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“Thanks to Ana Tevillo for her excellent service, she helped me a lot with my purchase, she helped me have a payment plan according to my budget, she is kind and courteous and detailed my purchase, I am satisfied with my purchase and the attention she gave me I think it would be an example for the company in general.”

4.2 Good196 Reviews

“It was very good to visit Curacao. The boy who attended us was very friendly and responded as he should to any questions we had. His name was Ethans. He was a very good employee. Thank you.”

4.1 Good203 Reviews

“I really liked this store even though we got there a half hour before they closed. We got some very lovely smelling bath and body wash, aisles were well stocked with a variety of goods from toiletries to make up, clothing such as sweater to Jeans to summer wear, slippers, even bathroom accessories. I recommend this store”

4.3 Superb39 Reviews

“The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), referred as the ivy league of public universities, is a state university. It is considered one of the world's most branded universities along with UC Berkeley. It ranks 15th in the 2024 U.S. News Undergraduate Rankings, ranking it as the top undergraduate college in the U.S. State University. It also has the largest number of applicants in the U.S.

UCLA Store sells many goods, like a clothes, bags, stationaries, souvenirs.. All goods lead to the Pride of UCLA. I like the color of BLUE and the slogan, Go Bruins! From the Google, I cam to know what Bruin mea s to UCLA: While it had been among the students' suggestions, the name Bruins had been used alternately with Bears by Berkeley for years. In a show of brotherly unity, Berkeley's student leaders offered the name Bruins to UCLA, and the Associated Student Council voted unanimously to adopt the name.”

4.1 Good59 Reviews

“I wish they had more cute kitchenware but I love coming here for cute items to add to gifts. Also a great place to stock up on bins and containers to keep things organized without melting your wallet”

4.2 Good39 Reviews

“Super cute gift shop/ misc shop and coffee shop of course. Great plain black coffee, excellent service and a cute and comfortable patio to enjoy your coffee and read a book.”

4.2 Good32 Reviews

“I picked up items that I order on line. It was a same day pick but, I had forgotten about it that day. I went 3 days later. It wasn't a problem. Items were there and brought to the car. Exceptional service”

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“It’s a very nice cute store, I recommend you come with your children, a very large assortment of toys, handbags and a lot of things that your children might like”

4.1 Good35 Reviews

“My wife and I frequent this location, they have a lot of cool things here. A huge selection without a doubt. The prices re reasonable, service is ok. It can get busy depending on the times that you come. Aside from that, I do like this location”

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“Like all other Tropical malls, this one is pretty upscale too with a lot of stores and brands. The mall is located at such a prime location on Market Street and so close to Union Square. A big food court too with a lot of varieties.”

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“A lot of everyday things that you need at home at a bargain price, although sometimes there's a long line at the cash register and only one cashier on duty, other than that the prices are reasonable.”

3.9 Good36 Reviews

“Pretty good location. They always have some great merchandise, but the store can use a little tidying up. It is a tab bit hard to shop because there is typically stuff all over the place. But, they do get some great items, which is why I am giving them a 4.”

3.8 Good55 Reviews

“For foreign visitors to the U.S. looking to find clothing bargains Ross Dress for Less is a must do !They have all the designer brands at a fraction of the cost. Most are seconds or end of line but you would be hard pushed to find what's wrong with the items.Everything from underwear to overcoats.”

3.9 Good34 Reviews

“Stopped in el lay for a layover and glad I did as Esvin welcomed me and asked me if I needed anything. Answered my questions and truly is awesome. Kudos to him and Def check out this spot for the new hype.”

4.1 Good20 Reviews

“I love this store. They have everything needed for the home, whether it be cleaners or gadgets. I have never walked out of this store empty-handed.Prices are reasonable.The people that work their are very friendly and very professional and helpful.Stop by, you won't regret it.I would recommend this store.I have gone back many, many times.”

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“I recently had the pleasure of shopping at Macys, Marvin the handsome young man on floor 3 assisted me and my 3 siblings for our late Christmas shopping he was very kind hearted and caring and clearly put the customers needs first. This store needs more people like him.”

3.7 Good76 Reviews

“Thank you very much for such a wonderful customer service. Special thanks to Alibek for finding and getting my order to me even though it wasn’t ready and being super polite yesterdayThat really saved my time and made my dayyy”

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“It has not been easy to do business in Downtown Los Angeles due to the current dynamics that has challenged the retail sector in general. I appreciate Burlington defying the obstacles and really wanting to do business and be present in the heart of the city. There is a lot of security present at this location and it's a good thing. Thank you Burlington.”

3.7 Good60 Reviews

“I have had good luck at this store! I have found some great outerwear, cute tee shirts, sweat pants, and dress pants. I love shopping here, shopping next door at Trader Joes, then a few buildings over is KOHL'S. All 3 in a row!Easy and large parking lot. The cashiers are friendly and helpful.The only reason this location does not get 5 stars is they have a very rudelady in the garment fitting rooms. (the ones that give you the little signs withthe amount of garments you are bringing in) She rushed me as I was counting my items, then grabbed them, and said hurry! I am a senior anddo not move 100 miles per hour. I did mention this to the manager whoapologized. She frowns, never smiles, and truly should just be stocking theracks or putting price tags on not be dealing with the customers.Please do not let this stop you from shopping here, they stock this storevery well.”

3.7 Good57 Reviews

“Dollar stores have their own helpful vibe, and then well meaning MaPeos?? keep goodies there, for orphans with no economy in their pockets so they can buy $1multiple snacks to survive or even with no economy in pockets buy gifts like pigs in blankets to give ?on good occasions, so Dollar stores are good.”

4.1 Good15 Reviews

“Nordstrom is my absolute favorite place to shop for fashion. Their selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories is always on-trend and of the highest quality. The customer service is exceptional, and I love that they offer free alterations to ensure the perfect fit. Nordstrom truly sets the standard for luxury shopping experiences.”

3.7 Good54 Reviews

“I received many items from this branch. The security guard greeted us well. The fitting staff clearly explains the process of trying on shirts. The face may not smile at times, but that is not important. The cashier was able to perform his duties as usual. Overall, satisfied.”

3.7 Good52 Reviews

“Why is my beloved Target rated so low?!? Come on! It's a mini Target! It's terrific! The parking lot is a wee bit unhinged but I'm so grateful it's there. Groceries. Socks. Toilet paper. Gift bags. A Starbucks. Deodorant. A pharmacy. What else does one need?!?”

3.9 Good22 Reviews

“I will like to thank the manager Valerie, for providing excellent service. She was multi tasking and making sure the line was not very long. I hope she is getting fairly compensated.”

3.8 Good26 Reviews

“I received excellent service from Shannan. From the moment I walked in, she was friendly and helpful but not pushy at all. She commented on the Gucci Soho bag I had on and asked me what I was looking for. She helped me find what I'd seen online and showed me others that I might like. I actually decided on a different bag than what I'd come in to try on. She and all the girls in there were very friendly. I still wanted to shop around before I purchased so I told Shannan I'd be back. When I texted her later saying I was on my way back to make my purchase, she already went to grab the bag I wanted from the back of the store. She wrapped up my new little beauty in the beautiful Gucci box and bag. I just love my new Marmont bag! Thank you Shannan for helping me with my purchase!”

4.1 Good11 Reviews

“I liked it because it was a Korean product.
I bought 3 women's t-shirts, children's socks, women's socks, men's socks, and a wooden towel.”

4 Good13 Reviews

“This review is specifically for my experience today in the perfume department. My birthday is next week and so I wanted to treat myself with a new perfume. I tend to wear unisex fragrances and initially headed into the women's side. I was barely acknowledged and when I asked how things were sorted they just said “brand” and no one helped me find anything. I was feeling a little overwhelmed and defeated, because there were so many options, and I didn’t know where to start. I then wandered onto the men’s side, where I was promptly greeted by Vanand. He asked me what I was looking for and what perfumes I currently use. He was able to give me a few recommendations immediately and the very first one was absolutely perfect and what I was looking for. What could have been a very disheartening experience ended up being a great one, so thank you Vanand for killing it.”

3.6 Good70 Reviews

“I absolutely love Ross, for tshirts, shorts, jeans, and extremely affordable shoes. This is a godsend if you need clothing at an affordable rate quickly and usually in your size. They also carry a lot of items for the home, sheets, tools, soap, body washes, razors, pillows, they actually have quite the selection. They carry a lot of brands that I'm accustomed too and there always seems to be another Ross in the area. I have relied on Ross for years and love the selection, service, and especially the pricing.”

3.7 Good33 Reviews

“found some good things at this marshall's clothing wise, it is lacking with its home decor section and overall service. good pickings but nothing crazy. it is nice that parking is simple at this location considering it's area of los angeles.”

3.7 Good30 Reviews

“Amazing selection of quality men’s and women’s clothes and shoes, and the best place for kids clothes in the neighborhood. Their sale prices and specials can’t be beat and their selection of baby and kids clothes is unmatched in the neighborhood. They are a UPS drop off point, which is super convenient. Last time I was there I picked up some delicious local honey. Every person there is so helpful and kind. If you haven’t stopped by in a while, definitely worth checking out!”

4.6 Superb5 Reviews