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“This location is very helpful and gets me a great rate. I tell him what I’m looking for and my budget. He gets me that best deal for my family & I. I only want to keep going back to this place. Keep up the great work and providing excellent customer service! Thank you.”

4.4 Superb36 Reviews

“Chaise has been involved in a somewhat complex consolidation and upgrade for our personal family communication system from the gate. This fine young man is indicative of the other members of his Team....with a Capital T! Multi lines in both I-phone and android systems. Watches, phones now; (maybe some speakers soon) insurance and physical protection for all devices. Katie closed the deal with us. Months later we are still stoked!”

3.8 Good91 Reviews

“As I walked into the store. I was greeted by this young lady Jasleen I don't know what to say She is everything a sales representative is supposed to be. I can't say enough about my experience. The lady sure knows her job ask for. (JASLEEN) Sometimes in the past that would take an hour hour and a 1/2 I was in and out. And 10 or 15 minutes.”

3.6 Good112 Reviews

“Living in Eastmark, I expected to have great WiFi because of all the new infrastructure; however, we have fought with terrible speeds since day one. We started with Cox, but due to poor performance, we switch to Century Link. The cost was improved, but the speeds kept struggling. We then added a Goggle Mesh kit from Costco and that helped a bit, but the fastest speed was just under 200 and we were paying for a gig!A neighbor mentioned WeSpeakWiFi and I immediately reached out. Kevin and Jordan showed up for the initial and I knew we were finally getting a solution. Kevin is incredibly knowledgeable, but also very personable. It helped that we hit it off talking about cars, but I digress…The solution was newer, better hardware and their set-up. Holy crap - when they were done, it’s the fastest internet I’ve ever experienced. We’re getting in the 700s through the house and even hit a 650 outside at our fire table!In short, if you have a house with a bunch of turns, open spaces and walls between the router and your end users, call WeSpeakWiFi - you won’t regret it!”

5 Superb14 Reviews

“Renee was great and super helpful. Hands down won’t go anywhere else she is knowledgeable and makes sure everything is done on the account correctly. Amazing customer service!!”

3.9 Good40 Reviews

“So I went with my Father to this T-Mobile store and I have to say, I wish we had gone to this store much, much sooner. We got helped by the Manager Jawann who was very friendly, helped us out with our plan and getting new phones. I should point out my Father is older and has hearing trouble, something I did put down in a review of another T-Mobile store from a few years ago. At this store and with Jawann my Father had no trouble hearing him, more so my Father was very happy over all with the help we had gotten and just happy with this store over all.Next time we need something for our phones or new phones? We plan to come back to this store. This store over all was our best experience with not just T-Mobile but in getting new phones and setting up plans in general.”

3.4 Good101 Reviews

“Caden was extremely helpful and had a positive attitude. He had excellent customer service! This is officially my go to T-Mobile. Thank for the laughs and spreading kindness! Keep up the good vibrations and drawing skills!! See you next time!!”

3.4 Good94 Reviews

“Very helpful and efficient activation of my new phone by young man at counter. Would recommend this Boost Mobile store for great service. Was very happy with the service.”

3.6 Good37 Reviews

“I wish had never signed up with AT&T because their not nice and polite. However I met a young gentleman known as Neil at T-Mobile and I got what I wanted,"A good phone at the right price and the service was excellent." You can't do better than than better then that with no fuss no muss and no stress just a pleasant sales transaction." it was a really a nice day without that unwanted high-pressure sales tactics and prices that drain your emotions and bank-account. Later I caught AT&T attempting to withdraw money from my bank account nine days before my bill was due using my cancelled debit card. Dealing with AT&T was a nightmare because they use tactics that made my blood boil. That's why T-Mobile and Neill was such a pleasant way to do business for a change.”

3.3 Good126 Reviews

“Had a big issue requalifying for the ACP discount. Went 4x to this cox store & called the ACP people 2x. I just kept getting told nobody could help me & call the other number. Eventually on trip #5 I was greeted by customer service rep ERIN. She patiently listened to my long explanation. Then using the documentation I had with me took care of my issue and had my price reduction applied for another year in just a few minutes. While the other 4 Cox employees were very friendly, I got 4 different answers & no solution to my problem. Thank you ERIN for taking the time and having patience with this 70 y/o confused & frustrated customer.”

3.2 Average153 Reviews

“Phil was such great help. I had an item discrepancy and he was patient and fast in helping me. He fixed it in less than 10 minutes and was very polite. Can't recommend enough!!”

3.1 Average91 Reviews

“Loved that they wore masks. The owner and his son were so friendly, professional and kind. They were quick, experts and wonderful. We couldn't be happier and we will use this company for our future needs. Very very highly recommend.”

5 Superb0 Reviews

“Good costumer service, how ever there are offering a Galaxy S9 for 100 down and 33 a month, Sprint has the same phone for 9 dollars down and 9 dollars a month, am I missing something?”

3 Average12 Reviews

“Great customer service. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Nate took his time with me to go over my account and helped me switch over to the new IPhone 15 Pro. I never feel rushed whenever I come in.”

3 Average102 Reviews

“I typically go here with an appt and I haven't had to go in a lot, but I've had some phone replacements/activations in the past couple years and the store has been able to quickly help me. However, I'm not sure if I had gone in here last week with the problems I was having if they would have been resolved or not, but I am not basing this review on what ifs. Each person that I have ever had to deal with in the past couple years here have been helpful, efficient, and competent. To help reduce wait time, which could be a lot, it's best to make an appt.”

2.8 Average142 Reviews

“Aiden helped us out tonight and was actually very useful! Customer service over the phone on the other hand was terrible. Aiden did a good job meeting my standards and was actually able to help us despite Kenneth from the Fraud Department from the Verizon Customer Service Line. Aiden was quick to help us and was getting stuff done today like I had asked. He was able to trouble shoot with me to help me get my situation handled. Very happy with the experience I recieved from him.”

2.8 Average147 Reviews

“Logan was very helpful. This location is a well oiled machine, I seriously expected to have to wait hours to be helped however I was called in less than 15 mins. Logan was the associate who helped us. He fixed my daughter’s phone and had us out of the store in less than 5 minutes. Thank you Logan, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and has a Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your hard work.”

2.7 Average189 Reviews

“So if you know cell service around the country, you know Verizon never fails compared to the rest. The customer service seems good for me. But I did witness another sales person asking a new customer if they would mine waiting while they went together a red bull they ordered. Really?”

2.3 Poor59 Reviews

“August 8, 2023 Update:New router had a few issues - ended up having to send me a new one. All seems to be fixed and the service works as it should. So be patient and persistent if you have to be. I don't know why my experience was so challenging to need a new router each time, but that was the solution. All good. I might consider recommending them to my friends now, depending on their needs.Edited again to add:We were contacted by customer service and offered a great deal to upgrade, so that was great. They listened to my complaints about the past service and asked what would help me feel better about the company. All great service.Problem is: the new service was unreliable out of the box. I've reached out for help and got a response. Waiting to see if the fix was a fix.Hoping this country figures out how to make internet an affordable right.Edited to add:We opted not to go with StarLink because service improved once a new AT&T tower was installed closer to our home. Speeds are closer to what was promised and we have a plan that keeps us connected fairly well. I'd consider upgrading, but they don't offer much of an incentive for us to do so. I mean, whichever plan we'd choose with the new router/modem would put more money in their pocket annually, but they want more than $200 for the new unit. No thank you.After almost a full year with no service and no help from GotW3 or their parent company RevGen Networks LLC, we finally have some semblance of reliable internet service, though it doesn't meet the claims of their website.Once the problem was solved, we were offered 50% off of our service for the next 6 months max. I decided to report them to the FCC and I've signed up for Starlink internet as soon as it's available where I live.The service is now about 2-6Mbps down and 1.2 up. Not great, but it will do for basic internet. Prior to the pandemic, we had way better than basic, higher speeds and Unlimited use. Now we pay $10 more for 300GB per month. Not terrible, they just left me feeling very much like they could not possible care less about their customers.”

2.3 Poor61 Reviews

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