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“I found their store on instagram and noticed I was local to it. I went through their website and found a bag that was on sale. Shipping was a bit high but, much to my relief, their store offered order pick up. I thought it was a great way to save some money alongside them offering a discount online. My order was ready in a day. The store is really cute from the outside and parking was readily available. I went inside and was nicely greeted by a young woman and was quickly given my order. I did notice that the store on the inside was a bit "dry" and not exactly well stocked or organized. I noticed very little clothes and lots of boxes in the area. I hope to stop by again when I have the time but I will be doing order pick up again and highly recommend checking out their website. I really liked my bag too- chic, stylish, and is bound to go with many outfits.”

4.3Superb69 Reviews

“I love the store like the employees they treat with respect there cool and nice pretty good stuff there I got my skateboard today and dude the guy that built it for me was so cool great prices great skateboards great clothing everything is great love the store.”

4.1Good50 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) I love it, they always have very good service and the girls are always willing to help you(Original)Me encanta siempre tienen muy buen servicio y las chicas están siempre dispuestas ayudarte”

4.3Superb25 Reviews

“Smaller Express but very helpful staff. Andy and Daniela were super super helpful. They made sure that I found my outfit and applied all current discounts. Nice to have such a great store in my area.”

4Good61 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) The quality of the clothes is good however the sizes are a bit wide.(Original)La calidad de la ropa es buena sin embargo las tallas son un poco amplias.”

4Good32 Reviews

“Yes, I love Old Navy, I can pick me up something and my Grandson too, from shoes to PJ, underwear, clothes , socks, good place for Christmas Shopping to for family and friends ?”

3.8Good130 Reviews

“Everything was great although, I do miss what hot topic used to be. The music was a lot darker metal. Now it's emo. However, the workers were great. Very respectful and attentive.”

3.8Good119 Reviews

“Employees are very courteous and patient. They answer all of your questions and aren't rude even though they are very young.THAT BEING SAID ordering online has been a bit of a mess. I know this isn't a review of their website but it does cause s lot of issues with in store returns, not to mention holding up the line. My most recent orders took forever to arrive to the point where I contacted customer service and they told me they were lost and would RESEND even though I didn't want them to.When the items finally arrived and I tried to return, some items could not be returned. Idk if I have already been refunded for those it's because I did not see a refund in my bank account for those particular items.Refunds also take about a week to process if you pay with credit card which is really annoying. I felt really bad for the employee that helped me today because he was really confused (so was I) so I just left with the items he couldn't return so I wouldn't hold up the line.”

3.9Good46 Reviews

“I love this place their sales are fantastic...!!! Although they walk around as if I'm going to steal something but I don't mind I guess being 66 years old and handicap doesn't limit a desire to catch a case ?”

3.7Good15 Reviews

“I wanted to check out some window hardware, the manager was very helpful, Eddie, he also gave me more time since it was just about departure time for him, and I had to use the bathroom. Then the next manager Just, a women was also just as friendly, both in lending me a plastic bag and giving me time to explain what I was thinking twice.The Charlotte Russe, items and displays are important to the store overall impressions to the outside world. I am aware of the important to improve the look on the inside and that is the reason for my visit.One good thing is that quality store looking glass and floors is on everyone's mind, everyone loves clean windows.”

3.7Good10 Reviews

“Walked in and out in less than 15 minutes almost no wait in line!!Given this store is always soo busy i felt it was really clean the drawers werent all stuffed nothing on the floor.9/10”

3.6Good89 Reviews

“Best place to shop, with wide selections they have styles for the simple and the extra. The clothes aren't the best quality but they last and the price is definitely right. This location was one of the best H&Ms there was a young man with long hair and a beard in the Mens section that was super helpful and knowledgeable.”

3.6Good56 Reviews

“Why does everyone hate this one ? Lol I think it's good and always has stuff stalked. Ppl are nice too. This ones better than the one at the town center in my opinion lol”

3.6Good13 Reviews

“I called for a quote in the morning and brought in my pants to be hemmed by 1 PM. It was done in 15 minutes but I had to get back to work so I picked it up at 4.45 PM, 15 minutes to closing. The person helping me was really nice and I paid $12 for a same day job. Great service, great prices. Would definitely come here again.”

3.5Good11 Reviews

“Been coming here on my days off to wash and it's my spot! Very clean and never too crowded. The lady that overlooks the laundry mat is helpful as well...especially if you need help folding your comforters & sheets! Just ask :)”

2.2Poor4 Reviews

“One of my favorites, got two jeans and a pair of sneakers for less than a Benjamin. Good to be able to try on and use their comfort room before wrapping things up. It's not as sprawling as their competitor, letter B. A plus too, having the option of self check out within certain pieces. Will sure be back again!”

3.3Good159 Reviews

“Just left this store and I had to immediately write a review. The employee on the register this afternoon gave my group of 3 the best customer service all 3 of us has experienced in a very long time. Her name is Jocelynn. Great conversation while checking us out and engaging with us. Usually everyone is so quiet and moody but not Jocelynn. She was extremely talkative and welcoming. What a great way to start off my day with good retail customer service. Kudos to Jocelynn. Thank you for being so friendly & kind.”

3.2Average83 Reviews

“Nice store. Well organized. Super friendly lady greeted me at the door; helped me find something for my son to wear for his homecoming dance .. pricey but money well spent. Highly recommend this store . Very nice things…Will be back.”

2.8Average26 Reviews

“Tall dude working as cashier Chris I believe is his name needs to get promoted respectful and helpful on top of that the way he folds clothes into a bag is just simply amazing”

2.4Poor105 Reviews

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