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“I have had two Bose remotes model RC38T1-27 stop working and bought a third. In searching for the third I found these guys. I sent them both broken remotes and they were repaired and returned to me within a week. I have researched why these remotes stop working and the causes are pretty simple - basically breakages to a physical component that can be repaired if you have the tools and confidence to use them. USAV has both the tools and the knowledge. More importantly they have great customer service. I am completely satisfied with their service and now I have three working remotes! Obsessive, but it is good to know that my Bose system will have a longer life because of this repair service.”

4.9Superb32 Reviews

“Needed a prepaid SIM for a 2 week visit and got hooked up here on a one month unlimited 5G plan for $60. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Excellent service!”

3.8Good119 Reviews

“Highly recommend The lady was honest right from the start this place is cheaper than everyone else honest and they even gave me my battery back they were fast I made the mistake of going somewhere else and I regret not taking my iPhone here firstThank you for fixing my cell phone that the other place had COMPLETLY ripped me off You saved my phone I appreciate you”

3.8Good60 Reviews

“Wonderful interesting store. What else do you need—clean, stocked shelves, kind staff? I can see myself visiting this store more than once a week because it's so close and practical for me.”

3.9Good34 Reviews

“I was there yesterday to get new cell! Anna was there she was amazing! She know how the costumers needs to be treated.. Anna thank u so much for all ur help! U are just amazing! I'm So glad....”

3.7Good47 Reviews

“I had a fantastic experience at the Costco food court! The food was not only delicious but also incredibly affordable. The hot dogs and pizza slices were both tasty and satisfying. The value for money here is unmatched. The cleanliness and efficiency of the staff also impressed me. It's a great place to grab a quick and budget-friendly meal while shopping at Costco. I highly recommend it!”

3.4Good123 Reviews

“Ilaya took the time to explain how my plan and upgrade works. She was patient, professional, and knew her products and plans. She answered all of my questions without skipping a beat. If you want a brand new phone- she’ll explain how that can become a reality for you. Very impressed with her knowledge, willingness to help and efficient service.”

3.4Good117 Reviews

“Lisa was very helpful. My normal vendor ran out of stock for the item I needed for a customer who had a production line down. It was very important I was able to ship this part out today. Lisa was able to confirm they had it in stock and get it shipped out in less than 5 minutes of speaking with her.”

4.4Superb9 Reviews

“Decently stocked Target, with lots of self-check so lines usually aren't too long, and move quickly...If you're after clearance items, the good deals (50% off) are generally gone within a day or two, so get there early.Additionally, their home basics and automotive sections seem sparsely stocked... I tried to help someone locate a screwdriver, but neither of us were able to find one. ?(I spotted them later in the parking lot on my way out and gave them a spare 4-in-one I had in the car, so technically they DID get one at Target after all... ?)”

3.1Average192 Reviews

“Visited this target to purchase a gift card for my friends birthday. Quinn and Cecilia were able to help me, made me feel valued that they cared I went into THIS Target and made this shopping experience very pleasant. Thank you both! I will definitely return!”

3.7Good12 Reviews

“PCX has been a supplier to our company for over 10 years now. They deliver on time every shipment. They have over 300 Authorized Lines. Their 67 Step Star Quality Program is second to none.They even buy our excess material.They are a top notch supplier of board level components. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a high integrity company.”

5Superb4 Reviews

“Michael is the the best to work with, he is amazing and extremely knowledgeable. His service is way beyond any other company I have worked with. I would recommend him to anyone. j”

5Superb3 Reviews

“I went in with an issue for my phone that I needed a repair which should have been $29 with my insurance. They were trying to charge me $250. The manager Ceasar helped get it corrected. appreciate”

2.9Average175 Reviews

“Calling all Seniors" just like Robin Hood hit the Target with his arrow" I get the best care with my ring ups and charges with my purchases, EDD Schneider, everyone's neighbor works with his Aim to shoot out Joy and customer friendliness to all. And I won the contest at Target Again, easy parking, good price, and I learned that Cashier Edd Schneiders wife was home baking a holiday cake with strawberries from Target and supplies. Happy holidays Edd, Hey look for ed and say hello, hell love it! The best smile at H Beach”

2.7Average85 Reviews

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