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“Very friendly staff who got me exactly what I needed quickly and efficiently along with some friendly chatter. Nice clean store and a fair price for the service provided. Carl deserves a raise for his customer service skills.”

3.7 Good108 Reviews

“I really love going to T-Mobile it's almost like if say for example you went to Las Vegas and let's just say that you saw T-Mobile Arena and let's just say that you went to Seattle Washington and you saw T-Mobile Park in Seattle because I know that T-Mobile is one of the best when there is out there because I know people are going to say is that why do you say T-Mobile is the best because you know why T-Mobile's got an arena a Stadium named after T-Mobile it's one of the best wireless companies out there is let's just say this way say that you got MetroPCS and then you're just going to say to MetroPCS is who's your partner and I think Metro PCS will say is it's got to be T-Mobile”

3.5 Good98 Reviews

“I came in a few days ago with a question about my phone not operating correctly after porting over to T-Mobil from Verizon. It ended up not being a porting issue, instead something with the VPN that wasn't allowing me to connect to WIFI or use my data.I apologizes I do not remember the gentlemen's name, but he was VERY tall (can't miss him), but he was super helpful and found out pretty quickly that was the issue. I felt unsure about going in because I wasn't purchasing anything but that didn't stop him from amazing customer service and reassuring me in my switch from Verizon to T-Mobil.”

3.7 Good36 Reviews

“I have been a T-Mobile customer for years and enjoy their excellent service, promotions, and personalized service. Each customer is different and unique about their phone.I have been trying desperately to activate my phone at home but it would not cooperate! Caesar was right there to assist me as I walked in. He tried several different things to assist in activation and he did well, he gave me a customer service department number and with that, I was able to activate my phone.Thanks Caesar.”

3.4 Good73 Reviews

“I had to have my phone replaced and Amanda was amazing! She was so kind and helpful and got everything set up on my new phone for me! Great customer service! I feel comfortable coming back any time if I need help.”

3.3 Good89 Reviews

“Customer service was A1. Very helpful and patient during the service. I was having trouble figuring out what was going on with my phone snd One of the lady’s in there helped me even when the store was about to close until it was figured out”

3.3 Good60 Reviews

“I stopped by to pickup new sim cards. I was greeted by everyone when I arrived. The young man who assisted me was attentive, and completed the swap within a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for the prompt and courteous service.”

3.2 Average39 Reviews

“There was a big mixup with upgrades on our account and it turned into a big mess. I came back on a different day & Zack was able fix everything for us and explain everything thoroughly. I really enjoyed his calm demeanor and his ability to explain my promotion with ease. Definitely turned my experience around to being a great one. Thank you Zack!”

3.2 Average32 Reviews

“Man ZACH n CONNOR were fantastic I went in there with little hope and walked out there happier then I could imagine. I locked myself out my phone and they sat there and tinkered with my phone to see if they could help and they got it to work! They were able to factory reset my phone. Honestly so great full for the kindness and patience they showed me THANKS GUYS!!!”

3 Average37 Reviews

“I want to thank Justin for his expert assistance in replacing my damaged smartphone. He was an absolute professional and provided superb customer service! My experience was truly outstanding and by far surpassed my expectations of how I thought it may have turned out! My experience reminded me there are truly genuine & good people who really care and are able to help people selflessly. Justin represented Verizon extremely well and made sure I was completely satisfied and comfortable with my new smartphone and associated plan. I will be happy to let others know they can expect a first class experience when they work with Justin! Thank you! Happy New Year!”

2.8 Average39 Reviews

“Update- 5/30/23Our service is STILL UP and running great and our internet, cameras, and Ring systems are now running beautifully. We can now smile again!Thanks Century Link!??5/20/23 ??????to Derek Tech number (124 ) Derek is one of the BEST Century Link Tech in the Valley!!! After SIX back to back phone calls to customer service within one week of connection and still NO resolution. We literally gave up due to an entire week without having internet, unable to financially be able to work from home without the internet freezing, No access to security and ring cameras, intermittent gaming interruptions and POOR Customer service….. we were headed back to COX until……SUPER TECH …Derek arrived from Century link on 5/20/23. He was professional, fun to be around and showed determination to get our internet working correctly and he did just that. We were so happy to have him as our technician since we had loss faith after what we had experienced in just one week of changing service. DEREK from Chandler….You ROCK…. and we appreciated you going over and beyond in finding and fixing our internet issues.Our internet is NOW up and running greatly.Thanks Derek, this family in Queen Creek appreciate you!??”

2.3 Poor3 Reviews

“The in-store customer service was a pleasant experience all thanks to Bianca! She was super helpful and knowledgeable about all the different steps. Plus her bubbling personality and outstanding customer service will bring me back to the store in the future.”

2.3 Poor62 Reviews

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