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“Denise was so helpful and knowledgeable. She was able to recommend a bedding for our nesting boxes and had valuable advise. Thank you for the great customer service!”

4.4Superb229 Reviews

“Always find great deals at Harbor Freight. Sign up and pay for the rewards program, you won't be disappointed, It literally paid for my 2yr renewal with one purchase. You also can't beat the lifetime warranty on most hand tools.”

4.4Superb94 Reviews

“I must confess that surely she is a skilled professional trader and the best among all, as her clients all said, I saw so many positive reviews about Mrs Mariel Ramsey, and she managed my account after I Invested $1000 and got a successful withdrawal of $10,200 within few days of my investment, "It always seems impossible until it’s done"., with Mrs Mariel Ramsey your hard-earned money is 100% secured/Safe You can contact her via Email: [email protected] WhatsApp +19736928825.”

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“The staff are always so friendly and helpful. We are usually asked if we need any help by several associates during our visits. Items are in stock and the store is well kept. Love seeing the baby chicks and petting the 2 kitties as well.”

4.6Superb39 Reviews

“Great Customer service and super knowledgeable staff. Buck was the one that helped me with my mini bike chain situation and when he needed an extra opinion/suggestion, he calls the other staff to help solve my problem. Keep up the great work!”

4.2Good148 Reviews

“i hope the manager sees this becausea) every member of the HD staff was working hard and helpful and have a great attitude, exceptb) the one young guy (saw the haircut didn't see the face, my bad if i got the gender wrong) working at the garden center checkout as i was leaving (7/26, 12:30pm ish) was taking a NAP standing with arms folded at the window and head resting on the arms WHILE there was a customer checking out/making payment on the pad. This is extremely disrespectful and unprofessional. I get it, it's hot 115F when i got in my car. but you are on the job and there is literally a PAYING customer standing in front of you. why can't you just wait for them to finish payment and leave THEN take your nap? There were other staff members in the garden center working and moving plants around without AC conditioning, if they can do it, the checkout person can do it too in a booth that's in the shade.I did not want to cause any problem saying anything when i walked past them because i was just witnessing it. but I think this is something the manager needs to know. I have never seen a lazy or disrespectful HD worker in all the locations that i've been to. Some were bored for sure during slow hours or tired at early/late hours, BUT all of them would perk right up when they are helping a customer.”

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“Used their curbside service and it was top knotch, order correct and timely. Delivery to home was a lot slower and not as timely (6:00pm) but it was delivered and it was correct.”

2.2Poor96 Reviews

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