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“I took my wireless Magic Trackpad in for a minor repair. The tech did it on the spot in 5 minutes and there was no charge. As long-time user of Apple products, this will be my destination for all future repairs. They repair all types of of Apple devices and sell used ones as well.”

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“This is the place to go when getting a new stereo system. I have been here 3 different times on 3 different vehicles. This guy knows what he is doing. He has been here at this location for many years. You won't be disappointed. He just installed a new system in my 2023 Ford F150. The sound system quality and workmanship is spot on perfect.”

4.7Superb86 Reviews

“The manager Alexis was so great! She helped me switch over and went above and beyond to help get me set up switch my data over and helped me get a phone set up for my kid and helped with recommendations on apps for parental controls she was the only one In the store she had a heavy flow of customers with some complicated issues and managed it all with great patience! She was knowledgeable and an overall pleasure! She’s doing an amazing job as a manager!”

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“This shop is nothing short of amazing! Their customer service is amazing . They helped me create my dream vehicle, they are Bronco-whisperers. I highly recommend calling Todd - you will not regret it!”

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“See update below ...FYI - When reading bad reviews, keep in mind that they probably don't know how to correctly install coax, fittings, etc. One poorly cut fitting, kinked wire, staple thru the wire, backwards splitter, etc will kill the whole install.I Recently went to the Chandler showroom and purchased an Omni+ antenna, amp, 5G filter and TiVo Edge. I installed everything (previous CATV installer) and plugged in the amp. Before plugging into the TiVo did a channel search and 92 channels found. Every channel is solid and no tiling. I would recommend using these guys for equipment. And, if you don't know how to install - please hire someone who does.UPDATE: 12/2022 - re: TiVo EdgeI still love my antenna and TiVo edge 2 years in. However, the Edge has had issues staying locked on to the WiFi and when it loses connection some TiVo features deactivate. Every time I got tech support help, they said "do a hard reset". And, that worked every time. So, finally I just used a $10 lamp timer and it shuts it down for 15 minutes every day at 3am and no more issues! I would lower my star rating to 4 - but Channel Master is not the TiVo manufacturer.”

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“I want to praise Ms. Theresa for being amazing! Not only was I able to get my nieces gift in a timely manner, I got a wonderful deal thanks to her and her manager! I can't thank you enough for your awesome customer service! I will definitely be coming back! I highly recommend the customer service provided here at the Metro! Keep up the amazing customer service!”

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“Very helpful staff and good selection. When my device broke and I was out of state the owner mailed one to me! She has done this for me twice! I won’t buy my juice anywhere else! This is a great place!”

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“I came into the store to separate someone that was on my account on to their own and the AMAZING MIRNA saw that the plans I had in my acct were not set up correctly causing us to spend an unnecessary $500 since February of this year. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MS. MIRNA, FOR CATCHING THIS AND LOOKING OUT FOR OUR BEST INTEREST.THIS IS WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD ALWAYS LOOK LIKE!!!! KUDOS TO MIRNA!”

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“Went to buy a phone for my son and the guy who helped us was very professional and friendly. From start to finish took about 1/2 hour. I'd recommend this store for anyone looking for a basic plan”

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“This man is incredible! Curt does what he says he'll do and he can tune any vehicle. 0-2 sensor, check engine light, buggy computer module in the car, he's the man for the job and charges MORE than reasonable...won't go anywhere else!”

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“I want to give a BIG THANK YOU!! to Krystal and Bobby for their outstanding customer service. They were both very friendly, personable, funny, knowledgeable and professional. We were in the store on Saturday night before close and they had been working the whole Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend which even after the craziness they were so friendly, patient and helpful. Great job Krystal and Bobby!!”

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“Extremely professional, highly advanced, created peaking curiosity and interest on the functions of this constantly productive work place. The potential is unlimited!”

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“I placed a Large order ($400 plus) online at this Target on Az Ave in Chandler. The young-man that brought it out to my car was so VERY VERY COURTEOUS TO ME. He wanted to put the bags into my car in the proper place. He spoke to me the entire time he was loading my grocery bags. I COULD NOT HAVE ASKED FOR BETTE CUSTOMER SERVICE His name was Jordan. A++++”

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“I like this target very much because of the fresh layout. The store has a unique layout from the others that I went to. It had everything I needed and was quite big.”

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“Logan is the man. Super chill and helpful. I should spend a lot of time writing this review to write proper praise, but I don't feel like it. Just know it's all good.”

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“Ordered skin online only to find out the location for this business is near me, so i ended up wanting to stop by the physical location. Confirmed with the employee and he said it would be fine. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.I went for the clear iPhone 12 mini skin. I stopped by and he had my skin installed in less than 20 minutes, he explained to me how the warranty works, how to take care of it etc. Employee was very professional and clean with his work. Skin itself is very high quality, i was able to look at samples of the other skins that are offered and the quality is very high end. I’m really happy with both, my online shopping experience and my in person experience. Will definitely recommend to my friends and family!”

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“There was a big mixup with upgrades on our account and it turned into a big mess. I came back on a different day & Zack was able fix everything for us and explain everything thoroughly. I really enjoyed his calm demeanor and his ability to explain my promotion with ease. Definitely turned my experience around to being a great one. Thank you Zack!”

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“Awesome customer service I went in yesterday I was really short on money and this girl I think is named Tanya helped me so much I appreciate that she Igave me so many options Iv gone to other metros and let me say none like this one definitely recommend that location Thanks beautiful!!!”

3.1Average25 Reviews

“Customer service personnel are very professional and helpful. They were willing to search the truck that had just arrived for an item that I wanted because it had showed up in their inventory. Outstanding !”

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“I go here all the time for snacks and drinks, and I get my water jugs refilled here. The staff are always great and very friendly, and the owners (I think) know me pretty well. Always greeted at the door when you arrive! They always wish you luck when you buy a lotto ticket or scratcher as well.”

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“Kudos to Lem the store manager and staff has always been courteous to me.Explains clearly the why & I never feel like they didn't do the best for me.As I would say in the military, when doing reviews on my team for the best performing airmen or sergeants:Promote Lem and his team above others today!”

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“This is one of my locations to go when in the area because it's close to everything!, meaning other stores and restaurants where I shop! I ran in to grab a few items recently and I was in and out! There's plenty of parking in front! Close to the freeway and across from the Chandler mall. Of course, I recommend going to . The prices are a little more than their competitors but for me, it's worth it on some items to avoid going into other stores. They seem to keep their shopping karts sanitized and clean I've noticed which is a plus and they don't have karts roaming the parking lots or in the way of pulling into parking spots. Yah! Target is my spot!!!”

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“I stopped by to pickup new sim cards. I was greeted by everyone when I arrived. The young man who assisted me was attentive, and completed the swap within a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for the prompt and courteous service.”

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“Man ZACH n CONNOR were fantastic I went in there with little hope and walked out there happier then I could imagine. I locked myself out my phone and they sat there and tinkered with my phone to see if they could help and they got it to work! They were able to factory reset my phone. Honestly so great full for the kindness and patience they showed me THANKS GUYS!!!”

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“This is my favorite target in the area. The store is big and has a lot of selections. Also seems to be less crowded than other locations. All interactions with staff have been great. Once they messed up my drive up order and gave me a $10 gc for the mix up. Was really impressed with how quickly they handled and the gc was unexpected.”

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“The Apple Store in Chandler Mall sets the standard for tech excellence. From sleek displays to expert staff, the experience is seamless. The store's design fosters exploration, and the customer service goes above and beyond. It's the ultimate destination for anyone seeking top-notch Apple products and a first-class shopping experience.”

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“Customer service deserves five stars. The cashier was very nice. I drive past this 7-Eleven every day for work, but this was my first visit. I heard the cashier being very nice to the customer in front of me and then she was very friendly to me as well. The service was quick and the store was tidy. I had to stop on this hot summer day to get my daughter a Slurpee like I remember from when I was a kid. It definitely met all of her expectations!”

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“I am thrilled with Best Buy's option to offer a free in-home consultation! Having just moved, there's a few things I wanted to schedule or inquire about. Scheduling this consultation was very easy online through the website. They have plenty of time/date options available for just about anyone's schedule. I was more impressed I was able to schedule this consult for a HOLIDAY on the 4th of July!! Aaron called ahead to confirm- even offered to arrive early if my schedule would oblige. He was on-time & very pleasant. Having told me he's been when Best Buy for 16+ years- I knew this was going to be easy. And, it was! Bless his patience maneuvering around my current aftermath of moving situation. But, he nailed down the exact smart TV that would best suit this condo, and I appreciated the pricing options to choose from. Not just pricing, but comparing between brands as well. I am very happy he offered the swivel mount, which would actually be a bit of an "upgrade" & work much more functional for this space- without being prompted, so it's more than evident he knows his ropes here! The price difference wasn't even enough to think twice. Inspected the damage on the mount that was removed from prior owners, examining the second room install & feeds. Good news was nothing would cause an issue! He also answered much of my questions when it comes to installing a sound bar, home security & Ring doorbell systems. While I'm going to wait on some of these additions, I did have him include the Ring system. Again, everything was explained well & up front. Also thrilled I hit the promotional sale for the 4th! And, install was easily scheduled for just a couple days out. I'll be up & running by this weekend! I know much of these reviews are based on in-store experience, but I have to say I'm really pleased with the in-home consult I had today. Sure, I didn't get to personally view any of the displays you'd see in store, but Aaron was more than familiar with the range of products/options. At no point did I feel I was being taken advantage of or being sold something more than my needs or initial request. I would definitely recommend scheduling a consult. And, they back their installs. I do not mind paying a fee when I know it will be done correctly & guaranteed. ...plus, I'll be scheduling again when I decide more on the additional features I'd like in my home down the road.”

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“I want to thank Justin for his expert assistance in replacing my damaged smartphone. He was an absolute professional and provided superb customer service! My experience was truly outstanding and by far surpassed my expectations of how I thought it may have turned out! My experience reminded me there are truly genuine & good people who really care and are able to help people selflessly. Justin represented Verizon extremely well and made sure I was completely satisfied and comfortable with my new smartphone and associated plan. I will be happy to let others know they can expect a first class experience when they work with Justin! Thank you! Happy New Year!”

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