thank you!”

3.4Good187 Reviews

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