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“Hello hello …again shout out to an outstanding group of three awesome people here at this location! Stopped by to return some items and was assisted by Daniel, seeing my physical limitations he quickly assisted me with the returning the items and forwarding funds back to my bank account with 1,2,3…You’re all set! Thank you so much Daniel for your understanding and compassion and kindness to help out your customers and making things much easier for me…This wasn’t my only time I’d see Daniel? I’m getting things ready for my back surgery and needed a few items like great P.J’s and so on a cozy pillow to keep me warm during my hospital stays and goodnesses found everything down to the lucky stone I found in their jewelry dept. Mom and her best friend assisting me were ready to go…I took my time enjoy the jewelry pieces and there I met Erika who assisted me with buying my momma a beautiful ring and the one I truly loved for myself…Erika was extremely patient and helpful during my picking and trying on of certain pieces…finally decided for the right ones and momma had the opportunity to try her ring which fitted just right, Erika was helpful and attentive to my needs there …I asked for credit approval to get an additional discount opening the account. I saw her smile ? get bigger when I said yes let’s do this! Their system had a few cliches and Erika need help in the dept. Mariela was called over to help with imputing my data to get pre-approved! I was waiting patiently poor Mariela tried and tried until finally the system was up and running and was able to key in everything by hand scanner wasn’t working…Her professionalism was extremely noticeable and appreciated during the long waiting period. I was a bit worried that mom had already paid for my other items and I was still in jewelry dept. Finishing getting approved. Mariela assured me not to worry they could return all the items again back to the card that made purchase and then ring it up to the new one that I just opened and applied all the discounts on total items not just jewelry…who doesn’t like savings! That’s where Daniel returns to this story , greeting me super friendly since we had met earlier and he handle everything super professional and extremely helpful and caring was outstanding in making sure …I’d left their store super happy and also asking me what was wrong…wished me the best of luck and prompt recovery from upcoming surgery and “That’s why I love doing what I do best…being kind and appreciative to those who go the extra mile to help me and make my experience worthwhile and leave with a feeling of grateful gratitude! Yes this matters and believe me it matters a lot, thanks to these 3 musketeers who worked extremely well teamwork was amazing and their compassion for others should be phrased…why? Because life now a days isn’t the same…when you get a smile and great service you have to acknowledge it! Even people who we think we truly know, surprise us with not having any compassion…Wow if I get it from a stranger someone who doesn’t know me…but yet can somehow just say something kind and caring…That my loves is definitely something to cherish and to leave…with a smile from ear to ear?Thanks Again Daniel, Mariela & Erika ??I will be returning…Elena AKA “Nena” ?❤️”

3.9Good169 Reviews

“Havnt shop Kohl's in along time, many years. Pleasantly surprised! Sales Floor clean and well merchandised. Found what I was looking for. **Maybe the trick to shop here is early - when they open. Opening hours are at 9am!”

3.9Good162 Reviews

“Another Downey Gem.Downey Tailors has been here for many years, (same owner if I'm not mistaken). They do quality work at affordable prices. Most often they can have small repairs or adjustments done the same day if you get there early enough. Never had any complaints and have had to come here for several different services.”

4.3Superb45 Reviews

“Huge open-air mall. Large parking area. Many shops and eateries. Clean and well maintained, large selection for all shopping needs. This Marshall's is clean well staffed and people/ shoppers are welcoming and care for the cleanliness of the store, all areas looked very orderly and dressing rooms were clean and refreshing. Overall, a rewarding shopping experience.”

3.7Good137 Reviews

“Why does it have no cashier at night? an elderly or disabled person couldn't shop. Not everyone is keen on self checkout and you never get through without help”

3.7Good117 Reviews

“I don't do much shopping at Macy's because I'm basically a value shopper guy but I go there for the Starbucks inside. It's nice to get a Starbucks and sit minus the homeless guys and no life loners. The atmosphere is nice.”

3.6Good202 Reviews

“This J.C. Penny's store is a great place to shop. The bad thing is the fitting rooms are so distant, from the Mens department, but the customer service is excellent. ?”

3.5Good164 Reviews

“I like that this Walmart grocery store because it's close to my house and they usually have what I need. The only problem I have is that 50%of the time there is shopping carts in the parking spots and trash everywhere... like come on now we are not in Compton or south central LA... and some merchandise being locked up. But overall this is a good little grocery store to shop in.”

3.4Good162 Reviews

“Fun browse for things you don't know you need in this famous discount chain from Japan. It always happens to me. Well organized, brightly lit and well stocked items marked with prices in ¥ with ¥ to $ conversion charts everywhere. Unmarked items are $1.75. Happy shopping!”

4.3Superb10 Reviews

“The long line was so fast. Due to them having alot of self checkout! The self checkout employee was friendly and fast! They take off the alarms on clothes.I was impressed and thankful the lines were fast”

3.3Good165 Reviews

“I have shopped at this Ralphs location a few times. I stopped here not long ago vising a friend and it was ok. They have every isle organized. Produce ils is nice and i ordered some cooked food in the deli area. It taste alot better than some areas. NIce employees and good store. Always a pleasure to visit.”

3.1Average56 Reviews

“Nice store. Well organized. Super friendly lady greeted me at the door; helped me find something for my son to wear for his homecoming dance .. pricey but money well spent. Highly recommend this store . Very nice things…Will be back.”

2.7Average25 Reviews

“5 Stars for 3 associates that assisted me on a very crazy day when all the locals were flooding the store because of Tropical Storm Hilary.Associates Tarsha Cheyenne & Judy I really have to take the time to give the young ladies recognition for keeping it together when they were all getting bombarded from every angle by customers and still managed to provide exceptional customer service. I've managed for over 27yrs and I know first hand how hard it is to find key players. I really hope that top management takes the time to give these associates recognition and ensure you secure these associates give them a promotion and a raise these associates should be considered valuable assets to your organization especially after seeing that this store had very low ratings. This type of customer service by these associates will help bring your store ratings up. If your management fails to acknowledge these reviews I encourage you to go elsewhere, because it is very important that the organization you work for values their employees. Thank you all again for all your help Saturday! Keep up the good work”

2.6Average40 Reviews

“Especially, I enjoy coming here to meet my daily needs. The grocery section is stocked with fresh products, and the prices are quite competitive. Additionally, the staff is always willing to assist and friendly.”

2.8Average267 Reviews

“Tall dude working as cashier Chris I believe is his name needs to get promoted respectful and helpful on top of that the way he folds clothes into a bag is just simply amazing”

2.4Poor110 Reviews

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